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  1. Pretty much doubling up on what has just been said but yeah, scrap the guitar or redo it with something more suitable as it ruins the track. I can't stand a lot of those MIDI sounds too to be honest, I'd take Gario's advice there. Good effort nonetheless, keep working on it.
  2. Sounds awesome! You replicated the style really well... Perhaps too well. I think bringing in some of your own original elements would be quite welcome here.
  3. I'm not super at this whole feedback thing so I doubt anything I say will be too helpful, but there's no harm in trying. I'll just say whatever comes to mind as I'm listening. Interesting, very different from the source material's start. Much less haunting and more ambient I'd say. I like the gradual transition into the main theme as it gets creepier and creepier, nice touch. Very "alien" sounding by the end, not sure any other way to describe it but it's pretty cool. Can't think of anything particular negative to say, but I am pretty easily pleased.
  4. What in the... Uh... Is it supposed to be all crackly and...Uh... Click the link and see if it plays fine for you 'cause what I'm hearing is hurting my ears. Literally. o__o
  5. The eastern sounds for the Forest Temple work so very, very well. The way it blends into the other themes is superb too. I love the fact that like you say, you've taken liberties with key signatures. Gives the different themes a completely new flavour. Mighty fine remix, son.
  6. That's awesome! I'll be watching them every week for sure, thanks. :)

  7. Would it be possible to claim the title screen? I'm confident I could do it justice. I'll say exactly what I said in the Golden Sun remix thread, I'll cook up some demos to see if I'm up to the standards your expecting first as I am a newbie here.
  8. Your avatar... And your name... Are you the creator/host of those "videogame classes" videos? I saw them all ages ago and really enjoyed them but I can't for the life of me remember WHERE I saw them, any chance you could hook me up? :D

  9. Eh? Why? That's a bit rude. Those guys gave you decent advice...
  10. Never finished the first game, but I did enjoy it and I remember the music kicking ass, so count me in! I think I'll have to whip up some demos or something to see if my ability is up to the standards you're after here, as I am a newbie here. So I won't claim anything just yet. I'm definetly gonna go back and revisit the first game actually. To get some inspiration.
  11. Neblix, I feel your advice is very good and should definitely be stickied somewhere.
  12. Yeah, I second this. I have seen a cool acoustic rendition on youtube, but that's it:
  13. Hello all, I've been on this site somewhat frequently the last year or so and after checking out Chaos Project here and been blown away by the potential of Video Game Remix music (seriously, that album kicks so much ass), I thought I'd check out the forums. I would really like to have a go at remixing myself but I really need to get money for some decent gear so I can then in turn build my compositional skills properly. I also play guitar, bass, piano yada yada no-one cares.
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