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  1. Hi there!

    Just wanted to say - awesome job on your Round 2 entry!

    A quick question, if I may - would you happen to be a fan of the soundtrack from Wario Land: Shake It?

    Because your mix... it could be dropped right into the game.

    Edit: It made me think of

  2. *checks first post* Well, all righty! Looking forward to hearing what you come up with; good luck to you, Zero!
  3. Mr. L

    Hey man!

    Just wanted to drop by and say that I really enjoyed Sephiroth's Sunny Vacation! Great job, and I really like the instrumentation.

    And, also, a belated 'best of luck' in the B4C2 competition - can't wait to hear what you've come up with for Marble Zone! :)

  4. Entry submitted! For this one, I resurrected an old concept I tried 2 years ago... of course, I'm not sure if it's any better now, but I wanted to give it a try nonetheless! As for source usage, Turbo Man's almost everywhere - he really drives this mix forward! In the second section of the song, I flip the two sources and try two parts of their respective basslines as leads - Turbo Man is the 'bell-like synth', and the Chrome Gadget Zone is the short-lived arpeggio... - albeit briefly. A part of Chrome Gadget Zone - Melody B then leads into the final part of the song. The second part of Turbo Man's melody is used... a lot - it just worked so well. EQ isn't the greatest in some places - the snare, at times - and I'm not sure if I 'mixed / rewrote too much' in some places, but, overall, I'm pretty happy with this one! Nonetheless, win or lose - it was an honor competing against you, jnWake. @Cosmic Sounds - Thanks for the comments! I'm glad and honored that you liked it! And with all of that said, I really enjoyed the Round 1 entries! I'm most certainly looking forward to hearing everyone's entries this round!
  5. Hey man, just wanted to say Happy Birthday! :D

    Have a good one!

  6. Hi!

    You mentioned in the B4C2 competition thread that you were looking for some solo violin / cello soundfonts.

    Roland Violin Solo

    ^ It's about halfway down the page (3.17 MB, .sfpack format file). I've read good things about this one.

    Cello Solo

    ^ 3rd one down the page (4.5 MB, .sf2 format file, I believe). Haven't heard this one.

    For the third link, I was wondering if you've ever used the Sonatina Symphonic Orchestra library? It's a large collection of orchestral soundfonts (archived in .sfz format).

    Here's the official demo

    (YouTube video)

    Here's where you can download it

    ^ It's a fairly large download (~440 MB).

    Hope some of this helps! And best of luck to you! :)

  7. Thank you for the comments, jnWake! I love using a pad as an intro - to me it just sets up the atmosphere / soundscape for the rest of the song; at this point, it's pretty much a tradition. And thanks for the tips on the kick drum - I'll have to try that if the issue arises again! Once again, thank you! Edit: Ah... dissonance... Can't believe I missed that...
  8. Thank you everyone for the comments / critiques! I was quite fixated on the soundscape in this one, but unfortunately the melody didn't get the attention it needed; sorry about that one. As for the kick drums - while I was listening to the song, I wasn't able to quite as clearly hear the kick drums in certain parts (despite being pretty sure I was using a high pass filter on everything 'on top'), so I tried layering another kick in those areas; at that point, it sounded "right", but... I guess that made it *too strong. And for the sudden fade out... I had no idea what to do beyond there (as I mentioned earlier, I *did have a couple more ideas, but wasn't quite able to get them to work out)... so yeah. Okay, I've got some notes for my revisiting of this one! Once again, thanks for all of the comments!
  9. Turbo Man, huh? All right! jnWake, I wish you the best of luck, good sir!
  10. Entry submitted! Getting the EQ just right was definitely a big challenge with this mix; I'm not sure who won that 'battle'. Also, I did have a couple of ideas left, but I wasn't quite able to "translate" them from idea to DAW. Nonetheless, I'm pretty happy with this one, and I'm most certainly looking forward to everyone's entries! Win or lose, it was honor competing against you, jefepatronjoshi.
  11. Wished Mama Luigina a happy Mother's Day and spent the day with her as well. -- On topic, yes you did make it in. Edit: A quick question for DarkeSword - is it okay if I tag my entries with my Last.fm artist name? If not, that's fine; I read the first post about the artist name, I was just curious. Thanks! Edit #2: Excited to remix Chrome Gadget Zone! Edit #3: All right! I wish you the best of luck, jefepatronjoshi!
  12. Hey there!

