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  1. I'm a big fan of metal, and I really liked this cover. Especially after the first minute. Seriously, from 1:05 to the end was some great variation. And while that first minute was still good metal (imo, at the very least), it seemed a bit more uninspired (not sure if that's quite the right word I'm looking for), especially compared to the rest of the cover. It also sounded fairly similar to the GaMetal cover of the same song, so it didn't carry the same freshness as the rest of the song did for me. If you can, see if you can add a bit more flair or personal touch to that first minute. Once again, all that said, I thoroughly enjoyed your cover. Great job!
  2. Honestly, I'm just kind of surprised that this song is nowhere to be found on this site. Not just in its own remix, but in any remix at all. It's a really fun, upbeat song, and is at the very least my favorite classic Mario tune. I realize that the source is a bit short, but I would love to hear a remix of it by someone here.
  3. I was actually quite pleased with the article, since it says he's wanting to train the younger generation. I mean, if he didn't, what would happen to the beloved series he's helped create and influence when he retired? Now we'll have people to step in and take his place when the inevitable comes to pass that will hopefully be able to keep up the level of quality we've come to expect from his legendary series (I've been using "series" as a plural, btw, if anyone thought I was being strangely ambiguous; kinda confusing word, honestly). It can be like the Legend of Zelda. Instead of the "spirit of the Hero", each generation at Nintendo can pass on the "spirit of the Developer" (and we can force them to change their name to Shigeru Miyamoto every time ). lol
  4. This actually reminds me a lot of some of the music in Super Mario Galaxy; namely the BGM when fighting Bowser. Really good stuff man. Hell, it sounds like something you'd hear in an oratorio or something.
  5. So yeah, I already left a comment on the youtube page about loving how it sounded like something from Samurai Champloo, and I can definitely see the inspirations by Nujabes. Specifically I think it's very akin to 624, Pt. 1, which is one of my favorite tracks on Katana. I also think the soft male vocals you threw in there was a good way to take the same sort of style as SC and change it up a bit. Since a lot of people who don't listen to the genre seem to not enjoy the repetitiveness as much as me, there's a couple things I can think of that you might be able to toss in to help were you to have trouble subbing it. Sort of like in Tsurugi no Mai, you could add in some sort of sound clips and background noises to make certain parts seem more busy. On the other end of the spectrum, you could have drop-offs - either the lead or the drum track, or both - in certain sections for some variance. Personally, I like it just fine as is, but a few small things like that might vary it up enough for people who don't listen to the genre much without forcing you to fundamentally change the song. I'd love to see more of this kinda of stuff from you in the future, regardless of whether or not it gets subbed here. Also, did you draw the background images for your songs? Cuz those are really great too.
  6. The heavy bass snare bass-bass snare is just like Feel Good, Inc. Not a very fun beat to actually play, but sounds great in songs like this!
  7. So he does all the voices INCLUDING the women ones? I didn't know that. That's insane. I wish I could do that. Oh, the pranks I would pull...
  8. Just wondering, have you tried using deeper or maybe more hollow-sounding drum beats? (Not sure if I'm getting across what I'm trying to say). I just think it might add some extra substance to the song's background.
  9. Oh, the tragedy! Oh, the disappointment! Oh, the heartbreak! Congrats to the winner though. However, if I ever find myself in Sweden for any reason, I suggest you watch your board closely... >_> >_>
  10. I agree with you most whole-heartedly. But yeah, probably won't happen.
  11. That is indeed an interesting site. It's a lot of information on each page, but I appreciate that you let us know about it. Some of the games on those lists definitely don't strike me as "hidden gems" though, under-appreciated yes, but not unknown.
  12. I love Dark Cloud, though I never bothered with Dark Cloud 2, although I did see part of it at a friend's house. It kinda bothered me that the main character's weapon is a wrench and another guy pilots a mech-thing; just seemed a bit too "Industrial Revolution" to me, I guess. The think that really killed it for me though was, assuming I am remembering this correctly, my friend told me they took out the village rebuilding mechanic, which is half of the reason I love Dark Cloud. Two games that may be well-known, but I'm not sure: Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures (SNES) - You can tell Pac-man to go left or right and interact with objects to get his attention, but cannot directly control him and he's always moving. Can be ridiculously difficult but also a lot of fun. Cocky Pac-Man is hilarious. Space Station Silicon Valley (N64) - You play as a robot's memory chip and control various robotic animals to complete various missions. Amazingly fun and can be rather hilarious. For example, the rat attacks by pooping and the King Rat can rally his troops and attack by farting. The King Penguin can jet propel himself upwards and hover via a jetstream that comes out of his butt. And the hyena kills opponents with infectious laughter.
