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  1. Just wanted to say, thanks for posting your Time Man WiP... just listened to it - I think I can see where you are going with it; sorry that time worked against you. :( Hope to hear the completed song one day man!

  2. Time Man... is cursed. Everyone who tries to remix his theme (which is awesome, dang it), runs 'out of time'. Perhaps... the 3rd time will be charm? @prophetik Sorry about those unofficial totals I posted, but I do know that between you and Draconiator... it's gonna be very close. Edit: Thanks for posting the WiP, rexxz!
  3. Sorry about that DarkeSword. I noticed that the totals didn't come up the same after the fact...
  4. Not to open a can of worms or anything here, but, just saying, I had a look over the comments of the votes, and it looks like that comment and train of thought, so to speak, is the exception rather than the norm. Most of the comments praised either your production quality or enjoyability or the way you weaved together the two source tunes. I had a devil of a time deciding which one of you to vote for... despite me not knowing who you were (sorry about that!). Posted or not, if someone enjoys a remix from you or anyone, then that's all there is to it! Just wanted to finish and say, good work, both of you.
  5. I'm sure it'll be awesome; I'm just glad someone finally remixed Gravity Man. This competition finally gave some Robot Masters the remix lovin' they needed. Now, here's hoping that Xarnax42 and rexxz don't run out of time (haha... punny)... both of those source tunes are awesome, and I'd love to hear their takes on them.
  6. Hmm, let's see here then... Going back through the thread, as of today the following 'mixers haven't said much of anything concerning their remix recently (must be furiously remixing their awesome to the 'ness), if I've read right: geoffio (Skull Man) Main Finger (Napalm Man) Xarnax42 (Knight Man) rexxz (Time Man) Geeky Stoner (Flash Man) Bringing it down to the wire, aren't we, Proto Men? Edit: Sorry to hear time wasn't kind to 'ya, Cyril.
  7. I'm in ur message board, posting "Hello thar!" ... Okay, in non-l337 - how's it going? :) (and thanks for accepting my friend request out of the blue!)

  8. I'm looking forward to the cascading waterfall of ideas you two pump out for your remixes. (Okay, I got that out of my system...)
  9. True! I can't wait to see what the Proto Men have come up with! The first round of the Mega Man bracket was amazing. I'll just let Klavier Gavin say the rest... (may be audio at the link): http://objection.mrdictionary.net/go.php?n=5014623
  10. Howdy there! Thanks for accepting my request; sorry it was a bit out of the blue.

    Just wanted to say that I liked where you tried to go with your Air Man vs. Hard Man; hopefully you can get an exhibition match for the fun of it with another remixer soon! Looking forward to the future!

    Anyway, just wanted to stop by and leave some random chatterz and all (which I'm always open to as well).

  11. Mr. L

    Thanks for the friend request man! As a friend request bonus, I present to you an Interweb and 50 free eCookies (with premium eChocolate Chips!)

    Great start in the competition; keep up the awesome to the 'ness!

