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  1. SonicThHedgog

    3. completed Quien es zelda

    I'll give a crack at completing this when I get a new xlr and speaker cable for my amp : O
  2. SonicThHedgog

    3. completed Quien es zelda

    Wuz supposed to do something else, then I canceled the Idea cause I dont like wuts going on so far ;/ then i decided to randomly add the main zelda melody so the track doesn't go to complete waste(the part of the melody most people know). : / in other words, free ringtone download? lol.
  3. SonicThHedgog

    3. completed N64CR - (SSBM Trophy Remix)

    Sounds likes some kaytranada kinda beat, but with more techy drums. Dope dope dope.
  4. *Git guud I'm back at it again with the short sources.
  5. SonicThHedgog

    Request for snow board kids

    I posted one a while ago. I'm sure their are other remixes on youtube and soundcloud.
  6. SonicThHedgog

    Snowboard Kids - Big Snowman

    Lol even better than super mario world? hehe! Gotcha! Odd you mentioned the piano in the beginning, its drowned in the same room more than everything else... but I think I know how I can fix that. The brass stabs and flute(for that one flute part) are meant to be that stiff aggressive sound. You want me to blend them in more? Im not sure if I put much effort to make the sounds human hehe, I just kept to the composition dynamics bi-polar/moody feels hehe. I wanted this to be EDM, but got bored of EDM (I blame pop radio mainly) Will work on the piano and its verb, I think I know what happened. And I will also fix the over all verb, I (think) know what happened to that too. Thank you!
  7. SonicThHedgog

    Snowboard Kids - Big Snowman

    Thanks for the feedback. I dont know what Seiken Densetsu 3 is O.o Also, which instruments do you want to be more humanized (besides the strings and guitar).
  8. My remix. Listen, Like, Sub, feedback : /
  9. SonicThHedgog

    Pokémon Theme Song - Blues Cover

    This is one great cover! If I owned a blues club, I'd like this to be played on stage hehe.
  10. SonicThHedgog

    Sega Dreamcast Startup Remix

    Yo dis right here is fire bruh
  11. Imo, M=composition=production=Composition=Production. Both Matter.
  12. SonicThHedgog

    Legions Of Metal

    Sounds sweet!
  13. SonicThHedgog

    OCR03360 - Sonic Adventure 2 "Chao Cave Rave"

    Thank You so much! I agree with all the feed back I read. oh, and I tweeted ableton about a week after the last update, they said in the latest patch of ableton, PDC is now fully compensated for vrs 9.6, I wish I knew that earlier
  14. I usually never comment on mixes, but this sounds really sick! Just a few thoughts. Compress lead guitar just a bit (1:7 or 2:0:0 ratio) and maybe (and I mean MAYBE) increase the level by very tiny bit (maybe) Im not sure how you mixed the record, but maybe reduce the vol on the piano by 1 or 2db Make bass a wee bit louder. (its probably just me, but) Add a subtle room verb to the entire track. (the mix down in a spacial sense sounds really artificial/unnatural and awkward like everything was done in a different room.) This seems a bit short for OCremix as said. Add an minute more of music, you could do something dramatic like a key change progression or build up, or something to flip the listeners heads. You had something going for a good transition where you ended.
  15. SonicThHedgog

    Snow board kids remix Request

    I may, but I realized that I had a pop record that sounded similar to this lololol. darn popular chord progressions.