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  1. This I agree with, but I don't use alcohol. Maybe a little of that plant stuff... condemn me if you wish, but I swear it awakens some sort of oasis of creativity that is otherwise latent.
  2. I have a different plan... it is time-consuming but has guaranteed benefit of some sort. 1. Learn how to work your DAWs. Make bad music that you think is actually not that bad but you realize it is after comparing it to accepted ReMixes. 2. (reserved for period of remorse/grief/self-pity) 3. Learn the science behind the music you want to make. There's books and tutorials on synthesis, theory, etc. Also, listen to songs you really like and try to copy them exactly in your programs. Doesn't have to be the whole song, obviously.. sections maybe. 4a. Emerge less stupid. Make some originals. Get praise. Make remixes. Build confidence. Superstar. 4b. Emerge less stupid, but your mixes still aren't too great. Now you realize you lack the talent needed, but on the flipside you can at least make decent music in a formulaic manner. Move on to another passion, keep music as a hobby. I'm on step 3 of this plan. I asked a lot of people about the natural talent needed to make great music and came to my own conclusion that it is important. Learned skills can't take you all the way, it seems. That's why I keep video as a side hobby so I have something to fall back on that I have gotten praise for in the past. Did any of this make sense...
  3. So this is a silly/fun track I'm working on and the last track I'll be making for a while. I'm taking a long break to learn the science behind music and also keep ahead on my video skills. If you have any UNTZvice (worst pun of mankind ever), lemme know. I know it's muddy but so is your face. http://soundcloud.com/modusmusic/work-in-progress-untz-in-my-atari Kisses and hugs, Modus
  4. Wow, you made code for that video? What would be a good starting point for me to learn code for videos? Also, if it's coded doesn't that mean you could apply it to any MIDI?
  5. Newbie wants in I'd like to think I'm pretty good at thoughtful gifts. So many participants!
  6. You shouldn't need a throw-in to guide the listener. A good song will simply carry the listener through. I know I'm being really unspecific, but I'm sure you know what I'm trying to convey. But I still like this. I may be biased because of my extreme love for Skies, but there were parts I really digged. The slow blending you did with the lead at 1:00 was pretty epic. Overall, it feels a bit generic and stilted to me though. It honestly reminds me of the problems I'm having with my own mixes now. I struggle with stiffness especially. Keep at it. A more 'pro' user might come along here and be able to give you more thorough advice. Their appearance depends on the moon phase and time of day which makes it a bit unpredictable.
  7. Siiiick drums! So sick that I'm wondering if you'll tell me what kit they're from Love the buildup with the piano too. Great, great stuff. Sorry about the lack of responses here, but the originals forum isn't too active for some reason. No idea why.
  8. I possibly have a music video... it was for something else when I made it so I had to follow their rules but hopefully it's allowed to be shown here as well. Wish we had more videos but I'm sure the viewing party will still be fun times :3
  9. Woahhh nelly. What is that random synth that pops in there? It's way too upfront compared to the rest of the track. If you want it blasting in like that, you'll have to have the rest of the track adapt to that aggressive sort of mood. I think the drums could come forward and do some sort of aggressive pattern to give it some energy there. You also didn't take, or even respond to, Nutricious' advice about adding sweeps, drops, fills, etc. You should trust his advice as a remixer with 12 posted songs. You're just kind of mass posting revisions when you should be doing a complete overhaul of the song or really just taking time to learn more about arranging.
  10. I can't even decipher what you said, but your music is making me happy feelings. I love how that third track is so industrial-ish. Not my favorite track ever, but still awesome. The Cheese mix made my day. Delicious cheddar.
  11. Thanks man. I think it's really cool that you're taking this community to heart so quickly. Make sure to stick around :]
  12. I totally transformed this track from just Industrial to Halloween-y industrial.. at least I think so. Anyway, feedback? Have any industrial/Halloween-ish tracks you'd like to share? mine: http://soundcloud.com/modusmusic/conquerer Also, I'm aware of the stutter fail. lol..
