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  1. Perhaps, but I say those people who hate on VotL can get off my internet and meet a Tifa fist headfirst... But I can see the point of view, joke aside. It would be amazing to be able to actually buy this stuff but I think, to an end, that would upset them upstarts over at SquareEnix quite a tad (hence the original delay and the issues with the kickstarter back at the turn of the year). So to be in the position you all are in now, is pretty crediable. And yeah, the major thing about OCR is it's done by volunteers as a hobby, not as a job, so you can't expect the same tightly wound package of PR, release, etc as you would do if this was say, Roadrunner Records releasing the new Slipknot album. So, to that end, I'm pretty stoked with the work you all do, album in album out, because it's always good quality. Anywho, Ravenos Ramble done until the next post I make I suppose.
  2. Ok guys, I see your point. I mean it's the same thing with Autorip customers I guess (the UK got that feature recently), but I still would have at least one full play-through. That said, I tend to rip my CDs straight to PC and put them in a CD wallet... until I learn to drive that is
  3. Although I do try to get physical copies of things where I can (bit difficult with OCR stuff unless I donate and stuff I guess, but hey that's summat for me to sort out when I know about job sec) when it's easily accessible via a download (and for free) why wait?
  4. Hmm, yes. You're quite right I remember thinking the same with NekoFrog's "The Omen of JENOVA" when that first surfaced. This one itself is a good track but there are others I personally prefer, in essence I don't actually hear much of the SW influence myself when I listen, but it works well for the character, and that is what matters I think.
  5. With all this in mind, what do people make of the iOS port? Is that all it really is, a port (with added cloud save capability as of late?) Yes... it is one of the many copies I've got a hold of. Despite never getting far in the game I really enjoyed it for the fact it mixes up the FF series very well by making it very much tactical instead of "I r find evryting, I r poke Sephy... he ded. Gaem over."
  6. I must admit, the idea of ramping up the difficulty a few notches on this does not appeal.. I'm pretty much stuck on 5 different releases at the same point in the game, and yes, grinding isn't worth the effort, especially when all your gear gets destroyed and you can't replace it =/ But hey, that's just me.
  7. I've been quite the opposite, I've come onto the Forums a lot more since this was released. But I like to buck trends :3 This, totally this. I can just about recongise the source but by jove, it's catchy as fuck.
  8. I was and I'm sorry, it was a bad attempt at a poor joke... But truth be told, as much as I will play this I've said, often, since gen 4 that they should just do one last big game as a last hurrah, have all the areas and have a ball... Convention and being driven by profits means this will never happen.
  9. The thing I liked is the fact it was lyrically focused on Draco's PoV as opposed to Maria's when you play the game, and in contrast to the track before which is that whole part done (superbly) different. I still reckon you can hear "those who fight again" in the first part of the trinity you know... >_>
  10. You get a card for each item on the list you buy... so yeah it's a bit poor but to be honest the card system, quirky as it is isn't great. I'd rather get "XP" for playtime accumulated than buying games.
  11. I sense something I've not felt since.... Duke Nukem.
  12. As long as it's not from Ultros, we're fine here. Nothing magical about his touch, no sir.
  13. Having wonder why OA put a long lol... I looked up the link... Also lol... I have one of those myself at home >_> Damn Kylie...
  14. I normally build around a team of Eevee evos and/or dragons and legendaries... I will probably do the same, but I won't use the Fairy Eevee nor the new legendaries. They seem... poorly thought of (I'm not surprised considering we're on 6th gen) What I'd like to have seen if we're having another (set) of Eevee evos is a Fighting, Steel or Dragon type Eevee personally but eh, who knows. Also Fairy types... strong against Dragons... really? Oh well as long as Fighting beats Fairy... >_>
  15. One of the many (or rather not so many) I don't use the FLACs and don't use AVG (well... I would if I didn't get a free AV software package when I bought my custom build pc in Jan)
  16. I believe so, but I also heard the Final Fantasy VII "Those Who Fight Again" sample in one of the Opera Trinity tracks (as well as the Queen hommage)
  17. This I can contend with too, I had only glimpsed at CT before the port via a SNES emulator, and played it a lot more after a few of the mixes on OCR. It's a good way to get into more games of the past. I haven't been tempted by this myself before but I am tempted to give him a whirl on the next SSB when it surfaces, even if it means picking up a Wii U to do so. If I'm honest although I do have the project by JM, I can't bring myself to play this series in any way, not sure why think it's just a not being a fan of the perceived genre in my head. Personally, being one who has not much artistic talent in many forms (although I do dabble in a bit of poetry, including one track inspired by *ahem* Sailor Moon and This OCR remix) I can't always relate to the skills and mindset you all seem to have to tackle these pieces with the skill and insight you all seem to do, but as a listener, I do appricate what you do and fully respect you in doing it. And as a side note, I have considered playing more based on what I've heard from other projects, like DKC2/3 (as I've never played those), more of the Tales of Series as well as Nights and Xenogears it's just never been easy for me to get hold of them due to either job situ or machine situ in the past I guess.
