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  1. Oh man, now a Facebook group... there are gonna be so many people there and I have n-n-n-nothing D: But wait, an idea! I'll double this promo I'm making as an introductory video to the event, if dio will allow it. It'll get everyone all excited and stuff and improve... morale. Or something.
  2. I thought by "taking out" the Radeon card he meant he was done with it completely. But I guess it means he's just transferring it to his new rig. My bad.
  3. I'd highly recommend a GTX 260 if you don't mind the lack of DX11 support. They're just 80-90 bucks on eBay and they rip games to shreds. Check out the benchmarks. I'll stay away from recommending CPU/mobo because I have zero knowledge of AMD hardware. AMD is apparently pretty awesome right now, but I've always stuck with Intel so I don't even know anymore.
  4. Holy shit, people still use 4:3? Can you send me a postcard from 1995 plz Yeah, scaling only works within the same aspect ratio. I guess we'd have to make 4:3 versions for neblix too.
  5. Don't share anything you find on memebase, modus... Please follow your own rules of life, modus... EDIT: psh, thanks Brycepops.. i thought it was relatively harmless.
  6. Most wallpaper choices are in 16:10 resolutions which drives me absolutely crazy because all my monitors except this Macbook are in 16:9. So if it were up to me, I'd have everyone make a 1920x1200 version and a 1920x1080 version. I never understood making a series of smaller reolutions either because if you pick the largest resolution possible and your monitor doesn't support it, it will just scale it down perfectly. In fact, it may even look better and sharper scaled down.
  7. Contest sounds cool.. why don't ya go ahead and organize-ify it?
  8. I've had similar problems with Vegas. What fixed it for me was a reboot and then rendering it all as soon as I opened the file. Editing can wear your system over time and cause weird stuff.
  9. It's better than voices Actually, I'd take quiet voices over tinnitus. It's really that annoying..
  10. WOOT SPRITES! I agree, my idea of revealing mixes was a bad one because I find myself being motivated to do a certain one sometimes and then I switch to preferring a different one. I still fear picking the same mix as someone else, but the risk is pretty low with the amount of remixes available. And yes, I am still working on the promo video and I think it'll come out decent. Protodome digs one of the designs I did so it can't be too bad
  11. I really want to chip in but I live on borrowed money Damn you, college... I got you next year, OCR. I promise.
  12. I requested Seawind a while back, but electrowulf is nice too. plz. EDIT: Actually I think electrowulf would be terrible for a remix. It's sparse and never evolves.. it is catchy, but what is there to work with?
  13. That'll go with time. I mean in 10 years, the people running the world will mostly be people who grew up gaming. The only thing slowing us down is EA's marketing, which is in fact run by a board of children.
  14. I think the radio industry is to a point where they will have no choice but to start taking risks. In class we've had a few radio personalities speak to us and out of all the speakers we listen to, they are the most "gloom and doom" sounding. When it comes to non-talk radio, I don't know what people want. I know I don't listen to the radio at all anymore for all the obvious reasons, but does the 'mainstream' crowd still listen? I don't know. What I do know is that how they calculate ratings for radio stations is really questionable. They send out listening diaries randomly that can easily be manipulated or filled in last-minute with bogus information. They have an electronic device now called a PPM that automatically records stations but most of the ratings are still carried out through those ridiculous diaries. They could be duping advertisers into thinking they are reaching a larger audience than they are when I think they could be reaching a larger audience by simply adding variety. If Pandora's success isn't evidence enough of that, then I say let radio continue to be douches and make online streaming services the new radio.
  15. That's understandable. If I don't have my video done by deadline when we had 2 or 3 months, that's on me. I just refuse to submit rushed videos anymore because that's what I did last time with the Crysis one and I wasn't too happy with it. I'll just have to take all the time I need to finish a video the right way and submit it regardless of when deadlines are. Maybe when summer comes around, I can plan more accurately.
  16. So... i need to put a date for the viewing in the promo. Are we definitely sure on May 1st? I'm pretty sure I won't have time to make an entry myself after this promo which sucks
  17. Sweet! Nintendo make Sonic so awe- God dammit, sega...
  18. It was a little ambiguous when he said he made "keyboard-only" arrangements early on, but I got the impression that he does completely rely on sound libraries, which is encouraging for those of us who have little to no "real musical instrument" background.
  19. See, I had thought Mind Heist was orchestrated but watching this found out he's a digital composer. That's the main reason I wanted to share.Plus he talks about his "phases" as a musician... turns out he sucked and thought he was good at one time, a phase many of us are in the middle of
  20. His name is Zack Hemsey, kind of a squirrelly little dude. In this video he explains how he made it, how he comes up with his music, and how he grew as a (digital) composer. Answered a lot of lingering questions for me.. I think you'll enjoy. http://vimeo.com/21339058 P.S. Mind Heist is that shit-awesome theme from Inception.
  21. Not recently, but I've seen this bug with his rock-crushing pincirs.
  22. No. Well, twice. EDIT: I feel like I'm being too anti-Pokemon. I'll try to even it out by saying I loved Pokemon Stadium. Not sure about its sequels but Stadium, especially dem minigames... oh yeah! And the trading card game game. You know, the game about the card game. It was really hard, but at least I didn't have to buy the cardboard version.
  23. I'm ok. He only hurt my feelings not at all
  24. I'm in the middle of one if you wanna hop in, especially if you can art. Or we could make separate promo videos. Works either way.
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