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    Been away for a while, looking to get back up to speed with the community.
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  1. 1. Isaac (Golden Sun) 2. Django (Boktai) 3. Amaterasu (Okami)
  2. Oo, I really like what you did with the melody with this update. Can't wait to see what comes next.
  3. I never was a good reviewer, but I feel bad that I haven't been able to think of anything indepth to say about this project. There's not much I really can! It's a remix project from one of my favorite game series featuring a whole slew of remixers I already know and love to listen to. I haven't even been able to really pick out my favorites after all the listening. I really love it, guys. I just can't seem to settle this craving for Eternia and Abyss remixes now though.
  4. Ah, sorry. That's really something it should stop you with, though. Um.. how should I approach fixing this?
  5. Both A and C. Sometimes D though.
  6. I just sort of skimmed over the thread.. It's quite hard for me to agree that nostalgia is the feeling that allows me to like video games since I've found myself to be barely susceptible to nostalgia. What it could be is something similar to how I've noticed myself to like more of a music by a certain artist if I like that artist regarding the person or people they are, which something that influences my favoring of Rush and Nakagawa Shoko. I mean, I'm listening to the soundtrack to Sonic Riders 2 right now, which I've never played before, and I'm enjoying it quite fine. Given, I'm familiar with and enjoy artists like Fumie Kumatani and Kenichi Tokoi. On another hand with Tales of Legendia, it was probably the music that stood out with the little I played so far. Having already listen through the rest of the soundtrack and enjoyed it, it'll probably add to the gaming experience. It's clear the effects varies. What I think I like most about videogame music is how rarely it needs to be defined to a genre. Like having electronic beats and riffs combined with more orchestral instruments like strings, piano, and flute, or something more of a rock style with synths. I also have a soft spot for insturmentals I'd say. The way this is taken and expanded in remixes is probably why I like them so much.
  7. I really dig this. (Just when I was thinking Knuckles' Chaotix could use more music love, heh) I can't honestly agree with it being too close to the source either.
  8. What a treat to hop on the computer to! Loving it so far! Bonus tracks from Dawn of the New World, very nice touch.
  9. I'm really looking forward to this due to the fact that 4-6 just haven't gotten enough remix love.
  10. I really like how much more lively it sounds through the whole of the song. And the ending really works now! Awesome stuff.
  11. I've been watching this thread trying to find some way to decently criticize it. I don't have much. I've notice with each version that there's a definitely improvement in quality, but where the style goes isn't quite to my fancy. That's just me though. Like the part at starting at 2:25 that ends in the 2:30s, it sounded cleaner in later versions, and the opening is handled better after the first version. One thing that's been bugging me this entire time is that it sounds like there's an off key piano note at around 2:10. Is it suppose to be there?
  12. I agree, a remix for Hyper Zone would be awesome. There needs to be more Dreamland 3 remixes in general, but I can't think of anything better to suggest.
  13. Now that you mention in, the part before the ending did come off as Zeppeliny to me.
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