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  1. 7 hours ago, BONKERS said:

    It's so inspiring to see you've still got the resolve to go forward with this project despite multiple setbacks. Hopefully you've recovered and are feeling better. 

    Great sound upgrade that preserves the late 80s, early 90s rock aesthetic, complemented by a well rounded mixing/prod. Looking forward to hearing more.

  2. Just my opinion, but I don't think there's anything wrong with either of those 2 new rules you suggested. Stopping at the 6th gen makes the compo more inclusive in regard to skill ceiling, sound quality and VST/libraries requirements. PRC is already dedicated to lesser-known games, which means that if you went with popular VGM instead, it'd make both compos complementary rather than a challenge not to step on each others toes every round. ;)

    Bit of advice tho: if you're gonna helm any kind of community event, it is literally your job as an organizer to plan for a successful turnout. Starting with (and I've said it a few times already) advertising your compo to make sure there is participation. In the age of Discord servers, especially when contestants come from the same artist pool in a buried forum subsection, relying on the same 3 people to carry every event, year after year, isn't realistic. Everyone's interests shift, as do life's priorities and even enthusiasm has limits.

  3. On 7/16/2020 at 5:56 PM, Meteo Xavier said:

    I'm not sure how it's only now come to your attention.

    Yeah, that'd be my bad. Was talking with Trism and he mentioned a slowdown in the recruitment, so I alluded to it maybe being affected by "the allegations", unaware that he and Dai didn't know about it. Trust me, the last thing I wanted was to derail the first OCR project I'd gathered the courage to join in seven centuries. So sorry guys, send all the tomatoes my way. :cry:

  4. 12 hours ago, HoboKa said:

    Sure you aren't being a bit hard on yourself?  I think your sound is pretty decent. [...] BTW, you have played with vocal samples a lot so :D

    It's less to do with self-esteem and more to do with limitations. Tracks with busy soundscapes are taxing to arrange cause I have near constant tinnitus. And since I need to listen to a song many times just to reconstruct the stereo image in my mind (can only hear in mono), things quickly get overwhelming and time consuming. I do love using voice/sfx in remixes tho. ;)

  5. On 6/20/2020 at 1:07 PM, TheVideoGamer said:

    I think the choice of source can impact the number of entrants.

    ^ This. Let's be real, finding folks interested in arranging unpopular games has always been (and always will be) an uphill battle. That's why it's so amazing that this compo still exists.

    That said, the PRC410 thread already has more view than any round since 2017 (PRC356). So whatever you guys did, it worked. Hopefully that'll translate to a few entries. Cheers. :)

  6. 2 hours ago, Bundeslang said:

    I'm thinking about the future of this contest as well for a while, perhaps the time has come to finish the contest at some point.

    First, just wanna say I've got mad respect for you (and @Rexy as well) for holding the torch all those years, providing a training ground that fostered musicianship and helped so many of us develop their skills through friendly competition, all the while paying tribute to lesser known game music, which is a mission we have in common. Every time I fell off the llifeboat and tried to claw my way back into remixing, this compo was always there to help me find the north again. So believe me, I do not wish to see it gone anytime soon. :)

    As for promotion, while I'm nowhere near popular or prolific enough to be giving PRC the props it deserves, I'm willing to do what I can on social media. You could also get in touch with starla for advice, because the OHC has got a thriving community and overwhelming participation every week, so she's bound to know the magic formula. Lastly, I believe community Discord servers (OCR, ThaSauce) would be a great place to advertise the beginning of each round, cause I betcha a lot of new remixers bypass the forums to go there.


    23 minutes ago, TheVideoGamer said:

    Honestly it really comes down to availability. I can't do every source, because i might not like it, or it's too hard to remix.

    In all fairness you can't be expected to keep the compo alive all by yourself. That's admirable, but also defeats the whole purpose of a 'community' event. :wink:

  7. @TheVideoGamer Nah, I honestly think (and I've said so in the past) that this compo deserves to be promoted in some way. Afaik, there is no advertisement/relay either on social media or in podcasts, meaning the success of this event depends largely on recurrent participation through word of mouth. Which, don't get me wrong, can be endearing as a VGM Fight Club of sorts, but at the same time is baffling considering the strength in numbers this community has. Not to mention @Bundeslang has already removed the last barrier of entry that was having to sign up on TS to participate. There very well could be half a dozen entries every round if we just posted/tweeted/talked about it outside of this forum subsection. Unless of course the point was to keep the circle small all along, in which case I'll just shut up and keep remixing. :D

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