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  1. Hey guys, there is a LISTENING PARTY RIGHT NOW on KyleJCRB's Nitro Game Injection radio show featuring ElectroSentiment and Willrock's Edgebee Studios Collection album! Be there or be an equiangular rhombus. http://areciboradio.com/
  2. It's been brought up that part of determining whether somebody is a 'star' or a 'novice' should be up to the remixer him/herself. If you don't know how to mix stuff....don't sign up to be a 'star'
  3. Just bumping this once more for the weekend people
  4. Okay I have more explaining to do I am actually an absolutely FILTHY rapper with some ILL skills HOLLAAAAAAA and follo me $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ... The link is now fixed.
  5. I would be very interested in this!
  6. ELECTROSENTIMENT: http://jrdubstep.bandcamp.com/album/electrosentiment PREVIEW OF IT: Uhhhhh hey guys what's up i've got some explaining to do LOLOLOLOLLLLOL So, as the majority of you probably don't know, I have become much more focused on creating original music nowadays. I'm starting to get a little more serious with it (as I'll get to in a second) and as such, I underwent a name change to 'JR' (my initials ). (I will still remain 'TheGuitahHeroe' for anything VGM related ) That being said, I really hope you guys don't hate me (any more than you already do) for the name change. I was just looking for something a little more professional to go by when it comes to my original music But OKAY. Down to BUSINESS. I have officially released my first electronic album under the alias 'JR' called "ElectroSentiment." The link to buy it (only $4!) is at the top of this post, along with a link to a 2-minute preview consisting of pieces of every track from the album just to give you a little taste of what it will be like (to avoid boring skimming and shit). But yeah. If you like what you hear, please consider buying the album And also consider following/liking me on these other shitty sites because im a n00by prick harharharhar http://www.facebook.com/321jrmusic http://www.twitter.com/321jrmusic http://www.soundcloud.com/321jrmusic Thanks a lot, peace out guys
  7. I'm really digging the overall sound/atmosphere/mixing! I feel like the kick could use just a little bump, and some more interesting hat patterns wouldn't hurt either, especially for the kind of sound you have going. I've always love the unique way you use the bass in your music. It has an effect that essentially inverts the chord at parts; very unique, very classy imo Love the piano as well, and also some great use of 'wubs' in the background as well. Keep going with this, sir. It's lovely
  8. Thanks a ton for your comments guys, very much appreciated I'm pleased to announce that I have album art for the album! Done by Earl Grey from Deviantart! Check her out here, she's absolutely awesome: http://www.earlgreyxx.deviantart.com
  9. Thanks for pointing that out. Glad you guys like the stuff!
  10. I'm at it again with another six-track (hard) electronica EP, "SubtletyMachine!" (Album art coming soon!) SUBTLETYMACHINE: http://theguitahheroe.bandcamp.com/album/subtletymachine Some of you may recall the EP I released a while back, called "Step Back." While that focused mainly on dubstep, "SubtletyMachine" focuses on many more aspects of what they call "hard" electronica: Centerpoint: Electro/Complextro Don't Stop: French House Muse - Starlight (TGH Trance Mix): Deep Trance Broken Mechanics: Dubstep Subtlety: Dubstep Woeful Skies: Liquid DnB That being said, I hope that this EP can appeal to the tastes of more lovers of electronica (especially the "hard" kind; I know how you like it real "hard!" ) Alright, I'm done talking. Please try to enjoy the music
  11. https://www.box.com/s/3a008792e479cf2f006e Yeah, so This one's pretty weird. JoePotato28 and I collabed for a remix of the final Ganon battle theme from Zelda: A Link to the Past. Source is here if you live under a rock and haven't heard it: Enjoy!
