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  1. Submitted earlier today, but otherwise, same here, man! Looking forward to everyone's entries this week! Wow, awesome!
  2. I had a feeling that one was coming, I just didn't know when.
  3. As Prophecy and Trism mentioned - Whether it's 15 seconds or 1 minute or so... please do send in what you have, man (or, I'd be happy to give some last minute feedback before you submit it, if you'd like). Would love to hear what you've got (or came up with at the last minute), my friend!
  4. Here's the one that I linked. I do hope it helps, good sir.
  5. Thanks for the review, Matt / SuperiorX! I definitely love that e. piano and will have to use it more often. I was having a lot of fun writing for it. Sorry about the volume - I'm paranoid about something being too loud, even just a bit. I have it low while mixing, but I always neglect that last part of turning the volume back up and evening everything out. I definitely need to learn more about that. Glad you like it man, and thanks once again! I'm looking forward to hearing everyone's entries tomorrow!
  6. Hey! I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for the reviews and comments you've given on my entry for this round.

    In fact, I do believe you've given reviews on every single mix I've ever made! So, thank you!

    Thank you for all of the feedback; it motivates me to keep going forward in mixing - even at the snail's pace that I'm going now (sorry about that!).

    All in all, thanks - I really appreciate the time listening to all of the mixes - good or bad - and the comments! :D

  7. Dang, I was hoping I got the bass just right this time. My goal was a really mellow / subdued song, and I was wanting the bass to be quite prominent this time. Jesse noted the second point you brought up, and I saw / heard what he was talking about... I just couldn't quite think of anything (in time) to add in. So... yeah. The snares sounded okay on my first few listens, but, hearing it again, I seems they do drown out at a couple of parts (if that's what you meant). With that said, thanks for the review, man. I really appreciate it!
  8. Thanks for the review, timaeus! (The video I'll be referencing: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9G0x5YrMgCI) In case you were curious: That bass at the beginning is playing my attempt at a transcription of 00:14 - 00:20 of Pump Man's theme. The e. piano (which is the jRhodes3 soundfont, just in case you may have been curious) is playing Moliarty's Tower until 00:41. Afterwards, until 00:54, was my second attempt at transcribing Pump Man's theme (00:27 - 00:33) - that part didn't go so well - I tried to get 'most' of the notes. I try to combine little bits of the themes in the mean time. The breakdown is playing a part of Moliarty's Tower. Moliarty's Tower comes back at 01:53. I did change the timing of the some of the notes... so that probably made it harder to recognize. At 02:18, I used 00:46 - 00:53 of Pump Man's theme to end the song with Moliarty's Tower. At the time, it sounded like the two worked together all right, but I'm not quite as sure now. Once again, thanks for the review, good sir!
  9. This is basically what I do. Apologies for not bringing my best for this round - I do hope I can make something you'll like the next time around! Finally, once again, great entries this week, everyone! I still don't have a top three!
  10. Thanks Kuolema and timaeus! I really enjoyed reading your posts. They were quite educational! Edit: V And now... I feel like I've just started remixing again. :\ Haha. Edit again: Thanks DarkeSword!
  11. Hey man,

    I've been meaning to drop by and say that I absolutely loved Bubbleman's Beach from round 1! :D

    I've been listening to it pretty much every day. I'm looking forward to what you come up with next!

  12. I'm trying to get more involved this time, but so far we're sharing WIPs with each other during the week and getting feedback on them rather frequently. ... two days ago I learned what a 'parallel fifth' was from Jesse - my bassline was doing just that in Grime. I fixed the area where I thought it was happening before submitting (at least, I *think* it's fixed). Didn't know that before - so Jesse and Zach are schooling me. One day it'll get through my dense head. So far - feedback and education. I'd like to collaborate on something, now that I know how (...I'm a ridiculously slow learner at this, sorry).
  13. This competition is where I started as well - the one in 2011, that is! With that said, welcome to the world of remixing! Looking forward to hearing what you've come up with for this week!
  14. Entry submitted! I'm looking forward to everyone's entries later today! I've certainly enjoyed all of the remixes I've heard from Round 1. Great job everyone!
  15. Happy Birthday, man!

    Have a good one! :D

  16. Hey man, just wanted to drop by and echo KingTiger in saying thanks (sorry for the belatedness) for the signatures for the Wily Castle Remix Gauntlet 2013!

  17. I'll be mixing this week for Energy Tank! I'm definitely looking forward to this one! (... if my idea doesn't fall flat on its face as usual...)
  18. I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to you, my friend! :D

    Have a good one!

  19. All good here, DarkeSword! Besides, the playlist'll be there for anyone who wants to listen to the Wily Castle themes whenever they want, so it's no loss at all. This is a really cool twist, man, and I'm quite excited about this! Awesome! EDIT: Wow, the first source does indeed sound like a Mega Man theme.
  20. Just wanted to chime in and say that looks awesome, Matt! I like the fonts as well; I think they work well together. But, yeah, the signature looks great as-is!
  21. Looking forward to this! I've made a (including the Mega Man: Powered Up and Mega Man 8 - Saturn versions) for anyone who might want to listen to some or all of the Wily Tower / Wily Castle / Skull Fortress / Cossack Fortress / Proto Man Fortress / Mr. X Fortress themes, so, hopefully it'll help a bit!EDIT: Thanks for the reply, DarkeSword! Quite welcome, good sir. EDIT #2: I forgot to add King's Castle and Wily Castle from Mega Man & Bass, so it's there now! Sorry about that.
  22. I've finally had a chance to listen to some of this album, and, wow, it's incredible! Just wanted to say - well done! I'd like to write some impressions of each track, but I'm terrible at reviewing, as you'd basically see a lot of 'awesome', 'incredible', 'amazing', 'excellent', and 'oh wow!' comments.
  23. Have a Happy Birthday, man! :D

  24. Thanks for the reviews and comments, MindWanderer! I pretty much intended the randomness in this one, but I know it's not everyone's cup of tea. I was just trying something a bit different. Mega Water S is also at 0:46 - 1:18* (the e. piano soundfont is playing it, with the saxophone accenting it) with a repeat of the intro playing under it and parts of Chrome Gadget Zone playing with the saxophone - not creative, I know, but he's there. I really would've liked more variation and arrangement, but nothing much came to mind, unfortunately. On another note - excellent entries everyone - I really enjoyed listening to them!
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