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  1. Progress! I finally feel like wow, I'm getting to my goal! My life is so messed up right now I have this though. Something earned, and I have to keep going. http://i.imgur.com/HqO2mLN.jpg?1 http://i.imgur.com/DChAZZ9.jpg?1 It's also incredible just to feel healthy.
  2. Ohhhhhhhh.

    What the fuck -_-

    Come to me, come back Ecto. I will find your inner peace. I can move my hands real fast. I can make you an egg salad.

  3. Awesome, Soul! Meanwhile... I'm at the stage beyond frustrated that I can't cut my ab fat. That stage where you just kind of have this defeated look in your eyes... and you stare ahead at nothing. My gut is telling to take up cardio again, sprinting 2 miles every two or three days, full intensity. Everyone says NO CARDIO, NO CARDIO, but my intuition is telling me to do it. Meanwhile I am steadily scaling up on weights, so yay for that. Also my diet is immaculate. I want a documentary about the holiness of my diet.
  4. Yeah, I can't leave the gym with a sore chest. My back and legs always hurt but I can't find a solid chest routine. Honestly it would be a temporary thing - not ongoing - and I'm not sure how a PT would feel about that.

  5. Hey bro you're a true bro. K, I gotta bro. Later!

    Also I need a PT in central Ohio, pls.

  6. Put it in a water balloon, or freeze it into the shape of an apple.
  7. Can someone make a diet show called Cut It Out where you just show a commonly eaten food that you need to cut out of your diet, explain why, and then end with slicing the crap out of it GG (Good Gains) Blues
  8. Wait, can't a bro alternate calorie surplus and calorie deficit each day? Therefore the bro may gain whilst getting lean? Nice body fat OA or lack thereof. Whoosh!
  9. My protein bar literally tastes like giant Reeses cups. Wizardry. .... Getting small results in definition/tone finally. Pushing myself to the bleeding edge, gym every day, losing 1 or 2 hours of sleep some nights. Sprinting to the finish. Glad to see you Soul Splint <3
  10. Awesome! That concentration on Commercial music is a good idea and will look great to employers. You know in the creative industry I've found that being a QUICK producer with a knack for finding solutions will give you enough value for good employment. Most people aren't quick with technology. Best of luck man, catch you around forums :]

  11. It's good here, finally settling into post-college life after the initial scariness. You almost done with college? What degree?

  12. Hey dude. What is new? How is life?

  13. Hi Joe, do you still have that novel feedback form you sent a long time ago? If so, could you re-send that to me? It was well-made and I know someone who could use it :]

  14. I asked for an inch and you gave me a mile. I ripped that video you posted on YouTube as a reference. That's huge, huge help. I'll post any updates and my own progress in this thread as I go. Thanks again man.
  15. A million happy balloons to you, Jonathan. Yeah!! You got it, sounds correct! As a beginner, that C minor fingering looks a bit nasty. Yep, that definitely sounds right. Just going to sing that :] At 1:22 there are open chords being played in the back. Are those just what you wrote first, or something new? I think that's the whole song after that. Thanks again.
  16. Hey I'm pretty new to acoustic guitar, but there's a song that is really deep in my psyche right now. I want to create an acoustic version, but I don't have an ear for chords to create tabs, and nothing seems to be available online. If anyone is interested, could you help me tab out ? I might be able to throw in a few bucks if necessary. Or maybe you guys know a better online resource for me to do this?Thanks for anything :]
  17. It took me three years to enjoy running. In three more years I won't have working kneecaps, but hey, it was a good run The key is to have an athletic heart. Until your heart is healthy it just sucks.
  18. Well then.. it's a season of lifting. I'm just too thin in appearance to push any further. Maybe muscle mass will distribute and displace that last belt of fat. That's admirable but I have the much less admirable goal of looking great AND being able to run a couple marathons a year Besides aesthetics, I've also noticed I can kick a cold much quicker than others. Time is money, less sick time the better!
  19. Where the fuck are you?? In life and stuff??


  20. Thanks! Salt is out, that's at least something to go off of and monitor results. Yes, I use a lot of salt and still get fries once in a while. Those are now out too.
  21. Alright, so I can basically run forever, my diet is reasonable, and I'm skinny.. but I have stomach flab and abs aren't showing through. Getting frustrated. If I ramp up my cardio or lower diet I won't get muscle gains I'm looking for. My genetics are just telling me to go screw myself. Do I say screw it and just go CRAZY on cardio while still lifting? Or.. lift like crazy to burn more calories? I'm confused
  22. It's because you name, avatar, and job all lead to the image of: But at first sight I kinda just wanted to hang out with you and talk about what flavor of Doritos is best or whatever.
  23. My boss said he's up to 30 pullups, so I went all to the gym feeling like I could push past my 6 and do a couple sets. I did 4. I'm guessing it's because I destroyed my abs with this YouTube video. This YouTube video was sent by heavenly decree to irrevocably destroy me. Weight belt/vest? P.S. Vastly improved my cable crossovers form.
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