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  1. Someone mentioned this before: Start on desert planet Funny Droid has a map (formerly plans) Main characters meet Han Solo 2.0 Aboard the Death Star (now with multi-targeting feature) Blow up da death star And the old characters show up for no super convincing reason, save for Han Solo 1.0. It's preeeettty purebred fanservice. Now Rey is a much better Luke because she's cute and her performance was great and there's a couple of other great change-ups IMO. Mostly Finn.
  2. It smells like a reboot, it resembles a reboot and nobody's... noticing... is this the end times Is Hollywood a.. Hologram.. in the matrix omfg
  3. I was compelled by.. Kylo Ren's emotional instability and insecurities Finn's concern for others over himself and the one line he completely broke character for "Is there a trash compactor?" "Yeah there is" I was trying not to break a sweat over my crush on Ray Harrison Ford's incredible cheesiness WHICH THIS MOVIE NEEDED MORE OF TO FEEL LIKE STAR WARS. All the staging and lines are too meticulous and shrink-wrapped. The space battles Making me horrified, angry, and sad watching a death star do its thing (probably the highlight of the film for me) Was not compelled by.. The "this is fanservice" tone for many moments Yeah we get it Abrams, you thought of using the force to stop a blaster in mid-air Again, very very very by the numbers. Abrams very carefully followed Lucas footprints.. but put on a bigger pair of boots, making it clear this is more of a 1-up than an effort to break new ground. It's got the push for diversity and that's about it.
  4. I think every year there should be a designated Grinch who sends their Secret a Superman 64 cartridge.
  5. Congrats on Pikachu status.

  6. My ID is Vyse08. Please add me if you play Kart, Smash, Animal Crossing.
  7. You managed to message both my OCR account and my YouTube account 'darkozl' about this! So, the thing about Skies of Arcadia is that's my favorite game. Of all time. I'm interested in doing some visual work.. animation and trailer design for the project. Jose the Bronx usually handles that stuff, but I'd really love an exception to do it just this once. My job in real life is motion design so I'll send you some samples. I'm interested in doing a track as well, but I'll need in-depth help from a producer. The SoA OST lends itself to Drum and Bass and Trap (those breakbeat drum rhythms in several battle themes) I'd love to do that kind of mix. Darkflamewolf, I'm interested in learning more about you, your background and bio and stuff. For anyone not very familiar with you around the forums, I'm sure they'd like to know more about our Project Director. P.S. Battle 1/2 and Last Battle are hugely loved tracks. Really looking forward to those remixes. Valua City is another personal favorite.
  8. I got all of this song down from FFXI except for Bar 45 an forward of this section. I can't figure out a fingering that includes the bottom string. I'm a beginner. I try. Oh - my God - do I try.
  9. Especially like at 0:45? https://soundcloud.com/starroad/01-whiskey-woods-final-mixno-vocals
  10. I'm 5'11". This is where I'm at. My routine is either once a week or twice depending on how long the soreness stays. I also do weighted pushups randomly a lot of evenings. Anyway, I do pullups until I can't get at least 7 reps. Then bench enough to max out 8 reps my first set. Then incline bench same thing. Then cable crossovers same thing, 4 sets high, 4 sets low. Then I'm dead and since I take 10 minute music breaks between sets 2+ hours have passed My sleep is great and my nutrition content is great. I probably don't eat enough.
  11. Hm, guess I weigh 183 and should be benching at least 180. Not sure why benching in particular has been so difficult.
  12. I've noticed a lot of definition showing up the past three months for me. Arms and face have zero fat. A bit of ribs poking through, like 2 and a half. My biceps look ridiculous. More strength than I've ever had. I'm kind of stuck at 150 bench though. Been playing sports consistently for the first time in my life. My stamina doesn't give in because I've been running too. Pecs are not getting big. No idea why. The definition on them looks sloppy, and my abs are a friggn mess. My abs are actually ripped to the moon if you feel em but there's flab. So I'm Johnny Wiseau weird-ripped. It sucks. I look too lean on the rest of my body, and I've cut out fat from my diet to a level of self-control that has held up for 8+ months and I'm just waiting for the dam to burst. I think my genetics are giving me the red light on a six-pack. I am so friggn close it hurts my soul. You know Bleck's signature? That's me, everyday after workout.
  13. I've had experiments where I wanted to share a track with *Designed for ATH-M50* in the title. Because if you mix specifically for the headphones you can get some absolutely crazy bass sounds. Sounds garbage anywhere else. Like nuclear apocalypse garbage.
  14. Since this is like the primary 6 people who created all the best known Rareware games, I think this Kickstarter is a bit unusual. It's like funding the Beatles or Shigeru Miyamoto. So.. only like a 25% chance of total disaster instead of 90%.
  15. Don't forget their final stretch is in pounds, not US dollars
  16. Two days left! As long as too many people don't back out, it looks like they will reach their final stretch goal.
  17. I purged my gaming soul! That counts as an accomplishment. I just play mobile games now and Civ 5 with my brother every 2 weeks. Until I make that million that's just how it has to be! Despite never playing games I always gravitate to talking about them with everyone
  18. While we're being sill but honest. I was playing Infinity Blade 3 after leg day and an unexpected enemy swing scared the crap out of me. I jerked my right calf and felt a weird pain like something popped. It sucked so bad and I couldn't play through it. Just kind of tender today. Will sue.
  19. I dunno. I don't like talking about myself.
  20. I hope the orchestral score is light and lets the retro-ness breathe. Something far, far away from Mario Galaxy.
  21. I DECLARE MYSELF THE BIGGEST BANJO FAN ON THIS FORUM And I don't like reptiles, but I will deal with it. Also I liked Nuts and Bolts, a lot.
  22. Do you get gains from 1 rep at the highest possible you can handle, or is that a testing your ceiling type of thing? Congrats on breaking 200 Zirc. So. I have to make more adjustments to get my abs and chest to reveal/ define better. I was cutting to the point where my face was starting to look thin and gaunt, 0% lean arms, yet my stomach fat resisted, especially at the hip, it's not even close. Genetics? I don't know, but I read that dairy products may cause bloatiness and inhibit definition. So I'm cutting out dairy completely to see what happens. Big sacrifice for me, so I'm totally willing to be talked out of it
  23. I lost 6 lbs in a week and My Fitness Pal is freaking out. It bumped up my daily calorie intake to 2,750 calories in order to lose .5 lbs a week. It was at 2,100, and now it also says to aim for 210g of protein. Should I just remove my last reported weight? Something isn't right. I have a crazy metabolism and i don't know what my calories should be to lose just a little fat. My weight is 171.5 lbs at 5' 11" if that helps. Not sure if that's low when I'm trying to maintain muscle mass. Edit: Nevermind it just switched my goal to gaining .5 lbs and I put it back. Why would it automatically do that...
  24. Yeah!!!! Transfer all that endurance for 5 miles into 1 mile! and thanks!
  25. Also MyFitnesPal app is a big help. I recently started using it, you guys probably know all about it, but it basically told me that 1. I'm not eating quite enough and 2. what I am eating, it distributes as too much fat. I also temporarily gave up running except for sprinting 1 mile two or three times a week. I really need to get back up 5+ miles without losing mass somehow. That's my next research goal after 2 weeks of cutting then 4 more weeks of gaining.
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