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  1. Wow, you've improved by tons since last time I heard some of your stuff! This is great! Keep it up man!
  2. This is really awesome, I'd love to participate! PM sent!
  3. Oooh I'm glad I quick checked the forums! Really cool stuff to listen to, just like everything you make! Please keep making sweet stuff
  4. DaMonz


    http://youtu.be/BSGX43JCa6g Someone should tell him about OCR! Check out his channel, he's very productive!
  5. I'd love to see the results of a similar poll on a site like gamefaqs or such. Miyamoto deserves #1.
  6. I like some OSTs just as much as I like some ReMixes, both from games I played and games I haven't. I don't think there's any other factor than "am I enjoying this?" when I listen to music. VG music is still music, and I'm pretty sure the nostalgia is not at all what makes me love it.
  7. ^^^^ THIS ^^^^ In my whole life, I've never been hated as much as during the few days I've played DotA. Oh and I've also played Guild Wars since its release and have never been scammed, and almost only played with very cooperative (and friendly) people. Probably the best online game community I've seen.
  8. This game will be revolutionary. I can't wait! In fact, I've been unable to wait for a few months/years now. (Or what seemed to be years at least)
  9. This is so beautiful You absolutely deserve your place among the all-powerful OCDudes! Congratulations, and please give us more of this magic!
  10. That's what I was intending to write at first. ...And that's precisely why I didn't!
  11. #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> int main() { printf("Rest in peace.\n"); return 0; }
  12. DaMonz

    Dark Souls

    Only if you play this game like any other action rpg (which means not spending LOTS of time to actually think about why you died and how you could have not died) If you systematically do this, the game becomes "easy" kind of quickly
  13. DaMonz

    Dark Souls

    Best game of the decade. Definitely.
  14. My personal favorite is Bach. Especially the fugues (this, for example.) Edit: this sounds violent to me. It's also awesome.
  15. A Link to the Past: vanquish Turtle Rock without any potions.
  16. Hey all! My father Danny Monzerol just released two albums on bandcamp (including an arranged Pink Floyd's The Dark Side Of The Moon for classical guitar!) http://dannymonzerol.bandcamp.com Please take a look and support if you can! Thanks a lot!
  17. It's about time I'm bringing this back up! I think I've got a pretty interesting idea: we should try playing some of our stuff (I mean YOUR stuff, OCR people!) like ReMixes or even original stuff (like BGC's Impostor Nostalgia, for instance). I started jamming to Ben Briggs' "Climb My Mountain, This High" on my Melodica and it sounded pretty sweet and same goes for BGC's "Fight the Current". I think this could be really cool what do you think?
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