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  1. Like some other people i'm not familiar with the source but this mix is very well done and its Awesome!
  2. Great interpretation of the original tune.
  3. I really hope they go with this R18+ thing because It's driving me up the wall. Their reasons for not having it are such idiotic.
  4. I'm not familiar with the original tune but this is pretty cool but not my favourite from bLiNd's other work. Overall i enjoyed it, so thats cool in my book.
  5. Happy birthday OC Remix!!! Thank you for all the great music
  6. WOW cool interpretaion of the theme and the solo was pretty cool.
  7. Cool mix but what killed it for me was that the flute sound could of been better. However i still enjoyed this so great stuff.
  8. Very beautiful and touching. My favourite mix from bLiNd. Great work!!!
  9. MY GOD this is just has one epic bassline. Its fun and funky to listen to. Great Job!!!
  10. Nice mix for a classic game but i keep on expecting something better. Over all its still worth listening to, Great job.
  11. I have always liked the title music. Even though it goes for only 28 seconds.
  12. This is one great track that has amazing written all over it.
  13. This track just kicks ass from start to finish. Great stuff bLiNd
  14. This is one great track with a very nice twist.
  15. I would have to admit that the main theme really does get you in the mood for a adventure. Also here is a link to the song that goldjedi is talking about if anyone is interested.
  16. Very beautiful guitar playing hot pocket. With out a doubt i will be looking for more of your stuff on this site. Great stuff!
  17. Wow this is pretty amazing stuff for a theme song that i have totally forgotten about. great stuff DarkeSword!
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