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  1. Lessee... I come home from work, and on the top of the new mixes list, I see a sign of gawd! My wish has been granted! This song is beautiful, and o-so Peaceful! Thank you DJ K-Wix & Israfel! You are my heroes!
  2. Ouch. So that was the 4th / 5th time my question was asked. I'm just lucky I actually had time to read all the pages of this thread.
  3. I've downloaded a bunch of rather nice soundfonts from Bananaquartz Studio, and they play just fine in Fruity Loops (I have the full version now. Early Christmas present ). But when I try to save my work, FL says something about "Some of the FL plugins used in this project are limited to the demo vversion only, and will be deleted. Continue saving?"... Or something like that. Then once I did save (Trying to figure out what this means), all my soundfonts are erased from the project. Why does it keep deleting the soundfonts? Please, and thank you.
  4. Here's another question. "What" does humanizing a piano roll mean?
  5. I agree, the default sounds blown President Bush's aging balls... So exactly where do you people get your sound samples from? I wouldn't know where to begin.
  6. Cutting itself sounds rather useful. Thanks HBC. As soon as I depost my check tommorow, I suppose I'll be picking up the full version, and work on my Ogre Battle mixes. Thanx!
  7. Speaking of which, what does "Cut itself" mean? I've figured out how to use different combinations of the channels on the songlist, and what not... Actually, I am working on an Ogre Battle Remix as of right now... But I rather know all of my options in FL before calling it complete. Another question... I need an opinion. I am seriously considering buying the FL Full version. Is it worth it? Hopfully it'll have some better sounding instruments with it.
  8. My god, when I first heard this mix I was blown away... Then quickly followed up by sadness, cause the singer (whoever it was) reminded me how much being single, just doesn't suit me.. Then I became sleepy, becuase the total package sounded so gentle to my ears, that I became a little too relaxed ... then finally returned to being completely amazed. The whole thing is put together perfectly! But now I'm sad... I'm once again reminded, that I'm lonely.
  9. I just remembered. That damn black shadow car from the original ridge racer. How on EARTH were you suppose to beat it? The only thing I could come up with, is to constantly get in front of it.
  10. Another great one from my favorite! All hail lord Vaffe! This track has to be one of my favorites.
  11. A great remix, from my favorite. Now you all know why!
  12. With this mix you did justice, to a great classic pretz. Has the same effect on me like the "Gemini Salsa" remix... "How on earth did they come up with this? It rox!"
  13. This is a very nice amd happy tune. It makes me visualize Kirby doing one of his 'end-of-stage-dances', and just getting down with his bad self on a surf board!
  14. This song is great! Something I could slam dance to (If I danced). I love the japanese-screaming-woman-techky thingy.
  15. I like this piece. It's different. And variety is the spice of life. The guy was rapping in FRENCH??? Thanx, I thought I was going crazy.
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