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  1. Odai are you available to chat on Skype about SoA album stuff between 1 and 3 EST today? My contact info is exobyte28

    1. Drawn by Dai

      Drawn by Dai

      Hi Modus,
      Not sure how that translates to GMT, but I think it's 5 hours difference if I remember correctly. just checking it out. If that's 1pm-3pm EST, that's pretty much imminent, in which case I may be able to jump in towards the end. Hands are tied with cooking dinner and putting the kids to bed at the moment. I'm not saying no, but I'll try and jump in the moment I'm available. Is that OK? Don't want to miss the meeting.

  2. Congrats on Pikachu status.

  3. Ohhhhhhhh.

    What the fuck -_-

    Come to me, come back Ecto. I will find your inner peace. I can move my hands real fast. I can make you an egg salad.

  4. Yeah, I can't leave the gym with a sore chest. My back and legs always hurt but I can't find a solid chest routine. Honestly it would be a temporary thing - not ongoing - and I'm not sure how a PT would feel about that.

  5. Hey bro you're a true bro. K, I gotta bro. Later!

    Also I need a PT in central Ohio, pls.

  6. Awesome! That concentration on Commercial music is a good idea and will look great to employers. You know in the creative industry I've found that being a QUICK producer with a knack for finding solutions will give you enough value for good employment. Most people aren't quick with technology. Best of luck man, catch you around forums :]

  7. It's good here, finally settling into post-college life after the initial scariness. You almost done with college? What degree?

  8. Hey dude. What is new? How is life?

  9. Hi Joe, do you still have that novel feedback form you sent a long time ago? If so, could you re-send that to me? It was well-made and I know someone who could use it :]

  10. Where the fuck are you?? In life and stuff??


  11. I want to eat your sig up MMMMMMMMMMMMM

  12. Nice, work your way onstage with Briggs for MAG. He puts on a good show.

    That's also an insane amount of jams.

    For moi, I'm learning 3D (to make money) and Bitwig (to music hobby.) I want to hit the path of some of that AltRock-EDM fusion going on.

  13. Any career updates, friendish? The term "ecto jams" isn't going to coin itself.

    Yo, crank it, this is my ecto jam

  14. Is goin alright, juggling all my hobbies while job searching!

    How are things on the Anorax side?

  15. Hey just noticed your feedback on one of my mixes from months ago. I stopped checking that thread and forgot about it. Thanks for taking the time to break it down!


    In a totally not science field. Wait I can market my videos as science!?!? mmm...

  17. Hey ectoplasm, check out the new Approaching Infinity video when ya get the chance

  18. That was real, and I have no idea my man

  19. I dig your character btw, one intense looking dude.

  20. Bro those scanlines in your sig make me feeeel things. good things.

  21. Well here's my plan: a 3-track LP/EP/whatever this summer, fully promoted yada ya. Whether it flops or succeeds will determine if I pursue music at all anymore because if I have to be completely frank, I don't think it's in the cards for me to thrive in this arena. I'm trying to gather all the knowledge I can to make this a respectable effort so thanks for taking the time to lay it out for me, and for helping me out throughout the couple years I've been around. Talk to ya later and feel free to share any more work you're in the middle of because I love that (specially since halc gives me previews whenever I bug him :P)

  22. I'll definitely try out both those techniques. I've never compressed my master channel in an end product because it always sounded wrong to me, but I'll try out your numbers since your tracks seem well-endowed. What do you think of the 'don't master your own stuff' saying? I mean to me it could be true that it's too hard to see the mix objectively (or even realistically) after hearing it for hours on end.

  23. Hey dude, what if you just taught me?

    No but here's the thing, I understand multiband compression, EQ and such as concepts and I know how to do them. Basically I feel like there might be more to the secret art, so if you wanna learn me on it sometime I'm all for. It.

  24. We should talk about mastering. Or at least, if you know someone who does a lot of mastering for electronic artists, even for money since I don't have uh.. those connections.

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