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  1. Except it's not. Opinions, different, et cetera... but look at its popularity. That should speak for itself.
  2. They should scrap this and run a massive graphical and gameplay update on FFXI while pumping out expansions. An impossible wish but damn did I love FFXI. I haven't played 14, but I haven't heard much good news. This game as the heir to FFXI is almost heart-breaking..
  3. Modus

    Witcher 2

    Honestly, can they do any better? I can't even imagine better visuals.
  4. Modus

    Witcher 2

    I was more talking about OCR's bias to Japanese... stuff. Not my bias. Sorry Amphibious! I'll migrate myself to your thread even though this game is probably good enough for more than one thread. /thread
  5. Modus

    Witcher 2

    IT'S SO GOOD. I know it's not a JRPG or Japanese-related at all, but I figured this game is so good that we could make an exception here at OCR. So who's playing it? I'm trying out hard mode, getting my ass kicked. IT'S SO... GOOD.
  6. A more efficient way to do this: 1. Close thread 2. Contact Protodome 3. Obtain eye-melting album art
  7. The FX switch was turned off for some reason. Case closed
  8. Hi... I've been trying to do an Arcadia mix forever.. did one before and people kind of liked it so they asked me to do the Battle Theme 1. I have the intro and buildup here. There's a little more on the end that's just the framework for the post-buildup. I'm really hoping there's an Arcadia fan here that can tell me if I'm staying true to the source as much as I think I am (so far) Actually that might be too hard to tell without the chorus, which would obviously have most of the melody. Thanks, looking forward to some good feedback. Source: Mix: http://tindeck.com/listen/enqs
  9. The master is outputting sound, your first guess was right. Unfortunately, clicking those monitor buttons did nothing. I'll hang around Skype until I see you on.
  10. When I use Fruity Parametric EQ 2 on the master channel, nothing is showing up. The bar indicator in the channels window shows that there is sound. Even weirder, EQ works on individual channels but there's nothing for the master channel, no effect even when I pull circles. I've used it on the master channel before with no problems so I really don't know what's up. Any ideas?
  11. So what can I say to my little brother that will make him not talk to me about this game? I kinda like him so I don't think I want to threaten him with his life again.
  12. ... the ice cream is melting. Sigh.
  13. Get me in and I'll buy you ice cream.
  14. It's back up for NA I thinks. Europe is still out? I knew because I read that overdramatic piece of shit Kotaku posted. It seemed like Owen was celebrating the end of a real, physical terrorist attack. It's not that effing dramatic.
  15. Texas is awesome, it's the new California! Considered moving there cause of the young population, booming economy, warm weather, and no income tax. If you hate Texas, it's because you're pissed you can't move there.
  16. "lol video yeah" Pretty much sums up the night
  17. Awesome as always. I loved them all, but setzer's Golbez one was my personal favorite. The style was right up my alley :] Oh and the Pokemon one was also a favorite, similar style.
  18. "[Hirai's] appearance tomorrow, at 2 p.m. in Japan, is analogous to a head of state speaking directly to citizens in a time of crisis." - Kotaku Guys, this is BIG DEAL O_O Kotaku said so.
  19. I started with pop in the '90s, game music not really something I thought about despite playing so many titles. Then I started listening to my dad's classic rock CDs and old records but it wasn't until Guitar Hero that I went gung-ho on rock. During high school, I started to feel burnt out on rock and found techno "online". I was listening to all this cheesy arena dance stuff until one day my little bro came up to me and was really excited to share some song with me. It was "Propane Nightmares" by Pendulum. I had never heard anything like it, so much raw power mixed in with catchy melodies and harmonies. From then on, I was into every kind of electronic music. Well then I played Skies of Arcadia and that threw me into a loop. Its music was very orchestral but also had some electronic elements to it. That game pretty much provided the final ingredient to what my ideal music was and still is: electronic that uses piano (or full orchestras, but I'm biased to piano) A good example of that is DigiE's "Trance Turnabout". 'tis an orgasmic mix. So yeah, just two games that really altered my musical tastes.
  20. Ugh, are you serious? I got those games as Christmas presents and thought they were awful and sometimes buggy.
  21. This. But it was a really hard game for me as a kid. Also, Iggy's Reckin' Balls, Jeanne D'Arc, and I had a mysterious obsession with Waialae Country Club for N64. I don't golf but it was a really well-made golf game.
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