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  1. Thank you for the evaluation! I definitely struggled with setting apart the second iteration of the main theme from the first one. To visualize the structure to make it more explainable, the parts are Intro, A1, A2, B1 (brass) , C (tremolos), A3, A4, B2 The intensity is currently A1 < A2 = A3 < A4, in fact the only major change between A2 and A3 is swapping the melody support from second to first violins and the tacit on second violins. This is mainly to set A3 apart from A1, and back then I couldn't easily think of more what I could have done. Your comment about subtractive arr
  2. Thanks for your impressions. The flute is Embertone's Shire Whistle which punches way above its price point. The ornaments were just me being a derp, most notes were input via mouse and not played in. The general idea is now to have the first run of the theme melody be just that and the second run to add some more variation in the form of ornaments and portamentos. As for how to make the arrangement stand out more, right now this is as far as my current ability will carry me. This is only my fifth finished work and I will need to gather more experience with other songs to get a bette
  3. It's been done to death, but here's one more arrangement to add to the pile of Terra's theme remixes. It's almost done and currently I only plan on very minor revisions, mainly some small issues in the brass and the ornaments of the irish flute in the beginning. I'd be glad for any feedback though. Note that the strings are positioned in German seating, so from left to right it's Violins 1, Chellos, Violas, Violins 2, and with Basses on the left behind Violins 1. All other sections are close to where you would usually expect them. The arrangement is as strightforward as it could be s
  4. Updated to V1.7: Fixed clipping issues during tutti sections. Fixed some balancing issues in certain parts. EQ'ing on several instruments. Changed reverb just a bit. Redid the automation of some parts of the first violins (the story never ends...). I will let this sit for some days and come back with a fresh ear, but aside from some minor fixes I'd consider this (finally) done. I will probably never be entirely happy with the realism of the violins, but I've run out of ideas what I could try. The only real big option would be dynamic vibrato changes, but
  5. Updated to V1.6: Fixed really obnoxious oboe as described in previous post. Finished reworking all remaining instruments. There's still some things left to fix in the first violins, but aside from the last remaining task is cleaning up the mix. I've already eq'ed into the basses a bit to clean up some muddiness, but the lower brass probably also still has something to fix.
  6. Updated to V1.5: Changed woodwind samples Upgrade string samples Redid all automation for woodwinds, brass and ensemble strings Lots of reverb and mixing changes The solo strings still need a pass as well as the melodic percussion. Some things have to be fixed here and there in the first violins. Edit: Also after listening to it on some thin speakers...wow, that oboe doubling the strings has to go...
  7. Thanks for the comments! @JulienMulard Yes, I'm still working on this. I got halfway through the new woodwinds so far and will probably post an update after those are done. After that it's back to the strings because of course VSL had to do a christmas sale... @JohnStacy I explicitly dislike the modern "big cinematic" style of orchestation with lots of brass and percussion (oh god the overwhelming percussion). This ain't no Bach, but it's a lot closer to what I prefer an orchestra to sound like. The sound I strive for would be that of the performance of the Chrono Trigger/Cross arran
  8. Updated to V1.3: Fixed a bunch of issues in the solo and ensemble strings that were really bugging me, mostly related to consistent timbre, volume and timing. Fixed accidental double reverb on double basses and trombones (yay, less muddyness). Dropped BPM from 70 to 68. Stretched out ending decelerando to create more gravitas (?). Added the same panning effect to ostinato strings at the end as is also used in the beginning. It doesn't really fit the song's storyline but makes the song overall more musically coherent and this section in particular a lot less fati
  9. Updated to V1.2: Massively (in my opinion) improved the string sections by messing with attack and release envelopes. General improvements to ensemble and solo strings regarding volume and timbre consistency. Also made ostinatos less robotic in general for all sections by varying CC1 more. Changed the added phrase from V1.1 to not include high woodwinds any more because they seemed very out of place. Increased volume by 2db, but this might break things in tuttis louder than in this particular song.
  10. Updated to V1.1: Fiddled with the reverb and stereo spread of the ensembles in an attempt to clear up the soundscape a bit. Added another retrospective phrase at 2:53 to close the gap to the last ostinato repetition.
  11. Original song: I've worked on this on and off for way longer than I'd like to admit, but it's finally in a stage I'm comfortable taking comments. V1.0: http://www.kozanryusui.net/sakkyoku_nikki/20191101.ogg 5.0 surround version (untested): http://www.kozanryusui.net/sakkyoku_nikki/20191101_surround.ogg V1.1: http://www.kozanryusui.net/sakkyoku_nikki/20191109.ogg 5.0 surround version (untested): http://www.kozanryusui.net/sakkyoku_nikki/20191109_surround.ogg V1.2: http://www.kozanryusui.net/sakkyoku_nikki/20191121.ogg 5.0 surround version (untest
  12. Thanks for the feedback again. I updated the first post with a new version. Changelog: * Panning changes: - mirrored horns to the right - adjusted violins and flute to the right - tried and failed to center the harp; this is about as much as it can go without producing strange artifacts * Added percussion: timpani and (sparingly) cymbal * Removed harp offsyncness * Added direct download link. And btw, this is a double bass and I can assure you this song has plenty of it ;D http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Double_bass
  13. Thanks for the feedback. Hm, I guess the double basses alone are not enough. It's difficult to divert from the default panning because my samples are all prepanned, but I'll try. I probably overdid it with the humanization. Fixed. I think it's a problem that too many high and mid frequencies are on the left (mainly violins). I put the flute a bit more to the right and tried to separate first and second violins. For some reason the horns were panned to the far left per default (?!), I mirrored them to the right and reduced their spread a bit. It cleared up a lot after I panned the h
  14. First post, first remix, first everything. Original: Rudora no Hihou (Secret Treasure of the Rudras) is a pretty unknown RPG by Squaresoft for the SNES which hasn't been released outside Japan. Interestingly its composer is the same as the one for Mystic Quest Legend/Final Fantasy Mystic Quest. The soundtrack is great (listen to The Spirit Chaser!), why aren't there any remixes up here yet? Anyway, this my first self made remix, though it's probably more of an arrangement than a remix. It's a pretty straightforward orchestration of the main screen's theme, probably way too close to the o
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