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  1. And I was disappointed Goeman wasn't ranked higher with more tracks. DKR music in particular stands out as Rare's most evocative for me, when Rare music typically doesn't do much for me other than attach itself to some nostalgic gameplay memories. Just goes to show.. floats and boats for different folk.
  2. This gives me chills. All the FF music since 13 seems to be finding its way into my life.
  3. Yeah any other system I've only had 20ish. My childhood can be defined as "Nintendo 64" baby. I can sketch out the level designs of any Rare game by memory. The 64 is etched onto my soul o_o
  4. Yeah I guess it acts like more of an accessory. I don't specifically remember any Rayman 2 melodies or anything. I love Goemon music by the way, great to see it all over the list.
  5. Nice work guys. I had 72 N64 games as a kid, but I only rented Jet Force Gemini once and played a couple hours. I really want to play through it now. There's something from Rayman 2 right? I didn't see anything skimming through but I hope so. And Iggy's Reckin' Balls? I would've ranked one or two songs from those in my personal list.
  6. Really, not Upper Crust? Crust and Trough? Thin Upper? Patents, Thin Crust, I'm seeing patents.
  7. Started watching Space Dandy after years of withdrawing from anime. 10/10 Best decision I made this year.
  8. This thread.. this goshdem thread.. is JUDGING me. Every day I don't liff. So I didn't liff today, thread. So? SO? Don't look at me!
  9. And I was on Brynhildr. It seemed to be full of PS3 players.
  10. Dude, MP1 through 3 hold up better than the new MPs. Bumper... Balls
  11. Instant gag reflex reading that. Respect for the brehs.
  12. Two or three scoops 6-star chocolate in a blender with a quarter gallon of 1% or 2% milk tastes incredible. Anything less and yes. Yes I will vomit.
  13. Oh, I thought you meant
  14. Thanks, Thin Crust, I'm liking Arcanist so far, and my bro wants to be a Marauder so that's perfect. Cross class sounds cool. My plan is to skimp on gear until I reach the level cap. I don't have all the time in the world and want to play very efficiently. Thanks for the EXP tips, I need to level up as quick as possible. Very, very different from FFXI so far, but I've barely scratched the surface.
  15. I finally picked up the game! I have a small group of friends who play on Bryhilder (too lazy to look up correct spelling) Piff Pelviscrush is my little Lalafell. My brother's going to be a giant Rogueden (again, too lazy) and we're going to travel the land together. The Pelviscrush brothers will be known but not feared, for we are a silly people.
  16. *plays three notes on a xylophone* *awkwardly somersaults* Happy! *pants* Birthday! (Had to go above and beyond for my man halc!)
  17. I like Shy Guy Falls the most so far (music, atmosphere, track flow) and Yoshi's Valley the least (feels so different from the original, I barely recognize it)
  18. This would help a lot, but the one lifter I knew real well moved to Florida. I'd like to find someone interested in lifting and buddy up. Also, I can't workout without music, so you're spot on about the "creating your personal environment" thing. In the meantime I bummed some weights (not enough) off a friend. Out of necessity because If I keep running, the wind erosion will evaporate me.
  19. The gym atmosphere. There's only one squat rack, one this or that, and the people I see are jacked. They're territorial, It's a ritzy area and roids/rich kids are common. The only thing I miss about the small town I'm from is the nice gym :/ It was never too crowded and had mostly older people.
  20. I've been too shy to post here, but I'm into fit. I do fit a lot and try to enhance my fit. Unfortunately I prefer cardio over lifting. Over the years, running has become the most effective therapy for me physically and mentally. Plus with lifting, I haaaate going to the gym and don't have enough home equipment. Alas my yologainz are limited.
  21. It's mean. Don't hit me with it. It's mean.
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