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  1. LOL Shake my Water World mix's production is way too messy for subbing, and the project file is even messier (being my first serious remix project). I plan on starting it over from scratch in a new project. Thanks a lot for the comments guys. The current ending (which is really just the beginning lol) is currently mainly placeholders. I just wanted to give an idea of the direction I was taking. I was considering the intro to be nearly final though, so thanks for pointing that out I'll keep working on it.
  2. Well, if you're inexperienced with music production, you couldn't be at a better place getting better is what happens most of the time here! By the way, I highly recommend you read this. It can only help!
  3. Remix v4: Tough It Out Source: http://youtu.be/BwpLSiplyYc Here's a little whacky something I came up with recently. I'd like to have a few opinions before going on
  4. First of all, welcome to the boards! This is a cool first post, but it still needs a lot of work IMO. The arrangement is very repetitive, and pretty conservative. I think you shouldn't stick to the same few sounds and ideas for the whole duration of the remix (although there *are* some nice ideas in there). Don't be afraid of exploring by adding stuff like different melodies or even chords, by changing the structure of the song, introducing new sounds, varying the mood throughout your remix, etc etc. I can't really comment on the production, I only have crappy earbuds at the moment. It doesn't seem bad (especially for a first post) but I think you should try panning your tracks, because at the moment everything is clustered together in the middle. Experiment with that, and hear for yourself Keep at it! You seem to have great potential
  5. After all the help you gave me, I hope I'll be able to slightly return the favor Seriously, that's some serious hard source to work with imo xD I'm pretty sure I'd have a hard time arranging this. Production sounds great indeed although trying to find a collab partner for recorded violin might be great *stares insistently at Chris | Amaterasu's user profile* just sayin' The loops didn't annoy me at all... yet I've yet to hear what's coming next If you're looking for arrangement suggestions... seriously I wouldn't know what to do after that last part of yours, if you intend to keep going in the same feel. I'd probably progressively add light and crunchy drums, and start building up a more groovy feel. This is what I'd probably do ^^ I hope it helps!
  6. Welcome to the boards! ^^ Gario's the man! I agree with everything he said. I think this is a great first post! You should take a listen to my own first post from 2 years ago (which is an absolute disaster lol). More seriously, you should take a look at user Rozovian's remixing guide which was very helpful to me! Big thanks, Rozo I think you've got great potential, so keep at it! ^^
  7. This is interesting Mixing Schala and Magus together... seems like a pretty darn rough challenge to me. It's probably possible, but I wouldn't know how I'd do it. The base idea of this track is nice though. It's difficult to give feedback on the arrangement as it is now, because like you said you only just started. I think you should keep going at least a bit more
  8. Ok. I just had to say this. Lvl99's curent signature (OCR SWINGAS) almost PERFECTLY fits with this awesum stuff's tempo. Whatever's left of my brain just stopped working for a few seconds when I saw this xD
  9. This is really great! Violin sounds awesome, just as usual I really like what you do with the guitar, piano, violin, strings, etc. All the melodies, counter-melodies, chords, arpeggios, etc. blend very well together IMO (although spraying a few "emptier" parts here and there through the song might be a good thing). The only real problem that I see is the drums. You definitely have to do something about them. They seem so far away, drowned by everything else. I think you should try to make them sound more present (they seem to be treated like an unnecessary accessory as they are right now). Maybe you should try layering your drum parts with additional sounds, or even just try different sounds. I'm not the best reference for this kind of thing, but that's what I'd do anyway ^^ I dig this keep it up!
  10. Hey Rev, it's been a long time! Glad to see you're back The new material you added is great! I wasn't expecting things to turn this way, but it sounds just right to me I feel like the timpani you added seem to lack... something. Maybe buffing their basses a little might be cool. Or maybe not. Not the best feedback hahaha but oh well... I hope it helps!
  11. Just started a new remix. Golden Sun's music is probably my favorite game soundtrack (which definitely need more OCR love!) so I thought I'd give it a go Here it is: Aqua Waltz (Tentative title) Source: Just looking for first impressions. This is still far from finished All feedback is welcome!
