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  1. Cool panel. I pictured Darksword differently. I also tried to visit Halc's door twice but no answer the first time and "privacy please" the second. I had a hundred little good experiences though. My favorite part was just some random DJ in the hallways putting on a sweet show, with Skeletor dancing.
  2. My focus is on appearance for sure, I know I'm internally healthy and fit at this point. An older guy stopped me at the gym today to school me on my dumbell curls. Said I need to stop using my back and use full range (difficult with my long arms) He also said five meals a day and my love of running is a "strike." So basically what I'm going to do is eat like crazy and make it like 75% protein. I can't stop running, just will eat more.
  3. That's just my own notation, but you got it right. Does the fit community usually just write it out like that? I'll do that. I started doing dumbell presses and cable crossovers. That should do.. something.
  4. I'm up to 80-80-70-70 on my pushups, so I'm now tying two 10 lb weights on my back with a belt. Every other exercise I do is still mediocre or average. I'm ripping through my cardio but I appear too thin with weak pecs and still too much flab on the ab. I feel like a fitness enigma, but I'm happy that progress is evident even if my appearance hasn't caught up yet
  5. So some of us like to be relaxed and some of us like to wake up fighting for our lives. Usually I save the pump-up songs for the gym, but the thing about those type of songs is that they eventually run out of steam for me.. like they just stop working after 'x' amount of uses. I mean.. chill music does that too. Just, less so? Post-script: This post is simply to avoid a lockdown for being a list thread. You don't actually have to engage my crap. I just want to collect your morning songs.
  6. Do you guys have a song you wake up to as an alarm? I experimented with lots of different tracks, but only one always started my day right: What are yours? What makes good morning music? :]
  7. Never mind, too late. Well crap, now my family will just have to get awesomer presents.
  8. Oh my gosh, I can't wait to hack people's emails and call their loved ones under a false identity to find out what they want. I am in.
  9. This game just didn't do it for me. I thought it was going to be a spiritual successor to FFXI, but it was completely different. Count me in the "quitter" category. I asked my friends to all get voice chat set up because I was kind of bored, and when that didn't happen, that was it. Some good memories playing with my brother though.
  10. Andrew let me interview him back in college to write a color piece about his work. That was pretty rad and I'm bummed I can't find it. Other than that, Augment is one of my favorite things. It puts me in an unreasonably happy mood.
  11. the number are bull. You're 100% boyfriend material and don't let the haters tell you otherwise. 100% beef as well if you were a burger. Put some cheese on those nips.
  12. Someone ditched and we only have 3 people in our room now. Send a PM if you want to try and work something out.
  13. I don't know what these guys said but I got beats. Beats 99 cents. Mastering, double-layered MP3 99 cents. Book our catering, now it's 98 cents. No IAP here. Disable IAP for 99 cents. That's in reference to our mix beating software, which has a quadric equalizer. 99 cents
  14. I rescind the second part of my previous statement because I don't know what it meant
  15. SEE YOU THERE PUNK hope you brought a thick sleeping bag
  16. I want to eat your sig up MMMMMMMMMMMMM

  17. Uh this seems vaguely relevant. Once every couple months, a game company or celebrity non-profit seems to be hiring and it pops up in my feed. Today it was Robot Entertainment. If you can work in Texas, take a shot: http://origin-www.robotentertainment.com/hiring/
  18. That was really hard But those games are like etchings on my soul. I don't think any book or movie has influenced me as much as those Top 10.
  19. I'll always remember your MAG performance, man! Have a killer birthday. Also this is always and forever a favorite.
  20. Harsh! If this is a kid's first game, he'll be a guaranteed genius. Also possibly a game addict, but genius and dysfunction are the same coin.
  21. Speero is the only a game a child ever needs.
  22. Thanks :] I have many role models making it tempting
  23. I easily ran 4 miles today and I usually stop at 3. Right now just keeping each mile under 8 minutes. My cardio is outpacing any muscle gains, but I feel the extra weight when running.. slows me down a bit. Also considering shaving bald so I can stop buying Toppik and save money, but that's neither here nor there.
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