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  1. are you a veteran OCR member?? i think i might remember you.

  2. my name hasnt changed. the anagram is for my actual name.

    my old name started with an S.

  3. lol just couldnt help himself, could he? is he a drag queen now too? ugh, sorry, i just couldnt resist. I'm sorry. But if i didnt know any better, i'd almost think you set me up for that. can i get a player count? who all made it to SF IV?
  4. still on about the blaring man... anything you can do to quiet it about 25% maybe? PERSONAL COMMENTS the dead silence was like a heavy suspense, i almost thought the song was faulty, but then it blasted me off my chair cuz i turned up the volume 11 seconds in to see if it was just REAL quiet... NOPE! it's REAL LOUD actually! first thought was "awesome this sounds fun", followed immediately by "oh shit it's blaring at me". i loved the distortion effects about a minute and a half in and the outro was okay, but overall rather abrupt. so overall... PRODUCTION [x] Somewhat low-quality samples [x] Mixing is muddy or sounds are too loud and competing for space. STRUCTURE [x] Too repetitive [x] Too short [x] Abrupt ending
  5. this is like so totally cool you found the hidden messages! you win! Message whited out for your amusement. also, i cant see what im typing, and im just going to submit this without editing any mistakes that i cant see cuz it's white while i type it.

  6. I have only one thing to say about this: Gouken!!! Also, i know Ryu's Family tree, so im SOOOO proud of myself and stuff... um yeah.
  7. im older to the forums than you might think. but shhh, it's a terrible past that needs to be forgotten.

    these messages are private, right? (im not that stupid, mind you, i am just being silly about it)

  8. i'll make it easier on you. i'll alphabetize the letters FOR you.

    diehard trojan von nut:


    make names with those letters till you find the correct 3 eh!? :D im so nice to do this for you!

  9. one crazy lunatic coming right up! :D

    im one of those people who looks at "The last 10 visitor(s) to this page were:" and tries to visit each visitor's page in return.

    why? who are YOU?

  10. that's pretty awesome... need mroe bands like that! am i right?
  11. BT&DD Level 1 isnt quite like i remembered it... my remix is deffenitely remixed, but not to my particular tastes. seems my magical ear of mozart isnt accurate as i thought, clocktown seems off key too... Butter buildings should be pretty accurate enough... i played it purely off of a 12 year old memory without further reference. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0PBgG7E7Yo and of course, the dark world: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XoDGGir1HP0 next time i post anything, i'll be sure to post the source right off the start...
  12. friends on OCR seem, to me, purely a reputation related function. if you're friends with the forum troll, you become associated with the forum troll, and your reputation is akin to a troll lover. i doubt it makes any difference in forum function, but it can affect how other people react to your posts and treat you in general. P.S. i love all my friends
  13. ..... PC version?!? O_O NO freaking WAY! im so in.
  14. notta lotta, just spreading the love in the most hateful ways possible.

  15. I was excited when i saw the SF4 trailers, but that didnt last long. i mean, sure, it's real cool that they're doing 3-D and all, and yeah, superb what they've done with Gouken, but really, ever since i learned about the name rearrangement of Balrog, M. Bison, and Vega, capcom has been on my shit list. Not to mention i think the SF characters' stories are by far more interesting than another button mashing fighter experience. anyone seen or played toribash? now THAT'S a fighting game. However, if Capcom were to release a Street Fighter RPG with complete back stories and storylines for every character to tie them all together and explain their reasons for fighting, i would eat that right the hell up!
  16. your post in mind = blown was epic. i appreciated the laugh, thank you.

  17. dude, you accepted? you DO realize that you are associating with me and that it is going to affect your reputation, right?

  18. trying to secrete my secrets are you?

    well mind you, my secrets arent secrets because i dont tell anyone, but rather if i do, no one really realizes what im revealing.

  19. hot damn! i have asserted my reputation in less than a week! that's a new record!
  20. you have viewed my profile. i repay the favor. plus your visitor messages are emopty. that makes me cooler than everyone who doesnt have a VM here.

  21. you have viewed my profile. i repay the favor.

  22. you have viewed my profile. i repay the favor.

  23. you have viewed my profile. i repay the favor. i must be blessed to be an object of interest of god.

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