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  1. When I'm making a song, I have this habit of imagining it's for some show that was never made. It motivates me, but I think it makes me want to do strange things when composing. And then I think that this song makes no sense to people who aren't imagining exactly what I am. I'll include an example, a WIP. There's lots of empty spaces I plan to fill in but I feel like I've been working on it so long that i can't separate weirdness from creativity: http://tindeck.com/listen/ngfm So is visual context OK? Or should I stick to just emotions?
  2. Oh man.. no, no do not take me seriously. I mean, on the feedback part I was serious but the thing about Bleck was joshing. Maybe private message OA about an official thread. I really don't know.
  3. I think we should leave that up to Bleck. He's a respected authority around here. About your posters, it's a good start and shows an eye for design but you need to work on composition and color theory. Practice compositing too... take two really different images and put them on a background, tweaking them until the image has perfect unity. All your posters use negative space strangely too, which falls under the composition category. Above all don't ever get discouraged. "Talent" is bullshit... if you practice for a long, long time and are open to feedback, you WILL get very good at design.
  4. I like all the contemporary examples and how some of the songs in the background are Western-adapted eastern music. Really cool, thanks for sharing your secret videos
  5. Bag... pipes? Hm, neat idea for a dance track but no idea how to pull it off. Maybe I'll just turn this into an original and let someone more seasoned have a stab at it. This song does indeed deserve nothing short of a perfect remix.
  6. This is something special. I actually like the vocals. Adding a delay effect to them would probably sound sweet but it's up to preference. d(^.^)b
  7. I've got a concept because this song kicks ass. I want this sort of glitchy gameboy intro.. working on that. then it goes into dance type stuff. Possibly... definitely too liberal... and a little crazy, like friggn weird crazy. The fast pattern you hear midway through is modeled after the beginning of the source just FYI. Here goes.... http://tindeck.com/listen/jjuu
  8. RAD, a mech game for PS2. Oh my gosh I would die for a remake of that game.
  9. Not obscure enough... not even the Stevo Bomb is obscure enough. Maybe a neblix t-shirt.
  10. I want to go!! But joojing by the pics on the site I'm gonna need to go get me some hipster clothes.
  11. Paypal! Sign up, it's easy. And I can wait 'till August. I'm not in much of a hurry.
  12. I need three more people to buy the 4-pack on Steam for SSFIV: Arcade Edition. I'm ticked off it's not less since I already have SFIV, but $30 a pop with the four pack ain't bad. Who wants to team up?
  13. Modus

    Sony Vita

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Someone else made the point first. We're getting more and more impressive hardware but less ground-breaking games. There are some people that can buy remix after remix when it comes to games, but not me. I probably buy a game only every two or three months now because I've been jipped by so many EA scams (Dante's Inferno, Homefront, Warhammer Online, Dragon Age 2...) On my list now is just Skyrim and Shadow of the Colossus HD. I crave a game like Skies of Arcadia like no other.. or like Jeanne d'Arc, a fantastic Tactics remix. Valkyria Chronicles totally missed the mark.. enough GUNS!
  14. It's OK dude. It's partly my fault because I started on it so late. We'll work it out dooood
  15. Brushfire, Stevo, anyone on OCAD.. I have been trying to get hold of Stevo about making you guys a promo video. He asked me to do it a while back and I've started on it but I can't get hold of him. If you still want it, get a hold of me. If not, please let me know so I can move on to my next project. Thanks.
  16. I don't know what he said to get edited buuuut... Thank you! It's sooo upbeat. And your trademark pizza strings are in! I think me likes. Thanks again for sharing.
  17. Seriously you're gonna make us wait through the 5-year judging process to hear it? a cruel tease ;_;
  18. Do you still hate the bubble bobble theme? I totally want to remix it but not if I'm submitting it to a bubbly-chiptune-hating judge ;_; Sorry.. I'll go settle down now...

  19. Don't listen, he's working for Aversa! HOW MUCH DO THEY PAY YOU? *slap slap* Yeah, how did I get here? What's Reason? That thing i suck at? oh yeah..
  20. I love the sound bytes from the game. Nostalgiaaaa!
  21. This arrangement sounds awesommmeee. It reminds me of Sonic Adventure 2 for some reason. The only thing is that it sounds pretty compressed.. like I'm listening to it with one ear underwater or something, but maybe that's a stylistic choice?
  22. I really don't.. I like Valkyria Chronicles a lot but I'm anxious to see this "add guns to every franchise" fad end. (won't ever happen)
  23. The buildup is groovy and all but the payoff at 1:44 with those drums is eargasmatopia. It's really coming along well.. This would sound pretty cool with some benbriggs vocals >.>
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