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  1. I knew you'd make it there TGH! You're incredibly talented and you definitely deserve to be on OCR. Keep making awesome stuff, please!
  2. That's great news!! I think the brass are great, imho. They add a very interesting color to the song. I think they'd be more of a problem if they were more prominent, but as they are now they sound just fine to me.
  3. Two more super supporters in the name of OCR! Kun and I are going together. See you there!
  4. Well I'm happy to see that this is getting some interest! Thanks for the heads up about the previous jams Amy, I'll check out those songs @Amphibious: just learn anything you'd like to play! ^^ Here are a few tracks I think would be great to jam to/cover: Dark World - Zelda LttP Decisive Battle - FFVI Vampire Killer - Castlevania Gerudo Valley - Zelda OoT Chemical Plant - Sonic 2 I could still go on for a while but I don't wanna push my luck Any opinions?
  5. Hey guys! I'm going to the next MAGFest and I kinda had an idea. I think it'd be pretty awesome if a few of us practiced a few songs before going there, to play them in the jamspace. For example, I can play clash on the big bridge on the keyboard, and it'd be cool if someone learned the bass part, someone learns it on guitar, etc. etc. So yeah if any of you guys are interested you can write some song suggestions in here, what part you can play, etc. I think this could be particularly fun
  6. Haha no problem man, take your time
  7. Whoa, that's great progress indeed! I think the snare could use some more punch, but maybe it's just me. Maybe something you could try to fix your bass problem is to layer your bass with additional sounds, instead of just changing it. I don't know if it could fix the problem, but it's worth a try! ^^ Playing around with an EQ (I'm especially thinking about the mids) might help too.
  8. First of all, welcome to the boards! This is a great first post! ^^ I agree that the buildup is nice. The arrangement could use some more melodic/harmonic variations in my opinion. I really like the ambiance you've got going on there. Also, I think your bass sound is way too low-profile, like it's been treated like an accessory. I'm not a good trance reference, but this sounds pretty cool, especially for a first post. I'd like to hear some of your more recent stuff!
  9. I have something in the making for Battle #1. I hope it'll be good enough for you guys ^^
  10. Thanks a lot for the great comments everyone! @pH: That's what I meant earlier when I said I needed to fix the transition. I'm still experimenting, but haven't found anything good enough yet. Thanks for the suggestions, I'll try them out I have to put this one on hold for a little while, (even though the end part is still very incomplete). I've updated the link with the latest version (pretty major production update, and slight arrangement additions).
  11. Awwww This sounds so nice! It's a shame it died before maturity! Oh well, I really look forward to your next remixes
  12. I can't say too much about this yet. I can tell you though that the first game that we're currently developing will have old school aesthetics, and a nice humorous/lighthearted ambiance. There are lots of Megaman influences in this game, so it's pretty nice that you noticed the reference
  13. Yay! We can haz moar cowbellz! I love the auto-panned arpeggios! The hi-hat got me distracted during this listen. I don't know if I'm just crazy, and I don't know exactly what about it got me distracted, but anyway I thought best to tell you about it But I reiterate: this is awesome!
  14. I've been recently selected to be the lead programmer and music composer for a new indie games group. No release date is available yet, but the team has allowed me to post my WiPs (and eventually finished tracks) on here Here are a few tracks that are currently in the making: GG Track 1 Mind Trial Insane I hope you like it! Feedback is welcome P.S.: The games are to have an old school chippy soundtrack.
  15. This is really awesome, Doc! I don't have sufficient orchestral knowledge to give you good constructive criticism, but to my ears this sounds amazing! I'd love to hear more originals from you! Keep at it!
  16. Whoa! That's right, Kiamet! :) My keyboard is a Nord, so my friend drew the sword like this because of it. Nice one! :)

  17. This is so, so, so, so, so, so, so, SO full of win! Thank you, gentlemen, for brewing absolute happiness for meh earz can't wait for full tracks!
  18. This is GREAT! Hell, it's about time you posted something! I really have little to say, except maybe that weird (but cool) snare hard panned to the left was a bit annoying after a bit, so maybe use something else sound similar to the right with alternating rhythms to balance it, or maybe pan it a bit less, or whatever awesome solution you might find (or just leave it as is if that's how you like it ) It just seemed unbalanced to me. That's very nitpicky of me, but it's really all I have to say. Very enjoyable listen! I can't wait to hear more from you!
  19. Hey TGH, where have you been? I don't know how much you've tweaked this since last version, but damn this sounds good! I haven't found anything to complain about yet . I always love your chippy touch on your remixes Oh and man I LOVE that solo at the end! This is amazing Oh and BTW: http://youtu.be/q4royOLtvmQ
  20. Remix v2: REMOVED I'm still searching for something to fix the intro and transition. Any suggestions? All feedback is very appreciated
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