  12. This is great! I agree with the others, but I'd like to add that I'd love to hear some tempo variations in there. I think a more Rubato feel would be great for this kind of piece. I also think that varying the velocities of the notes could help make this sounds even better (especially for the xylophone, which sounds pretty mechanical) I really like it, though. Great work, man! Keep it up!
  13. This has officially been subbed! Thanks a lot guys, you're all way too awesome
  14. Ohhh I dig this update a lot! Nice work on your synths, and that crazy "Hahahahaha" thing is pretty cool too (although I think it sounds a bit too dry). This is my favorite version so far! Keep it up man!
  15. Welcome to the boards! There's interesting stuff in this, but it's pretty much a direct cover of the original. The original song's feel is nicely reproduced. If you're intending to do a remix, though, you should try messing around with the structure of the song, adding different melodies and counter-melodies (or even chords), changing the feel of different parts (one more mellow, groovy part followed by a more intense, energetic bridge, for example), etc. The chiptune synths are pretty cool, but maybe you should try backing them up with something more "meaty". You should also watch out for the wetness of all this (reverb, delay, etc. seem a bit messy here). This is a great cover, and a great first post Keep it up!
  16. Huge update! Star King I think I've fixed a lot of stuff. I'm having a hard time boosting that kick of mine though. I also still need to fix the vocal clips problem pointed out by Lvl99. Please let me know what you think!
  17. This is absolutely MAGNIFICENT!!
  18. Damn!! This is incredibly awesome! Great work, man! I can't wait to hear more of your stuff!
  19. Considering that this is not intended to be a remix, this is great! I really like the ambiance. The kind of thing that I'd listen on Repeat while I'm programming Nice job! Artwork is great too
  20. I agree about the reverb and repetitive drums. Intro definitely needs some work too. I think you should rethink some of your sound choices, or try to find better ones. The sounds you chose sound well together, but I think it could be better I disagree about the slow tempo though. I think the feel fits the ambiance nicely ^^ Considering the speed-up is not a bad idea though Arrangement could use some more variation, even though the flow feels natural. More melodic exploration could be pretty interesting I think. I enjoyed this! I'd love to hear an update EDIT: I don't precisely know why, but your remix almost instantly made me think of . Oh well.
  21. I agree about the in-game sounds. If you keep this direction, this is definitely not OCR stuff, but it's still an interesting listen in my opinion. It's very repetitive, though. I think varying your drum beat might help a bit with that. I also agree with most of the other comments yet. Keep it up!
  22. Thanks a lot for the awesome feedback!! I'm currently working on all of this. I should be able to finish my tweaking soon enough. Thanks again! This is really really helpful!
  23. Daaayuuumm! 5:07-5:27 really makes me want to play the Gameboy Zelda games.
  24. As I previously mentioned, this kind of music isn't really my cup of tea, but objectively speaking I think this is getting really cool! I really like 2:41 until the end. The new stuff at 1:00-1:02 sounds great too. 1:50-1:55 feels awkward, I think you should work on that. The whole thing sounds pretty repetitive to me. The new stuff you sprinkled here and there through the track are a nice step, though. Keep working on it, this has awesome potential
  25. Sorry about that! I completely forgot about the source breakdown, so here goes : 0:00-1:18 is mainly inspired by 0:03-0:08 from Star Wolf (0:42-1:01 features the main melody from Star Wolf) 1:18-2:22 comes from 0:08-0:18 from Star Wolf 2:22-2:27 is 0:18-0:23 from Star Wolf 2:27-2:49 comes from 0:18-0:24 from Star Wolf 2:49-3:35 all comes from 0:24-1:03 from Star Wolf 3:35-3:46 is an original melody on the chords from 0:08-0:18 from Star Wolf 3:46-END features 0:47-1:06 from Dark King (FFMQ) 3:58-END also features 0:08-0:18 from Star Wolf Thanks a lot for the comments! I'll keep working on it and post an update eventually. Here's the new link for latest version: Star King
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