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  1. I like making the little display garden, but there's really no gameplay in that one >.> It's kind of like a mini-mini-mini-mini... mini Harvest Moon. Which is fine, that part of it is fun.
  2. The paid Streetpass games: one that's a space shoot em up and the one with the haunted mansion. The other two aren't quite that great.

    In a totally not science field. Wait I can market my videos as science!?!? mmm...

  4. I teamed up with Ecto to make a promotional video for this game! Please check it out.. the creator, Bob Saunders is super ambitious and the game looks like an old-school wonder so far. Thanks doodz! Video: http://kck.st/16WbPeX
  5. Hey ectoplasm, check out the new Approaching Infinity video when ya get the chance

  6. If OCR had the industry connections to do short docus on VGM composers, that would be a huge draw to OCR. It would have the same appeal as "All Your History." Pretty involved stuff though. Another great series would be "The Panel".. following a new artist trying to submit something, with an established remixer as a mentor, and it follows the song process from its conception, to production, to submission, and finally acceptance or rejection. Ever seen MADE from MTV? Basically that. It's more about the story and people than the song itself. If all else fails, a 10-minute loop of Stevo rubbing his beard on different things with in the background.
  7. Too true. There was always this unwritten rule in FFXI to not piss off the WHM. They may seem all holy and gentle, but they are a pain in the ass to replace, and they're not really obligated to heal anyone but the tank. BLMs never had any party leverage in FFXI :[ Except when Escape or Warp II was needed.
  8. Can you offering tickets and ride So sad I can't go this year. No, not sad. Agonized. wai.
  9. 11 and 14. Seriously, they're fantastic MMOs. I haven't played many main installment games either. X-2 confused me and 13 enraged me with boredom, so I gave up and played Tactics 27 times.
  10. Here's my steam wishlist, which gives an idea of my gaming tastes. I have a 3DS and Wii U too. If you want to go a more advanced route, I'm obsessed with Skies of Arcadia, Valkyria Chronicles (the first one), and Wind Waker. I don't own my three favorite games of all time, and I have no memorabilia >.> Anything is hugely appreciated!
  11. I think I did this in 2010 and it turned out really awesome. I'm in to the max.
  12. I like the relentless optimism in this game. It's just determined to keep the mood up. I left Lucario on top of that tower because Lucario is not a cool Pokemon. When I rejected taking him, the gym leader was like "Oh...uh.. THE WORLD IS FULL OF SMILES!!" The only thing I'm hesitant about is the super-simplified puzzles. They may have streamlined them too far. Actually there really aren't gym puzzles or 'team rocket' puzzles anymore.
  13. I haven't played Pokemon in about 8 years and this game finally brought me back. Vivillon is badass.
  14. Wow, it actually does fit in these pants. Not too cumbersome either, but it does take up the entire pocket, exiling my cell and earbuds and pencils to the other pocket.
  15. Well too bad, I got a 2DEES! + Love the form of it. For some reason, it feels like the two screens were meant to be flush and immovable all along. + I have some money left! + If I had gotten a 3DS, I wouldn't have scoured town for an official pouch. Never got one, but I did run into and old friend and reconnected. Thanks 2DEES! - The deign is.. we don't talk about the design. It's good enough to brush under the rug and be content. - I WANT A CUTE POUCH BECAUSE I AM A LITTLE GIRL AT HEART -- I GUESS.
  16. Thanks Gollgagh, ocre. Definitely can't afford the XL. Still can't decide if I could live with a 2DS. I need to try it hands-on I guess. Super Mario 3D and Kid Icarus are must-buys for me, I don't play horror games though. I must have Fire Emblem. I must have Pocket Mans. I must have Monster Hunter. I must have Phoenix Wri- there are TOO many games for me to hold off any more!!
  17. I come with a question today. Considering a 2DS to save money but: 1. Is it hip-looking for a 23-year-old? Is it generally full of hip? 2. Will it fit in my pocket? Also, are there other games with super cool applications of 3D besides New Leaf? Guess I'm one of the few, but I loved 3D New Leaf on my brother's system. Thanks
  18. From ye book of Googs: Highlighted is what I usually tell people. Not only do you get artificially upscaled video, but it makes movies look unnatural. More isn't always better, it actually gives video the "soap opera" look, whereas lower framerates look smoother and more cinematic. Higher framerates might come into play for video games, but for video, you'll probably want to turn that awkward refresh upscaling off in the options.
  19. Interest around this game is really taking off. I have a legitimate group of people who want to form a group and play the crap out of this game. Their only qualm is the possibility of Elder Scrolls Online being better. Still, I am SO. HAPPY. Square salvaged this. FFXI deserved a spiritual successor.
  20. Why do I LIKE music? LIIIIKE? Music is one of the primary reasons to exist. It's like, extract of life. Someone could probably make a song good enough to manipulate me into doing anything. Music has power over me.
  21. Yeah, what's the highest pop server? I picked one of the lowest in FFXI (Kujata) and it felt like.. living in Detroit for 4 years. The economy was always so terrible and people kept emigrating servers. I wanna move to the New York of FFXIV.
  22. Dude I just blow things up and generate massive hate. Just keep the mob off me.
  23. The very definition of a tank is monotony. That's why I could never do those classes and respect the crap out of people who do go through with them.
  24. That was real, and I have no idea my man

  25. True, just wanna say that the new Adobe CC suite is only $20 a month for students. The subscription format is pretty affordable and you have access to ALL their programs, no more "Production Premium" package or whatever, it's all there. However it's $50 a month for non-students. sux.
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