    Thanks for the welcome to the Blue Blur team! :)

    About my avatar: Tails is one of my favorite characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog series, so I'll always pick him when I'm in a 'Sonic mood'! :D

    By the way, I really like Aquatic Base! I'm looking forward to seeing what you come up with, and best of luck to you! :)

  13. The roster has not been updated just yet, but... A few posts back, therex agreed to switch to Team Sonic, and I'll gladly do the same thing. So, if it's okay with you DarkeSword, I'll switch to Team Sonic, and... ... that should even it up! I'm excited - 6 mixes in 6 weeks combining Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog themes! Excite Get!
  14. For everlasting peace, you must mix Clown Man's theme... the world's counting on you. television voice>

    It's great to see you entering man; best of luck, buddy. :)

  15. There are two more spots, my friend! So it's certainly not too late!
  16. Hmm, it hasn't been a week just yet (6 days, I believe?)... But, in the end, I'd be happy to be on either team here. So, if we can't get two more mixers for the Sonic side and / or if DarkeSword wants to go ahead and start, then I'll be happy to switch teams so we can begin remixing! If, on the other hand, we get two more Sonic mixers, then I'll just change my Mega Man choice to another choice so DarkeSword doesn't have to flip a coin. Regardless of team - remixes combining Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog themes - everyone wins anyway! Edit: Misunderstood the first post; sorry about that. Leaving the above anyway. Still fine with either team, though!
  17. Just wanted to say 'Happy Birthday!' :D

    Have a good one, man!

  18. Yes there is! You'll go to your profile, and then go to the 'Statistics' tab. Under that, you'll see a box labeled 'Total Posts'; the third option down will say 'Find all posts by...' - you'll click that and you'll get a list of all of your posts. Hope that helps!
  19. Well, if you'll have this newbie, I'd be most honored to join this competition... on the side of the Blue Bomber! My choices were just sent in, and I'm most certainly looking forward to this!
  20. Well... I guess it's safe to say that pretty much wraps it up for Blizzard Wolfang in this competition, but that's cool; it was really fun! Once again, Pete (if I may), awesome job on your track, man! And a great job to everyone in this round, as well. And with that, I'm most certainly looking forward to the future rounds (especially the Zero Bracket's mixes this Sunday!) Until next time. Edit: A big thanks for all of the comments and the votes, everyone; I really appreciate it!
  21. Mr. L

    Thank you for the compliment!

    I enjoy these competitions and see them as a chance for everyone to just enjoy some music and, additionally, to get feedback / comments from everyone and to improve abilities, even just a bit at a time. Win / lose, it's still fun!

    I appreciate your comments and the compliment; thank you! :)

  22. Sorry I'm a bit late in replying, but thanks for the comments, everyone; greatly appreciative for your time in writing them and then reading them, good or bad! @Bahamut: The strings were added in a bit late, so I didn't get to spend quite as much time as I would've liked with them to make them 'flow' a bit better ... will definitely have to put that on my to-do list. As for the 1:45 'weirdness', that's where I have Shield Sheldon come in again on the strings... you're most certainly right, that is definitely awkward timing. Thanks for your time in reviewing / commenting, man! @jnWake: I love the piano, so I tend to overuse it in any mix that I attempt, sorry about that. I've tried using more synths, and will keep trying to do so, but, for some reason, I seem to always come back to the piano. This time, I did want to keep the mix a bit quieter and 'happier', but the volume, after listening again, could use some adjustment. Still working on arrangement; one of these days I hope to get there! Anyway, thanks, once again, for your comments! Edit: Thanks, SuperiorX, for your comments! Just an idea, if you will, that I wanted to try!
  23. Hey man, I just wanted to drop by and say you did one heck of an awesome job on your entry this week! :D

    I swear, your song could be put right into Metroid Prime...

    To be honest, I initially was going to attempt to use 'Snow Wood Boarding School' from EarthBound or 'Eight Ringing Bells' from Secret of Mana within my entry, but I couldn't quite get them to work out. :(

    How in the heck do you mix in so many sources so seamlessly? :o

    Either way, awesome job man!

  24. Entry submitted! Well... after having about 5 different attempts pretty much "crash" (they either sounded downright depressing or just didn't work out -- the SNES soundfont mix was one of the former type), I finally just started "winging it" with any idea that came to my head... at 5:30 P.M. this Friday and finished just an hour ago... ... seems to be happening more often lately... a big mental block the entire week... suddenly get ideas on Friday... So... I'm certainly looking forward to what everyone comes up with this week, and just as I said to AMT: Phonetic Hero, win or lose, it was an honor competing against you, good sir, and I'm looking forward to your entry! Edit: Awesome job, Zero Bracket; loving the mixes! Edit #2: Finished voting; some HARD decisions.
  25. I'll do my best to give you a run for your money, good sir! I'm trying to utilize SNES soundfonts -- trying something different -- for my entry this week. I had a similar situation this week as with last time -- only recently did an idea start to take shape. So, as for a status update -- right now, I don't have much (was only able to start recently), but, rest assured, you shall have something from me. Other than that, I'm also attempting to bring in another source from a non-Mega Man game (otherwise, my sole idea at this moment goes 'kaboom' and it's back to 'writer's block'... and it's only really 'dominant' for the first 7 seconds) ...should be able to recognize it from the first note of the song. Looking forward to what you and everyone else comes up with this week!
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