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  1. I only played Grandia 2. It was alright. I liked the big plot twist.
  2. *Bleck makes argument* *Second poster agrees with Bleck* *Bleck bitch slaps second poster* This is why OCR can't be a happy family.
  3. Hey if it's bad that's fine. Just tell me what to work on
  4. Are you... Are you shitting me? There was so much innovation on the N64 platform. It was Rare's heyday, Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, all the awesome Mario sports games, Mario 64, the dawn of Super Smash Bros., Conker's Bad Fur Day, and there were the sleepers like Rayman 2, Iggy's Reckin' Balls, Goemon. What kind of Nintendo fan are you!? The N64 was ninty's prime example of how they don't need stellar hardware to turn everything into gold.
  5. That big, that soon? It's very noteworthy to me. What I really want to know is.. how was the N64 a blunder? I'd rate the Gamecube a blunder over the N64.
  6. I bet early adopters are feeling a little bit silly/irate right now. Thing is.. I'm still not interested. Reviews say the 3D effect is bleh when 3D has always given me migraines in the first place.. only one game I'm interested in.. Looks like a flop, girls.
  7. My computer is in a fatal state so I'll probably just cook up a montage with my Macbook this round. Never building my own PC again -.-
  8. Brush, if it's anything like XI you'd want to target yourself for buffs, heals, and items.
  9. guys, does ancient magic really look like THIS? --> Tell me this is a joke! I was starting to consider this game for after graduation but then I saw that video. Those animations are beyond pathetic.
  10. More discussion! More activity! I demand it! Is anyone on the edge about making a video? We want this competition to grow so voice your ideas, concerns, etc. I'm sure many of us would even help with the technical stuff if needed. Alright? Alright.
  11. Why do I find it so hilarious that both of the links are broken?
  12. Guys, let's take a trip back to the good ol' days. I found a video of my Shadow Lord fight on my old Linkshell's website. Behold my now deceased Taru... Galcienn! Behold as everyone kicks the boss's ass while I just kind of watch >_>
  13. Someone requested this so I gave it a stab. I'd like to get further along on it but I need to do an actual job first (sorry, Meteo >_>) I figured since the job will take a long time I'd take what feedback I can get now. My specific goal with this piece is to greatly improve my production skills, an area I'm very weak in. So any feedback suggesting ways to improve production would be greatly appreciated. Source: Mix:
  14. I had similar problems with "bottomless" sounding mixes (maybe I still do) But yeah, listen to other chill, ambient mixes and try to emulate the textures they have. Behind everything you need some sort of soundscape. It not only fills the empty space but also enhances the mood of these types of mixes. This is nice, but it is the foundation of something that could be really cool. Transport your listener to another world.. a good example (if you don't mind chiptunes) would be halc's mixes.
  15. If I wanna go all four days, how much cash for food and a modest amount of swag should I bring? I've never been to a festival anything like this before so I have no idea what to expect.
  16. Create a Vimeo account. They allow anything up to an R rating basically.
  17. Seems to me you're saying that we'll never be completely satisfied with our work, and I get that BUT... Others, including neblix, have pointed out to me that I need to work on my production quality so it's not just my perfectionist complex. Thanks dood.
  18. Alright, I can manage $100. I swear to god, if my cat chews up the cord... I've lost 1 pair of earbuds and 1 headphone to this cat.
  19. I'm not discouraged, but it is worth noting that as I continue making this track I'm deviating further from the source. So I'll finish it, but it'll be very liberal. I'm also looking forward to other mixes people can come up with.
  20. I listen on some mid-end earbuds, neblix, cause I figure most people use these to listen. I'll have to check that out, Willrock. And yah, make music for myself. Tis true, but I find it a lot easier to write or make videos for myself for some reason. Music has always felt like half work, half play for me. No idea why.
  21. @Moseph: Maybe it does go beyond context. I guess I should try asking people what sort of emotional reaction they felt from my composition. Get a large pool of answers and compare it to what I was going for. I should be able to see patterns forming that point to how I'm not conveying something to someone else accurately. I like to shoot for a beautiful/moving sound in my mixes but I keep falling on the edge of "cheese". seems to be an easy mistake to make. @neblix: Dude I know.. I knowwww... I'm trying so hard to get that crisp sound everyone else can do so easily. I hate to say this but.. I feel like there's something wrong with my sound drivers or some shit. I don't know what else to do, nothing sounds close to crystal. It's just mud and GGGrrgggrgrbbblerg fffffff That's what it sounds like.
  22. I understand some people do that, but I bring it up because what I think sounds good doesn't sound good at all to many others (whose opinions I value) I don't blame the critics, I blame myself and come up with all these crazy reasons why things aren't working. Like this thread. OK, I just need to win that Nobuo Uematsu contest, shake his hand, and some of his genius will definitely rub off on me. That's what I need to do.
  23. Yeah, that's a good point. But I think it is possible to get involved so far in your vision that musical rules are broken and unorthodox thing start happening.
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