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  1. I love it when people love their own creations like this! There's a lot of awesome stuff going on in there. I think this sounds very original, so kudos on that. The arrangement feels a bit "empty" to me, though. I'm generally not a fan of this kind of music, so please take with a grain of salt I think this should build up a bit faster, or there should simply be more harmonic/melodic stuff happening, but once again this is probably about personal preference. Oh and I have to mention that I don't particularly like the source material, so my comments are even more irrelevant Anyway this sounds pretty cool and I look forward to more updates
  2. This is really cool! I like the feel a lot, and your sounds are great! But I'd like to hear more before commenting on the arrangement itself, because it's still very short.
  3. This is awesome! I can definitely hear Jay Kay sing to that! OCR's diversity level just went up once more!
  4. This sounds finished to me! Remix v3: Star King I've added a second source: All feedback is welcome!
  5. Man, I LOVE all of your sounds, except for one of them. That sound that comes in at 2:10 is way off in my opinion. I really don't like it as it is. Maybe a few effects could fix this, or even use a different synth, but I'm 100% positive about the fact that you should do something about it. (If you like it this way though, please disregard my advice ) The pads you added = epic awesomeness. The ending sounds awkward to me. Might just be personal taste though. I'm not sure copy-pasting a whole minute of your remix is a good idea if you intend to submit this. Take this with a pinch of salt
  6. This is SO going in the right direction! I SO totally dig! 2:11 onwards could be interesting, but it still needs lots of work IMO. Oh and I think that crash "fill" at 0:05 should disappear, but maybe it's just me. Great progress from first version! keep it up!
  7. Giga Bowser fused with Ganon and Chuck Norris, using a Falcon Punch AND a roundhouse kick at the SAME TIME, after grinding to level 1337. It's THAT powerful.
  8. This is awesome! Very tasteful solo I loved the unexpected chords and melody changes at 1:48 onwards.
  9. Well I was referring to about the first 30 seconds, but this is all just subjective. I'm just saying how I'd personally like this Oh and I think that 0:43 to 1:00 (which is really awesome) might sound better if it was played a tad slower too.
  10. This is pretty awesome, but in my opinion some of the parts should be arranged a bit slower, especially near the beginning. I think it would sound more natural Anyway this is very very cool!
  11. Nothing to say! I really really enjoyed this! Good luck!
  12. Ohh thank you for this cue about my "not-powerful-enough" sound choices. I hadn't noticed, and now I'm experimenting with new sounds which are giving me lots of new ideas Thanks a lot, man!
  13. All right, I've been working on this one for a while now. I'd like to know what you guys think before going on. Remix v2 : I Can't Lose
  14. This is pretty cool, although very conservative. I don't like the intro (the alternating kick and bass). I think you should work on it in any that would make it sound more interesting (automated filters, for example. Anything that you think would sound cool). Everything sounds pretty unclear, especially past 0:30. You should consider cutting some of your reverb, EQing and panning your tracks, checking the levels, etc. This is pretty short to comment on the arrangement, but like I said it's pretty conservative. There are some neat ideas in there, though, so I'd like to hear an extended version of this Oh and I don't think it's weird, by the way! I like what you did Keep it up! EDIT: I really like 0:50 onwards. I'd love to hear more stuff like that
  15. Great update! More energy (though not quite enough yet IMO, but getting close!) and nice progress on the piano arrangement (which is not "perfect" yet, but is definitely better than previous version ) I think the side chaining is a bit excessive at some parts, especially during second half. I also think your crash cymbals could use some more "power". I'm really not a fan of dubstep's typical "wob wob" thing, so I didn't really enjoy this part of your remix, but maybe you're doing it well. I don't think I can objectively comment this part Great job, keep it up!
  16. Chiming in again to strongly suggest you take all of Rozo's feedback seriously. xD
  17. Pretty nice take, but I agree with Nonamer: this lacks energy. I also think the piano sounds pretty mechanical and dry. You should try adding some emotion in the piano arrangement, in my opinion
  18. Just chiming in to say that I think you're using the "reverse cymbal" fill and snare roll fill way too often. Don't give up! ^^
  19. First of all, let me suggest you set your thread to "Work-in-Progress". I think you'd better get at least a few comments before asking for Mod Review You remix is pretty good and promising (I liked when one of your synths went crazy near 1:20), but there's still much work to be done in my opinion: - The arrangement feels pretty mechanical. One of the things to do to fix that is to play around with each individual note's velocity and length in a riff or melody, which I strongly suggest (especially in your solos and bass line). -There seems to be so much stuff happening in the lows. I think you should clear that a bit. -I like your simple drum sounds. They lay down a pretty nice groove, but I think you should back them up a bit with something with more punch at some points (I'm thinking of 2:00 - 2:11 for example) -Check out your levels, because I feel some stuff is too quiet for what it is (the solo at 1:20, for example) -You should try panning your tracks. Experiment with that, and hear for yourself This remix is pretty interesting. There's some sweet stuff happening in there, so keep it up! EDIT: by the way, I think the second version's better
  20. Just chiming in to say that I was in the same confusing situation as you currently are, a few months ago. All you have to do is to listen to the pros. I've been reading lots of tutorials, and trying lots of stuff in the past months, and all those new terms and concepts are already making much more sense to me. So, as everyone already said, don't give up. And by the way, this WIP sounds way better than my first attempts Just thought it'd be nice for you to have a fellow new guy's thoughts EDIT: Don't be discouraged by my "few months" thing. I'm a full-time student and part-time programmer, so it probably can take less time than that to start getting used to all of this.
  21. Man, that was quick! (See what I did there? ) Seriously, I'm amazed. You just posted this, and it's already done. And I have just about nothing to say. Except that the ending might sound a bit dry, but it's pretty nice anyway. This goes straight to my epic remixes library
  22. It might be me who's getting it all wrong or who's just crazy, but you have to know that I think the sounds from your older version sounded better than your new ones. I still listen to your first version on YouTube once in a while, so maybe I'm just used to this version now. Anyway, I still really like your mix.
  23. This is really awesome! I can't wait to see where you're going with this I feel like the intro lacks... something. I think you shouldn't bring in the kick right from the start, and take more time to build up your atmosphere. Although it might just be about personal preferences I also think that the side-chaining might be a bit excessive. I feel like it's keeping me from fully enjoying your arrangement, which is very promising in my opinion! I REALLY like your sounds, especially the main synth. The slides and fills near 0:40 are definitely, awesomely tasteful. I impatiently await the finished version!
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