  13. The beginning stands out to me. I think what bothers me is that your releases are all hard, so to speak. For example, on those emotional solos my ears wanted the clarinet to fade out. Also with the strings a little more than halfway in, the attacks are all noticeable when I'm pretty sure you were going for legato. I would definitely wait for another commenter to verify my criticisms before changing anything. I'm far from an expert on any genre... but I still have ears!
  14. My god... it's a veritable goldmine of knowledge. Thank you all so much for answering these so thoroughly. You can bet your arses I'm taking every single answer into consideration. I've already read the articles Yoozer linked me to and have them bookmarked. Cool community here, fer sure.
  15. Well, that seemed more like Inception meets Inception to me, but I did crap my pants. Epic squared by epic. I SO loved that plucky string thing that appears in spots like 3:08. It gave the piece an unexpected and awesome middle eastern twist. The ending starting at 3:55... well, I wanted it to feel grandiose, but it felt more like anarchy, very busy. That's the only thing I didn't like. Also, holy hell! Nice bass drum sample! It had so much impact. Dang. I know so little technically and involving theory, but I'm hoping that my honest observations prove to be of some value to you. If not, let me know and I'll shut up
  16. Well, they're all technically mine, but yeah the originals are everything minus Corona Jumper and Last Dungeon, which are remixes. And thanks for making my day Good to know I can still get compliments with no mastering done at all yet.
  17. What an interesting description to a really interesting source. I can't wait to take a listen after classes today.. will edit this with my reaction. Hopefully I'll come up with at least one piece of useful advice... I'll try really hard EDIT: Alright, I'm going to only comment on things I feel pretty confident about, considering my newb-like status. Whee! Man, we need to get you some improved humanization skills quick because you know how to make things epic! I loved the arrangement. Wow. If your strings and the clarinet(?) didn't seem quite so robotic.. well, I probably would've cried. Things seemed drowned in reverb most of the time, causing some muddiness. Something to consider. Well, that's all I got! i love it. Rozo, your turn?
  18. Thanks, Rozo. I hope you're paid for how much you help out people
  19. If you're willing to use a remix instead of original, all of OCR's accepted material is allowed to be used non-commercially as long as you credit the creator(s): http://ocremix.org/info/Content_Policy I have a couple video game-y originals you can check out in my sig link (Platform Futurista is the most video gamey), but there are more experienced artists that I'm sure will come to your rescue soon if desired BTW, don't forget OCR has an IRC channel if you're in a hurry.
  20. I appreciate any help, and I'm sorry if any of them are obvious. I tried to look 'em up. 1. I have the Alchemy player and unlike my other players there doesn't seem to be a trancegate built in. How would I go about applying trancegate effects to samples from the Alchemy player? (I use FL) 2. My mixes all seem to be at a lower volume than normal. All of them. Could this be a settings problem or a problem with the default Fruity Limiter or is this a normal problem in production? 3. In general, are drum loops over self-sequenced drums frowned upon? Are there certain genres like DnB where loops are acceptable? 4. Where is a good place to learn synthesis? Is there a good video series, book, or online guide? Thanks for any help. I'll continue to Google answers to these and cross them off the list if I find the answer.
  21. Then why was it trespassing in my Pandora DnB channel? D: I demand a refund!
  22. So.. while listening to my Pandora DnB channel, a Chinese-y song came on. I know you want one composed from scratch but I'm wondering if this is the sort of sound you're looking for. Take a listen: I think this site needs more people composing oriental DnB I think it would be sweet for your film too. BTW, the non-YouTube version sounds way better.
  23. Swing is that little bit of hesitation between notes. If you're using FL, there should be a little bar in the upper right of your samples window that you can slide to the right for swing. Funny little aside... the first time I tried vocals, I also heavily filtered it, though not to this degree. That song has long been buried though Anyway, that's all I got.. well, you've got some clashing notes at 3:15. And now that's all I got! Hopefully I gave you good advice.
  24. hi, I just had to stop by and say that i adore your New Technology track for the Tales album. i listen to it pretty often even after so long

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