  18. I'm not a huge fan of FFX truth be told but To Zanarkand is an amazing piece of music, so I can see your point, but I do generally try to only get OCR mixes to games I have played, apart from the projects, and some of the games that stuck with me both musically and game wise are all FF games so any FF related OCR project is most welcome. Possibly a Dissidia one too
  19. I've made it a must of mine to get everyone OCR album released from the site, tho I still have yet to listen to some (mainly the originals and lesser known games to myself), I do generally enjoy them as they tend to blend in the essence of the original music to the game (when I remember it for the games I do know) with different interpretations. Always inspiring. So when the (eagerly by all) B&R was finally released I scampered to get it, and I spent my working hours with it playing on VLC at my job via a 16gb flash drive. I was not disappointed. B&R is a credit to the community and a credit to VGM in general. I've picked a few tracks from the list for high praise (and playthrough on my machine at home), which are just amazing: On The Run, De Nuit, Gobble, Snarf, Snap, rive of sine waves, There Will Be Blood (this is high note as I general detest Dubstep) The Nightmare Oath, The Impresario, Till We Meet Again, and Humble Beginnings, Great Expectations. But what makes this album enjoyable for me (and I'm not sure as this is a general thing in the FF6 OST) is the underpinning recurrence of the main theme from the game throughout. I spent the best part of the last week humming it and I even had to install FF6 on my girlfriends PS3 whilst I was there to listen to it more. It just grabs me in a way only 3 other OCR projects have and leaves me hooked (the others being VotL, SoS and MT for those can decipher abbreviations.) Well done all! Now complete my FF collection with albums for 8 and 9
  20. Alright good people of OCremix world. Sorry to impose on your lively discussions and awesome work turning some game music into awesomeness, or, indeed, another layer of awesome. The reason I've, posted this little thread here is, because, an OC Remix inspired a poem I wrote. I did alude the guys via Twitter (my handle being PrinceFerocity), but, I guess I wanted to guage any opinion of anyone who happened, by change to read it. Anyone who, by some bizarre means want to read it, can do via http://ravenos.deviantart.com/#/d2slsyy. And, I apologise for the Sailor Moonness of it... it's kinda something I'm trying to muck about with. Inspirations as they are I guess. The mix I used was "No Better Time Than Now" by Nutritious and Poolgirl from Summoning of Spirits, because, it's such an awesome tune. Really is. Anyway... that's me babbling finishing, or summat. I sound like a bloody 15 year old...
  21. "You woke up in a tavern." No wait, that's a D&D joke with me and my mates... moving on. This remix. Hrm. Well there is no hrm about it. I've always enjoyed the IX OST because it's a very different from previous FF games, maybe because Nobuo has experimented with a different kind of music, but this track is... Well the voice is one of the best female vocals I've heard in a while, along with the lead singer of the prog band "Touchstone" who I stumbled accross at a Prog Rock Fesitval in Philedphia in May. But that last fact is neither here or there in regards with this song. But, I'm not sure about the lyrics themselves. Yeah I can see Yashuiko's point with his interpretation of the lyrics, but it still doesn't fit, it it's Beatrix's theme or not, at least to me. I haven't had chance to anyalsis them, as well as my poor spelling today yet, but I'll get back to you later.
  22. Hrmm. First thing I see when I log on today is a new STH:3 remix. As a rule, I tend to only get stuff from games I've played, apart from projects. So it was a "Yes to download." First thing I saw in the IRC chat was not to download. My response was "too late," as I already had downloaded it, and was on the play of it before being archieved for when I get me a sick ass vehicle to play the best OC tunes in... learning to drive provided. It's not the BEST Ice Cap Zone remix of the lot out there. But, It's good enough to pass on my playlist. Lol. Always like to hear new stuff anyway, traditional music and what's on the radio sucks compared to OCR and Prog.
  23. Personally, although I have every FF album on my PC up to 11 Online without the expansions, IV isn't that great of an album musically. Nobuo matured as he created the music for V, VI and VII in my opinion. Then again, I can't say a bad thing about VII at all... the spin offs, yeah I won't go into them... But. I have enjoyed this album. It is worth downloading to be sure. Still, nothing on VoTL for me. That and Project Chaos are my favourite two Projects.
  24. Oh? I think that because of the sheer out of people turning up wanted to do remixes for OCR now, it's added diversity, which the albums benefit from. Yes, there was it before, but if you look at previous albums, they all seemed to be linear, maybe that was because the Project undertaken was linear, or because the ideas wasn't too great either. Agreed, the Tales of and from what I've listened through of the FFIV project have not been as good as older projects so far, like my favorite two VotL, or Project Chaos, but, I think that it's somewhat a step in the right direction.
  25. Congrats to you, BGC, on this your day of birth. Excuse the extremely posh wording, but you have to be one of my favorite mixers from OCR, with the Overclocked Spot being one of the best tunes by far from what I have in my collection. Carry on bringing great tracks to our ears and making them "eargasm."
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