  13. I think some wind instruments, specifically some brass ones, might sound pretty good with what you have so far. Especially with the SMW part. Maybe some harmonica too? Also, after listening to your WIP a bit more, I feel like some bongo type percussion would sound pretty good, if you choose to stay away from march.
  14. I would say that one of the reasons SEGA hasn't used the comics may be because of its large cast. They might think that including a bunch of characters all of a sudden who have pre-existing relationships with the characters of the games out of nowhere would confuse players who aren't familiar with the comics. And they may feel if they limited the new cast appearance it may disappoint fans of the comic series, and therefore decided to avoid the situation altogether. Another possible reason may be that SEGA Japan feels that Japanese gamers are not familiar with the comic series. This is all just speculation of course. Personally, I would like to see more of Silver and, especially, Blaze before any Archie comic characters start appearing in games.
  15. I didn't realize those were intended to be SwatBots. I can see how the battle system could be considered less than desirable, I don't think it was enough to ruin the game for a fan. What did bother me was the sudden end. Also, no Tikal.
  16. I definitely agree, though I didn't mention it since the movie is definitely known. However, a lot of the old Disney games, specifically for SNES at least, were actually quite fun. This includes Lion King and Mickey Mania. Some of the SNES Looney Tune games were pretty good too. I don't think this one qualifies as a hidden gem as I believe it is fairly well known, but Glover (N64) is a really good game. You play as a glove and solve puzzles by using a magic ball. I'd say that's pretty funny. Plus there's a fat bird on swing that tells you cheat codes by squawking, burping, and farting. Classic. I've also heard that Glover was the inspiration for Master Hand, though I'm not sure how valid that is. Along with that one, there is Chameleon Twist and its sequel Chameleon Twist 2 (both for N64). You play as a chameleon with a super long tongue that allows you to lick up and spit out enemies to attack, as well as perform various acrobatic technques. It's not too hard, which makes it a nice game to just sit down and enjoy.
  17. The suspense is killing me! (no cliche sarcasm intended) I'm not necessarily expecting to win, but I WANT THAT BOARD.
  18. Sorry, the full tile for Starshot is "Starshot: Space Circus Fever"
  19. I wanted to start this thread so that people could share some of their favorite, not very well known games with the rest of us. Just give the title and system, and maybe a short description. I know that for me, I've played a few games that no one else has even heard of that I know and I feel that the game isn't getting the recognition it deserves. So let's start revealing those diamonds in the rough! Here are some of my favorite hidden gems: Evergrace (PS2) - a free-range battle system RPG. Similar to Dark Cloud in that equipment slowly wears out and has to be repaired (although they won't break and lose stats or anything). Very mysterious, almost sort of spooky, atmosphere throughout the game. My favorite part of this game is that different equipment gives you different abilities, and not just the weapons, plus there's two character storylines. Downside? There isn't a lot of a storyline, and it can get a little confusing as to where to go sometimes. Also, the last boss sort of comes out of nowhere... Threads of Fate (PS1) - Another free-range battle system RPG. Also features two characters, both with very different abilities. The boy focuses on physical attacks and has the special ability to transform into the monsters you've defeated and use their powers. The girl focuses on magic and is a bit weaker but has long range attacks. I never played through the girl's story, but the boy's was really good. Starshot (N64) - 3D platformer (I think). Very comical and a blast to play through. The basic premise is that your character, Starshot, works for a "space circus" and has to find new attractions at various planets. The only real problem in the game is the lack of direction in the level's, which can lead to a lot of confusion as to where to go next. The game also presents a fair amount of difficulty in the last few levels (especially Earth), mostly in a good way, though. Never was able to beat the last boss...
  20. He was somewhat intimidating in SatAM as well, along with his horde of Swatbots. I miss those guys. I've been thinking for a while that it would be cool for a game to bring the Swatbots back, maybe have the story have something to do with a Swatbot rebellion or something.
  21. Hey there all. I've been visitng the site for about a year, but didn't sign up to join until today, and I don't really know why... Anyways, I was wondering if someone could point me in the direction of a thread that tells people how to get started on remixing. Stuff about what programs to use or something and maybe some tips for newbies. It's something I would like to try out when I have the time.
  22. I really like this song and thought it would be cool for someone to remix. I don't really have any specific genre I think it should be done in, I can see it going many different ways and sounding good. Anyways, if anyone would like to tackle the song, I would definitely appreciate it.
  23. I'm also really liking the sleepy.dreamy feel this song is giving off. Something I think might be cool to emphasize this feeling is maybe some echo effects in a few places, assuming it sounds good of course. One spot I thought this might sound nice, for example, is the last chord of the first part (about 1:36).
  24. I like what you've got down so far. Definitely something I'll put on my iPod once you finish. I think some light percussion might add some depth. Something like some soft marching style snare and/or some wishy-washy hi-hat sounds, maybe with some soft splash cymbals too.
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