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  1. I can remember going through that thread and finding a mix called "worn out shoes"
  2. Hi Wintermute i just wanted to say that i really enjoyed your remix on the Xenogears project.

  3. Very amazing work guys. I always love to have mixes that are relaxing and calm. Great work!
  4. A very nice sea worthy mix, that i just think is brilliant.
  5. A very beautiful song that was well worth listening through to the end. Great stuff!
  6. This is a great track to be introduced to the Gears disc. Great job E- bison.
  7. This mix seems to always put me in a good mood and it makes me smile. Great stuff halc.
  8. I love the intro because it reminds me of space as being cold and lonely. The rest of the song is just beautiful with the piano. Great job!
  9. As a fan of the game i must say that you have done a great job. Please we need more columns mixes.
  10. Very relaxing to the point i just can't help but put it on repeat.
  11. yosefu

    Sony PS3

    I tried doing it with out the arrows but it just became annoying when you might want to sprint but roll instead but i'm gonna try it on my second game.
  12. yosefu

    Sony PS3

    Oh my god the tower knight is piss easy to kill because i was able to kill it with arrows and not have a single scratch on me.
  13. Wow this mix is not what i was expecting at all. Its more like seeing the ugly side of barbie being a psychotic killer. Great stuff!!!
  14. I love this song even though it is short. The guitars and whistle are some what of a good combination in this mix. Great stuff!
  15. Very easy listening for anytime of the day.
  16. This is very cool and well thought out mix. Great stuff!
  17. Wow this is one happy tune which does disappoint anyone. Great stuff!
  18. Very cool and interesting interpretation of the original.
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