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    Love is putting your mech in auto and harassing the backmost enemy mech with rodeo. He gets out to kill you. Cloak. He gets back in. Rodeo again. Over and over. Because auto-mech is fairly intelligent, you can use your mech as an on-the-spot distraction and sneak behind. The perfect lure. *is mad with power*
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    Origin is great. You can't gift games, so I've saved a couple hundred dollars consequently. And I'm totally cool with this. Totally. Cool. No games for my friends. Totally.
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    I'm too focused on entering my Titan in style though. I love all the titans except the third one. His gun is not satisfying. Also not satisfying? Microsoft's servers being down for hours. Follow Origin on Facebook, sometimes they give out more codes.
  4. Probably because they have a decent stake in so many forms of media. Wouldn't surprise me since they own so many film studios, music enterprises, and have partnerships with Comcast, etc. Nintendo on the other hand has no means of manipulating mainstream mass media.
  5. Ecto's birthday? Yes... yes.... YESSSSSS
  6. I was playing the demo and noticed the foreground was very blurry. I guessed this was a forced depth of field effect to save on processing actual depth of field. With a 2DS obviously I can't play in 3D, so it looked kind of strange. I downloaded the demo again just to be sure and yeah, I can't tell if the slight blur to everything is just how the art is? My eyes keep wanting to put the blurry things into focus. Beautiful art.. I love my 2DS though and probably won't give it up :/
  7. The graphics look really weird on my 2DS :[ Maybe it's time to trade for a 3DS, because face it, I have to play this game based on the hearsay.
  8. I think it's funny video games are still aspiring to Hollywood, in a time of declining interest and innovation in AAA productions. Now's the chance to break away from that and become the new leading entertainment industry, and we get.. massive, forgettable scores. That said, the guy seems to narrowly define the appeal of game music. Now that we have the technical option of putting any type of music in games, why wouldn't we? People are going to expand styles and not just rely on strong melodies.
  9. They could bring back Banjo Kazooie and have ten pre-orders committed by me. I'd love a sequel to Nuts and Bolts using the Gamepad, but noo, instead of JonTron setting the record straight on that game, he put the nail in the franchise's coffin. So, Nintendo, make a new IP like you did with Pikmin and Luigi's Mansion. I don't care about the commercial success of those amazing games, I just need more of them. On my Wii U.
  10. Well I'm glad that's settled quickly. A Realm Reborn it is.
  11. Almost like mad libs but with audio instead of words. "And then Frederick came upon an (air horn) at the peak of an (epic celebration)" Just kidding, but it would be fun to make a format for the prompts and have a guest writer each week, call him/her the Narrator or something. I'll research how competitions are typically run and see what kind of commitment it will take. Or, if anyone has the time and would like to run something like this, it's all yours.
  12. Wow, nice. But do you guys think it would be better for it to be a remix competition or completely original tracks? Or if possible, both, alternating each week? I'm not super familiar with how compos are typically done.
  13. What if there was a compo, if there isn't already.. That focuses on the smaller elements of game music? Such as a game over track. An RPG "sleeping at the inn" track. A level up track. A level complete track. Maybe even sound design: Using a mid-battle move. The prompt could be "The ultimate axe-bearer's throwing attack." Or an airship engine whirring up. It would be easy to participate, limiting the entries to 20 seconds or something, and allows people to really focus their efforts on something manageable. Have I lost you? Interesting or nah?
  14. This thread made me realize that I'm only excited for Watch Dogs! I'm excited 24/7 for upcoming Bethesda games, not sure if that counts. Link Between Worlds also rekindled my excitement for Zelda after Skyward Sword fell short for me, so here's hoping we get a Wii U Zelda announcement soon. Elder Scrolls Online? Maybe? Would rather play FF14 to be honest, but maybe ESO will be the next big thing.
  15. Hey just noticed your feedback on one of my mixes from months ago. I stopped checking that thread and forgot about it. Thanks for taking the time to break it down!

  16. Seven Lions (producer Jeff Montalvo) has impressed me and my friends to the point of obsession. He's got a driving sound that brings out the 'inspirational' and massive aspects of electronic music. I was a huge Pendulum listener for this sort of stuff, but this guy has finally, after years, made them obsolete in my eyes. That's a good thing really.. that Pendulum held up that long. Here's his stuff: I've been out of producing for a while, never did it properly or well enough to be taken seriously, but I want to emulate some of what Seven Lions does and use him as a base point instead of chiptunes. So, if others are interested in his sound.. He uses FL Studio. His main synths are Sylenth1 and Massive. What sort of effects VSTs do you think he uses? What sort of musical theories does he take advantage of most? How does he FIT all those massive individual instruments in his mix? Despite EQing, I've always had trouble with too many instruments fighting for attention. He has none of that issue. Anyone else dig this guy?
  17. The colors, combined with the musics, so mesmerizing. Music-based games are so therapeutic. Hope you reach your very reasonable goal, I'll try to chip in. (I like how you framed your old motherboards as well, I've always thought about doing that )
  18. Do zircon's idea. It would open up a whole new media marketplace. Although huge companies like Nintendo are under no obligation to negotiate, a partnership is better than a parasite. We need middle ground.
  19. Since my last post, the goal was more than met, almost 50% more than the initial goal. I'm making one more post to encourage people toward the final stretch goals, with a few hours to go. If you already contributed, thank you. Ecto, Bob, and I are ecstatic to be a part of this! It's been really exciting, the success has forged new friendships and put three people to work, doing what they love to do.
  20. 1. Learn 3D modeling and texturing 2. Exercise like the devil again, since I'm done with school 3. Make enough money to get a present on all my friend's/family's birthdays
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