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  1. Album is fucking amazing. Nothing I can possibly say can ever do it justice. It's that good. *bows down*
  2. Thank you guys so much for your support :) The album has reached #2 on Beatport's' Hard Dance release charts, and at one point it was in the top 40 on every other chart it was eligible for! Can't thank you guys enough!
  3. Jamison Randall - "I Am" Buy on: Beatport - iTunes - Amazon - Album set on Soundcloud Introducing my second full-length album, "I Am"! As I'm sure some of you know I've been releasing music under the alias of my real name, Jamison Randall, for a long while now (which explains why I've been pretty inactive on OCR). I've taken a huge loving to producing original music, mainly electronic dance music. Tracklist: 1. I Am 2. Once More 3. Circles 4. Welcome to Reality 5. Grand Scheme 6. Centerpoint 7. It's Okay 8. Maybe (ft. Category5) 9. Once More (Nils Ernst Remix) 10. Once More (Silva Hound Remix) 11. It's Okay (Astra Remix) You may realize that some of the tracks I have released before on previous releases. The versions on this album have been improved, re-hashed, remastered, and mixed better; mainly because I believed that they deserved to be cleaned up and released again on Beatport, iTunes, and the like! "I Am" has been released via Addictive Vibe Records. To quote the Beatport description of the album: "Featuring 8 tracks from all across the EDM genre spectrum, as well as 3 heavy remixes from great artists; "I Am" is a perfect album to either get yourself up, or settle down to. Danceable, melancholic, and hopeful; "I Am" is sure to bring to the table something you will love!" So if you're a fan of electronic music (and I know a lot of you are!), please consider supporting me and my music by buying the album! Even if you only buy one track, trust me, every little purchase goes a long way and helps me out a ton--probably more than you think it does! And more importantly, even if you don't buy it, please share it with friends! Thank you! - Jamison Randall (TGH)
  4. TGH

    Thanks man! Appreciate it a lot!

  5. I was directed by a friend of mine to this quote and it made me lol. I really hope this wasn't a serious statement. If it was, I'd like for you to stop being so quick to assume things. For the record: I'm still making remixes from time to time and still submitting them (albeit not nearly as often as I used to). I admit I've grown away from OCR to a degree to concentrate on personal original music, improving my craft, as well as real life happenings. To anybody who wanted to believe this, just wanted to clarify things
  6. Such a fantastic debut, from a guy who I've immensely enjoyed watching improve as a musician/producer since I first met him. Enjoy your first mixpost bud...it will be the first of many! Everybody, watch out for this guy in the future.
  7. I think I did a long time ago. In case I haven't though, I still have the file. Nothing to worry about :)

  8. Just gonna bump this one more time, for those who may have missed it...sorry for double posting, this will be my last one, hope I don't make anyone mad hahah
  9. Thanks a lot guys for your support Bumping this for weekend dwellers!
  10. GRAND SCHEME DOWNLOAD (free/pay-what-you-want!) http://www.jrdubstep.bandcamp.com/album/grand-scheme My first release on 9-bit Records, “Grand Scheme,” is a variety EDM album with an underlying chiptune element, and it's my biggest and best project thus far. Featuring 45 minutes of completely original material as well as five remixes from other very respected artists (including Flexstyle), “Grand Scheme” starts off fun and energetic, and gradually becomes contemplative as the album progresses. That being said, there is surely something for everyone enjoy within “Grand Scheme.” So enjoy!! Note: “Grand Scheme” is a free album. However, donations are accepted (and very much appreciated!), and all money donated goes into making new, better music! More importantly though, the only thing I do ask of you is to share this album with friends, and spread the word about my music. Thank you! If you're interested, there is a listening 'party' currently going on in turntable.fm, in the room "club meem." LIsten in! http://turntable.fm/club_meem In addition, on Sunday there will be a listening party on KyleJCRB's and Liontamer's Nitro Game Injection on Arecibo Radio! Tune in for that as well if you feel like it -Jamison
  11. Hey there man, I'm sorry I haven't exactly been active on OCR, I've been really busy with other stuff... I honestly don't think I'm gonna be able to complete the song, I've just got so much stuff going on right now...I hope you understand, and I apologize for not getting back to you sooner