  12. I fucking love that synth at 1:30. Just saying. Yep, this is good stuff so far. Not sure if you've fixed up the snare sample at all, but if you haven't then it's grown on me I like the effect it gives. Suggestion: I feel like a bit of reverb on the wub would work wonders for the soundscape during the drop here. It's already pretty good, really dark and mysterious, and I love that in dubstep...but I THINK a bit of reverb (with a high low-cut setting) would really put it over the top in that category. Upon another listen, the kick sounds a bit soft to me, I would make it just a BIT louder. KEEP GOING MANNNN
  13. This has now been submitted. I appreciate the comments guys
  14. Leveling and mixing issues struck me as soon as that rising synth leading up to the main verse came in. That particular synth is too loud and hogs too much space. For how much space that bass takes, that gated lead at :28 has got too much mid-range, and it clashes frequencies with the bass. At other parts where the bass isn't playing, it works. The transition synth at 1:20 is too loud. Really unconventional, almost to the point of not working well, chords in that gated synth at 2:03. I can't help feeling that that part just doesn't fit with the ominous atmosphere of the rest of the song. The mix as a whole feels static, needs more variation in sounds, and for the percussion set you have, more variation and fills. A bit punchier bass kick would do as well.
  15. I absolutely love this concept. The beginning reminds me a lot of chthonic's 'Farore Lies in Wait' with the dithered in-game effects. Really nice vibe throughout. It feels kinda sparse as is, but then again it's a work-in-progress Also might I recommend cleaning up/replacing that snare sample...I understand it might have been an intended effect with a lo-fi sort of thing, but it just sounds kinda weak. Keep going with this dude...again I LOVE the idea P.S. I still haven't forgotten about our collab. I promise I'll get started on it soon X(
  16. My last mixpost was on Friday the 13th too.... muahahaha Next Friday the 13th is in July. I'll be expecting another post on this date.
  17. It's not fit for OCR due to the conservative arrangement, but what you've got here is really nice. And smoooooth. Loving that piano sample for the setting it's in, production is pretty good, if not a bit heavy in the kick for the style it's in imo. It sounds a bit compressed, but nothing overly or unpleasantly so. If anything, the tremolo in that keyboard instrument in the background may be a bit overdone. Try toning that tremolo back just a BIT if you can. OCR-acceptable arrangement or not, this is something I can really enjoy You should go for an OCR-worthy arrangement in this style!
  18. Thanks guys! It's almost done! @Tuberz: When it comes to dubstep, I take quite the serious piss.
  19. Dubstep ALL the pokemonz!!!! V2: http://www.box.com/s/43597e94895e5b90b2b5 Source: Something I'm doing as part of a project on another forum. I plan on submitting it to OCR eventually, though...the transitions need to be touched on a bit, and I might add some additional arpeggios to the breakdowns, play with filters.. and crap like that. Turn some more knobs, force more transformers to have sex with your dishwasher, the whole nine yards. The source here is mainly used as leads in the breakdowns, and backing for the drop sections. Enjoy! EDIT: This is now finished. I've listened to it a good 57 times now and I still can't find anything I want to change with it. I'll submit later today.
  20. Holy shit man that was genius. Totally serious.
  21. Thanks, everyone! And to Will for making the thread! I ended up having TWO foursomes. Just to let everyone know.
  22. http://www.soundcloud.com/theguitahheroe Some of the stuff I have on here aren't actually the finished versions of the tracks. But oh well.
  23. REASON: http://theguitahheroe.bandcamp.com/album/reason Back with another one. House. Either you love it or you hate it. oh wait that's dubstep... Well, it's a genre that very few people can stand to listen to in a casual fashion, I find. Some people only like to dance to it. I am one of the people who can't dance (lol) and yet love to listen to house casually, as if I were listening to rock or something. Nevertheless, this one combines some house tracks that I've made recently with some remastered old ones. The tracks are designed to play continuously, and Bandcamp takes a bit of a pause before moving on to the next track. To hear it the way it's meant to be played in full, you can download the album to get the full MP3 of all the songs together as a bonus track (as well as a few other bonus tracks! ). Also playing the separate tracks in iTunes makes the transitions between songs totally seamless, I find. I like to consider this EP, consisting of 4 tracks at just over 25 minutes, to be both aggressive and laid back in style at the same time, with a contemplative overtone (mostly) throughout. That being said, hopefully for lovers of the house subgenre, there's something for everyone here Thanks a lot guys, and enjoy! -TGH
  24. Even with the small amount of posts in this thread as of yet, I'm still really surprised that nobody's mentioned Metroid yet Also this. I lol'd
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