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  1. I listened to both Madeline's and Jill's versions. Honestly, I think Jill's interpretation is much more professional and appropriate for AC. I guess I'm in no position to disagree with someone like Zimmer about objective stuff. But damn, I disagree xD Oh well, grats to the winner and to everyone else. This was fun and made me even more proud to be an OCR fan than I already was Go, Jill! You rock!
  2. Ohh I just noticed this. If any more french is needed please don't hesitate to ask me! P.S.: J'savais pas qu'il y avait autant de Québécois ici! On devrait s'organiser une sortie cabane à sucre OCR
  3. Well, so far, this is my finest work too! xD Can't wait to hear what you guys are doing!
  4. Almost all my favorites are already on your list, but I'm pretty sure Kirby & the Amazing Mirror would make a fine addition to your arsenal Best handheld Kirby game, imho Also, I know you said you didn't like portable fighting games, but I think Dissidia could be fun too ^^
  5. I'm impressed too! I don't think I'll ever be able to ReMix anything in a single day O.O *rushes back to his Concrete mix... with coffee* xD
  6. Hey, un compatriote! :D

  7. Dude this rocks really hard! Please finish it! Come on, I said please!
  8. I think I might give it a go too The original track is so much fun!
  9. I really dig this Those two sources blend together very well! The groovy chillout feel is awesome. I can't wait to hear the rest of the track! I think you're building something super strong, so please don't stop! *DaMonz subscribes to thread
  10. <sarcasm>Dude, the game was awesome!</sarcasm> xD
  11. And it's such a shame xD I'm 100% certain though that VGM (and anything video game related, in fact) will someday get all the praise it deserves.
  12. Hahaha I had forgotten about that one. I should have checked my death count after doing it xD
  13. Guild Wars -> Legendary Cartographer title. Never again. xD Once is VERY enough.
  14. I have to agree. There's no such thing as an overrated soundtrack.
  15. I'm like this too. I don't think I'll ever remix any of my top 5 video game tracks, unless I'm 100% sure that my ideas and skill will make it justice (which I don't think will ever happen haha) I don't stick to soundtracks of games that I played, though. Exploring other soundtracks is really fun, and is something most people should consider doing IMO Interesting thread, btw
  16. This is already better, feels much less empty. As for the humanizing, you should take a look at this guide. I also recommend you read the whole thing, because it covers pretty much everything very well. Cheers!
  17. You've got some cool ideas, and I really like how your drum sounds. However, there are some things that disturbed me during my listen, so here is my advice: -Your piano sample is definitely not good enough. The piano part being pretty important here, you should browse for better samples or look for ways to improve your current sound. -The arrangement is extremely mechanical, especially the piano and bass tracks. You should try humanizing these (this is not an easy thing to do, but I'm convinced there are a few threads here that can help you to figure this out) -The guitar chords are cool but they get repetitive as they are pretty mechanical too. -The song feels pretty "empty" most of the time, especially first half. You should try adding stuff like counter-melodies, or just adding more ambient stuff like pads, chords, etc. I'd start by simply adding more instruments and experiment with them. Those are the first important things that come to my mind. You have some cool stuff going on though: -The drum groove is pretty neat! -You use the pads nicely (I'd like to hear more of those throughout the song) -That instrument at 1:30 sounds great More of it too, please! Keep it up!
  18. This is awesome! Some parts remind me a lot of Sonic Adventure 2's music, is it intended? I can't wait to hear this with the live tracks!
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