  12. This competition has been close, but that also makes it quite fun; I've also been enjoying every remix you guys have been making here and want to say thanks for that. I've been wanting to vote for "both of you" on several occasions, but, alas, one vote, one person. Here's hoping the rounds to be are just as close just like this one (which I'm sure they will be). One of these days, I've gotta learn how to remix so I can get in one of these competitions too... and also advance beyond drawing stick figures.
  13. A big factor in my vote.Enjoyability was a factor, as well, for I really liked Draconiator's take on Solar Man, but I didn't hear as much Spring Man in there. In prophetik's, I not only heard Solar and Spring Man, but I heard Spring Man rocking with geetarz and all. So, a winner was prophetik (but both are winners since they are now on my playlist). I'm just glad Spring Man was finally remixed. Kudos again to prophetik for RAWking out to Spring Man.
  14. @SilvernixSP I do recall something DarkeSword typed on last year's Grand Maverick Remix Battle thread: "If eliminated remixers wish to have exhibition matches, I have no problem with that, but they will have no bearing on the competition outcome." My guess is that it's probably going to be the same deal here. Edit: SuperiorX beat me to it.
  15. Just finished voting. I'm glad to finally be able to vote in one of these amazing competitions! Of course, with my luck, I chose one where the first bracket had some very hard choices... I wanted to say heck with it and type "both of you win" on the threads. My main area of critique is enjoyability, and since pretty much every mix was enjoyable to me, well, decisions were rather difficult... Just wanted to say great job everyone, and that I can't wait to hear the next round's entries! Gotta say, this is really inspiring me to learn how to create remixes so I can join in one of these competitions instead of just voting; looks like a lot of fun. Anyway, sorry for my excessive chit-chat.
  16. Hi there. That's quite a quandary, but most things involving the manual-editing of the PATH variable usually end up that way. Would I be correct to assume you're using Windows XP? If so, are you making sure to type all the periods and underscores? If you're putting the Java path as the last thing on the line, are you making sure there's not a semicolon after it in the path text field? Sorry for all the questions, I'm just trying to figure out what's going on here. By the way, another way to get to the path variable is to go to the Start Menu -> Right-Click on "My Computer" -> Select "Properties" -> Click on the "Advanced" tab -> Select "Environment Variables" and then proceed to edit from there. Sorry I couldn't help at the time.
  17. Howdy everyone and welcome! @Universe-X I feel a bit awkward here, as I joined only a few days ago, but it's a pleasure to "meet" you, albeit belatedly. It's great to see another Mario fan. *subliminal message* Go! Green Thunder! *end message* *ahem* I've been playing that series since I was 5... it's been a few years. I feel so behind on the times, I didn't even know about Mario Paint Composer until now. I had played Mario Paint a long time ago though... http://www.unfungames.com/mariopaint/. This program, right? I'll just have to add learning that to my never-ending list of things to do. But first, I must perfect my drawing of stick men...
  18. I remember playing Fire Emblem for the very first time via Path of Radiance. From there, I couldn't stop listening to any of the music. The music weaves so well into the game that it and the story are one and the same. To keep on-topic, and I know I'm still new here, but I'd like to humbly make some specific Fire Emblem series music requests... ranked by the number of e-chocolate chip cookies I shall e-bake for the remixer. The requests: Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon - Where Stories Begin (500 cookies): Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon - Footsteps of Fate (1,000 cookies): ^ The very first battle map theme in the game (in the Prelude). Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn - Eternal Bond (Over 9,000 cookies + marshmallows!!!): ^ Ike's Theme. My most favorite character and theme in all the Fire Emblem series. I would _humbly request_ to hear this one epically remixed into an epic orchestral remix that defines epicness until the original song screams all it's base are belong to the remix. Thank you for creating the thread, and I wish to thank, in advance, any remixers considering these requests. Remember, free e-chocolate chip cookies!
  19. Hello everyone, it's a pleasure to make your (virtual) acquaintance! I'm a long-time lurker / downloader, but I decided it was time to register and say hi! So, my name's Matthew, and I'm a 27 year old gamer and lover of video game music. I know very, very little about music itself; I just know that I like how some of it sounds. So, any "reviews" I give are usually like "It sounds great!", but still I hope that helps! For a little over 20 years, I've been playing video games on all kinds of consoles. I started when I was 5; my dad and I beat Super Mario Bros. for the first time, and the rest is history. At the same time, I acquired an appreciation of the music. It's great to see a vibrant community such as this that brings back cool memories of games back-then and here-now with remixes that, often, make the song even more memorable. ...The fact that I reminisce so much already shows I'm getting old... As far as my favorite games go, I'd have to say my most favorite "modern-time" game is Super Smash Bros. Brawl. My most favorite "back-then" game is a tie between Super Mario Bros. 3 (Sky World!) or Super Mario World. Pretty much, I'm a Nintendo fan, and I always will be. Hmm... let's see... while I'm listening to said video game music, I enjoy playing around with a wide array of technologies to build web applications (ASP.NET, PHP, Python, Ruby, you name it), though I'm still at a hobbyist level. Of course, nothing I've built is really far beyond "Insert your name here: "... but unlike music, I can sort of understand some of that terminology. So, if you need someone to code an XHTML 1.0 (or HTML 5) front-end or something, I can try to help you! That's a bit about me, so rather than turn this into a novel, I'll stop there. If you'd like to see volume 2, I'll have it up at a later time. With that said, it's great to be here, and I hope to have some cool discussions and what not with everyone!
  20. Hi there! I just wanted to register to say thank you for this album release. It took me almost 2 days on my dial-up connection, but it was worth it! It was a colorful jaunt down Nostalgia Lane from start to finish. So, thank you once again. (And an indirect thank you for the patience others may have had downloading from me on the .torrent file; my modem is greedy as heck... sorry!)
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