  12. Thanks for the comments guys! Alright, so the album is no longer free It's still only #3.50 though!
  13. Just bumping this up once for the Saturday people! It's free until November 26!
  14. Hey there again guys! I've returned to assault your bodies with more sound. PHASE: http://jrdubstep.bandcamp.com/album/phase This one's called Phase. It's a Liquid Drum and Bass album (mostly) which tells the story of a man experiencing a state of depression, and the steps he must take in order for it to subside. From the dreary "Circles" to the optimistic outlook of "Tomorrow," each song represents a different step taken towards retaining a healthy mental state. With seven tracks at just over 35 minutes, Phase is a great album for contemplation and for just plain getting lost in. The price of the album is just $3.50. Hope you all enjoy!
  15. This is sweet shit. Download this right now. The fate of your ears depends on it.
  16. Just wanted to bump this oneeee more time. For those who missed it and may be interested. Last time I will do this, sorry if I'm annoying anybody
  17. I'd like to let everyone know that starting on October 9th, I'll be putting a price of $2 on this EP. Until then it's still free! So GET IT NOW!
  18. Thanks guys for the support/feedback @BlackPanther I'm coming on AIM right now!
  19. Hey guys. FLOAT FOREVER EP DOWNLOAD ($2.00): http://jrdubstep.bandcamp.com/album/float-forever-ep So I enjoy jumping from genre to genre like stone steps across the river of curiosity. (lolwtf) But I really do believe I may have found a home in the genre of Liquid Drum and Bass. I feel a personal connection with the genre, and as such I feel I am able to express myself extremely well through it. It's a genre that can provoke very unique emotions and can be listened to more casually than other subgenres of electronic dance music. I also feel that this EP, "Float Forever," does a great job of portraying my outlook on life as a whole. Every song includes some form of vocals, whether they be natural ('Float Forever' and 'I Can See'), synthesized ('Woeful Skies' and 'Light') or my own voice vocoded ('Slow Panic'). And each lyrical phrase is a product of a vision I have when I think of what life means, in all its mysteriousness. (If you can't understand what the lyrics are saying just by listening, I've provided the lyrics for each song on their respective Bandcamp pages.) This being said, I really hope you enjoy what I have to offer here, for I believe it is my best work ever. Just over 25 minutes long, this five-track EP consists of three new songs and two greatly remastered versions of older songs ('Woeful Skies' and 'Light'). Try to close your eyes and lose yourself in the powerful beats, surrounded by deep, harmonic soundscapes and dark, meaningful lyrics. PLEASE enjoy this EP! -Jamison Randall Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/321jrmusic Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/321jrmusic Soundcloud: http://www.soundcloud.com/321jrmusic And last but not least, please do what you can to spread the word around about this EP!
  20. What's up? I'm back with some more shit for you guys. FREE EP DOWNLOAD: http://jrdubstep.bandcamp.com/album/i-can-see-ep With three tracks at a little over 18 minutes, the "I Can See" EP, I believe, serves as a testament to my recent improvement in producing ability and sound design. This is a lot different than my usual stuff; not as compressed (with the exception of 'Designed Flaw,' lol) and more 'natural'-sounding. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it The album is free/pay what you want. Please don't feel obligated to spend any money.
  21. WEERAWK From 'forever in our hearts' to 'forever hated by the general OCRemix public.' I kid of course. Congratulations, buddy, you deserve this honor!
  22. Looks like we're paired together for the first round of RwtS! Awesome! Do you have Skype or some related IM program we can use to communicate?

  23. I'm interested! I've got 14 mixes accepted on the site as of now, so I should probably be put down as a star. I love working with and .Can't wait!
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