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  1. Iz perfect except: 100cc is too easy The length of time it takes to regain control of your vehicle after a hit is really irritating Shy Guy Falls is awesome.
  2. I always thought the caveman-style typeface had little to do with the identity of OCR. Especially with so much electronic music coming from the site, something more non-decorational sans serif and sleek (digital) reminds me more of video games. I think the site's overall design is years overdue for a visual update.
  3. I don't think it's hated, but something very quirky that many people wouldn't like.. Iggy's Reckin' Balls. It was very early electronic music, like the stuff right after "bit" music went away, but it's weird and I like it. Seawind is one of my favorite tracks.
  4. I need a remix that heals shin splints.
  5. I think MK8 is going to make all the old MKs obsolete, just like X/Y did for Pokemon (for me at least) Nintendo is on a roll updating franchises to feel fresh. I'd prefer Star Fox 64 HD or a Pokemon Snap sequel. Snap is ripe because while it was fun, it had underdeveloped gameplay and the Wii U tablet would be perfect.
  6. I'm an unapologetic graphics snob, the no-grind gameplay overhaul tickled me, and the world theming with France.. well, I shouldn't even admit how much I liked that. Also I really like Cryogonal. I might play Ruby/Saph if the presentation is just as cool. P.S. Cryogonal!!
  7. But I want a new Pokerman. I skipped everything past Gold and Silver because it felt the same until X and Y : [
  8. I also thought it was pretty great. Biolizard theme and I AM THE EGGMANNNN. He had the master plan.
  9. This makes me think of an RPG town theme. A small industrious town stuck in time. Feeling lots of oranges and warm reds, like it's always in twilight. I'm certain I was following you on Soundcloud before, and it says I'm not. Fixed that. Great work!
  10. I've only played Sonic Adventure 2, so uh... that one. Wait, I just forgot what a Sonic is
  11. VERY unique and smooth production. Wow, following.
  12. https://soundcloud.com/ubiktune/blitz-lunar-hidden-heaven Arena of Rage from Witcher 2 - Dynamite Rider from No More Heroes - FF3 Final Boss Fight - Pulled straight from my running playlist. I try to match them to the rhythm of the run, not so much the heart rate because heart rates are involuntary. Happy running, may your playlist smite all.
  13. Nice, work your way onstage with Briggs for MAG. He puts on a good show.

    That's also an insane amount of jams.

    For moi, I'm learning 3D (to make money) and Bitwig (to music hobby.) I want to hit the path of some of that AltRock-EDM fusion going on.

  14. Under Sequencer/DAW skills. If you think the platform will stick.. I'm slowly learning it, don't know about others.
  15. Any career updates, friendish? The term "ecto jams" isn't going to coin itself.

    Yo, crank it, this is my ecto jam

  16. Maybe they're looking to change directions with their scores. I've always like Halo music, but I feel like it could be a lot more adventurous, and you tend to get the same feel even if you ask the composer to switch styles..
  17. Is goin alright, juggling all my hobbies while job searching!

    How are things on the Anorax side?

  18. You can use Adobe Premiere CS2 if you go to this link, at the bottom of the list, and use the serial provided: http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/entitlement/index.cfm?e=cs2_downloads&pid=4485850
  19. Are they not doing an iPhone version this time? I've been playing the original on my phone a lllllot. Like a lot.
  20. What if we all went to your house. Like simultaneously. Unannounced.
  21. Funny how it's the 7th largest state in population and still feels that way. Except Columbus which exists in a separate, state and federally-funded utopia.
  22. Quite a coastal bunch OCR is.
  23. I think Brandon is hinting at a small OCR crisis. Has anyone else noticed community activity feels a little thin lately? We see the same familiar posters day by day, not much new blood. Yeah, OCR's major export is nostalgia. Except it's the nostalgia of the 90s and 80s. So where is the kid who grew up with Halo 2 as their first game and why are they not in OCR, trying to produce music? Moreover, the style of posted remixes for newer games is often 90s electronica or de-makes into chiptunes. I think an orchestral piece lends itself to Zedd-style electronica, or maybe the complex, glitchy style of Noisia. There's lateral shifts in form that are equally complex as orchestration. Just saying, there might be a relevance issue that OCR faces down the road, as more of its producers grow up.
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