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  1. It's something for serious tubers only, really, because it does add up. For 5k views, you'll probably shell out $100. Looking at it as an outsider, I would say that's insanity, but it is the only reason 3 of my videos have over 20k views now. (CPC is Cost per Click) If you have time, guerrilla style marketing can be just as effective. Just go around forums and social networks posting your video -> with a hand-tailored post for each site <- If you copy and paste to every site, you will be ignored. Time consuming and expensive no matter what but it's harder than ever to get noticed.
  2. OK, really there's no shame in emulating Master Quest since it's no longer in production. Plus that way you can use high-res textures and play in widescreen. If you're still for whatever reason against it, there's plenty of copies on eBay for a reasonable price, usually around $30.
  3. Let me butt in one more time here. Remember that YouTube also has a promotions program, where you can put your video up as an ad and Google charges you per click. You can set a maximum daily budget and the maximum amount you're willing to pay per click too. They give you stats on what searches garner the most clicks and how many times your video appeared in searches. It really works too. I did it for my Dragon Age video and boosted it to 3,000-ish views that way and people were actually commenting and rating. I stopped the promotion but people kept coming and now the video is at 20,000+ which means all you need is that initial momentum provided you have good video material, which you do. However... TELLING A STORY or INJECTING HUMOR within your video is the best way to get people interested (in your case telling a story would be more appropriate). Straight-up gameplay and screenshots don't do that.. maybe consider collaborating with a video person to create a Castlevania 'story video' to your song.
  4. Why is it a Zelda tradition to make the Water Temple mind-bendingly difficult? I will probably use that glitch, by the way.
  5. Derp. That's what I get for not watching the whole video. Well that's all you can do. Good luck.
  6. You guys know you were featured on Kotaku this morning, right?
  7. Boobs are always relevant. Reupload your song to a GIF of bouncing anime breasts. OK, listen. I've been at this a while and can tell you it's still possible to get those views rolling. The trick is to make a stupid ass meme video between your serious videos and voila, . The video you want to have the least views will get a million! Rule of thumb.I shouldn't really be bitter over my Bison video. I've got around 20k views each on a couple videos that are just montages while actual, legit people like you get maybe 200. On a most serious note, putting your songs to a creative, high quality montage can sometimes do the trick. This windows movie maker screenshot crap isn't going to catch anyone's attention but montages DO, as lame as that is.
  8. My workflow is amazing. I make stuff as i go on, taking special care to not label or organize anything. then I just flip through all these presets till one sound good, but then I decide it isn't so instead of deleting it I mute it and make another channel. I EQ as I go on until it sounds like mud in the end. i also add reverb to everything. Export. Done.
  9. Well, I started OoT:MQ (widescreen hax ;D) I'm not familiar with OoT dungeons. I only managed to beat Fire and Forest by myself. I quit literally 2 or 3 times upon reaching the Forest Temple because I couldn't figure it out but one time I did :/ I know you said not to do MQ but I'm gonna be a cocky jerk and do it anyway. Then MM, even though I really would rather play MM I can't call myself a gamer if I've never beaten OoT. Wish I could play it like this though: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PZNgyPbga3g
  10. Today I realized how shitty I feel for never beating OoT or MM. I'm actually more tempted to play MM. Would you guys recommend it or are the people who say it's just "boring and weird" right? EDIT: Oh, has anyone played Master Quest? OoT was already kind of difficult to me but I love a challenge.
  11. Yeah, I see wutcha mean. I think I got defensive because I'm guilty of neediness still, I've always been an advocate of saying something good about people's work because i know what it's like to create something and have it be completely ignored. Thankfully, I pushed myself through that stage and I'm finally starting to get a small trickle of thumbs up for some of my work now. You are the OCR uncle to me now and yes I'll be referring to you as Uncle on the boards from now on
  12. No. I know a lot of games that have mindblowing soundtracks that aren't Mega Man, Chrono Trigger, or Final Fantasy. And yes, it is an obsession with being different and I could care less what people think of that. Plus, like much of OCR, I'm frustrated at the lack of variety. Yea, good idea. I think I'll jump on IRC.. other than interviewing zircon and posting silly GIFs in the MAGfest thread, I haven't interacted much. Alright, I'll add genres to my threads. I don't usually feel qualified, but if find a really bad mix I usually hop in because I can give basic advice there. No offense, but I hate this attitude. I believe positive encouragement is one of the most motivating things in the world. Of course, if there's nothing to praise, I wouldn't give any encouragement other than "keep at it" but in 99% of mixes there is definitely something to praise. Most people who give feedback actually do try to give a bit of encouragement, including you, which is why I'm surprised to see you say this. There's nothing wrong with the need to feel appreciated unless someone is being very overt and obnoxious about it. I haven't found anyone like that here so far. Yeah, I have 3 finished and 20+ WIPs. I guess it is a common problem. OCR is that uncle who you kind of like as a person but every time you talk to him it ends up an awkward conversation. He also has a huge beard.
  13. This. If people aren't in love with a mix, the feedback comes in at such a trickle, which is back-asswards. The people who need the most help should be getting more feedback.
  14. The trailer song is also the theme song... and the best song. I guess it's not eligible? that sucks.. you can't tell me you wouldn't want to put a breakbeat to that theme music.
  15. First of all, most effing amazing music ever. SO good. Second of all, is the OST remixable? I ask because apparently the developers contracted Two steps From Hell for the music.. implying to me that the music in the game could probably appear in other media. I don't know if the music they made was exclusive to KZ3 or not. Regardless, someone needs to remix a song from this game. Please.
  16. Yes they are. This makes me wonder what other kinds of FL presets I've been missing out on, having never checked anything in the "packs" except the drums. I kind of assumed it was all meh like the drums Looking and experimenting with the Parametric EQ, it looks like 40-120 hits the sweet spot to me, unless my monitors are giving me wonky results (they aren't professional brand) Next challenge, as you said: throwing this into a mix and having it not swallow the rest of the samples
  17. Like Like starting at 1:06Sine wave, overdrive, got it.. thanks. anything else?
  18. How are those really clean, smooth bass synths made? I mean the ones that don't really have any punch but are just there filling in the low end and sound awesome with subs. None of my plugins seem to have any presets that fit the job at all.
  19. No, dude. I hack your site and create "rejected" torrents, 500 seeds strong. 502 now. But for seriously, between Google and the WIP forum it's easy to find a lot of the mixes. A lot of times I hear the rejected mix beforehand and see it in there and get all sad that it didn't make it (such as Josh's Bad Boss Boogie remix )
  20. They have a guy that filters out the inbox, forwarding only those that stand a chance to the panel (last I read) I've also listened to most of the rejected songs posted lately in the Judge forum (there's ways to find them even without a provided link ) and they honestly all sounded legit to me. Personally I think they're filtering them out thoroughly, considering so many of the rejected ones are so good to me that I have 'em on my iPod XD Man, I should submit something.. I want the honor of being rejected.
  21. Microsoft was duped in the sale. Nintendo made a sly move, exactly for the reason quoted. But I loved Nuts and Bolts. I thought they'd never make a great game again, but that game messed with my emotions.. I'd rather see them not die and make more stuff like N&B.
  22. Good to know, but I fixed that insane render time by removing 'reflection blur'. Apparently that's an extremely intensive feature.. It's all rendered out now (well, what I have done so far).. and posted in collab forum to find a sound designer
  23. I think to most people, including me, it's more of an awesome get-together than a competition so don't sweat it.
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