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  1. That happens pretty often with films based on books.
  2. I knew they weren't. I don't even need to watch the video to know that they're fake. If they end up being legit, I'm going to genuinely be shocked.
  3. Hey everyone! For one, if you go to the Bandcamp and enter the discount code "groovemaster", you'll get the album 25% off. http://garrettwilliamson.bandcamp.com Secondly, I just released a new in-depth video of the "Prelude" track. More episodes to come on the rest of the tracks, talking in-depth about each. And yes, in the video I say "prelude" weird. I've never been able to say it "prel-you'd". http://youtu.be/6ukHdVeUe4M
  4. Heck I didn't even play it and it scared the shiz out of me
  5. GameCube was late '01. I would've been five on the earlier half of '02. It's even strange for me. N64 and GameCube were the first consoles I got into and GameCube still feels new to me. Don't tell me Super Mario Sunshine is retro. It's not. That's not retro gaming. Neither is Double Dash. No way.
  6. Strange. You're definitely older than me by a ton, hahahaha I was almost 5 when the GameCube was brand new.
  7. Just talked with a professional mix engineer about this. I get where you're coming from but I'm just gonna settle this hahaha! He told me that he never keeps in anything below 30 or 25Hz and if he doesn't do it himself, the mastering engineer always rolls it out. He did tell me (without me bringing it up) that it would be probably be used in a big DJ concert or a film or something of the sort, but it's basically useless and unneeded low frequencies that can actually sometimes mess with the mix or cause sounds that aren't wanted if kept in. But this can be avoidable, but he nevertheless usually gets rid of it because it's unneeded. And again, if he doesn't, the mastering engineer does. Not trying to get in your face about it, I sure hope it didn't come off that way. Text can often be read the wrong way. I just wanna settle this argument, because I'm pretty sure that's not the main topic of this thread.
  8. I never said sub was completely pointless. In terms of music, I usually don't wanna hear it. I absolutely hate those super low frequencies and plenty of producers will tell you to EQ out 20Hz because it's usually sound you won't hear unless you're at a DJ concert or want to make your ears bleed with way too much bass, hahahaha I think sub is great for movies. But for music it's often not needed and kind of annoying. I wouldn't say always, but often.
  9. Pretty sweet mix. I feel like there could be a bit more effects or something in the buildup, because I feel right now it's too similar to the breakdown and so it's slightly anti-climactic. Not sure what I'm thinking, but the buildups just feel a tad bit under-exaggerated, if that makes any sense. Really cool track other than that.
  10. The issue is that sometimes you really need to boost that volume and often it begins clipping (specifically the kick and bass) and often the reason for the clipping is those pointless low frequencies. Hardly ever is there a good reason to have low frequencies 30Hz or below.
  11. Having frequencies at 20Hz can be a problem, especially with mastering. Every time I master, I completely EQ out 30Hz and lower because all that low unneeded frequency can cause clipping in the lower parts. But I think that's beside the point.
  12. From what I watched I still think Outlast is freakier. But after watching Five Nights at Freddy's I don't think either have anything on that game.
  13. Fantastic arrangement and good piano playing. Part of me wants like some drums and stuff in there now.
  14. When I first saw it it reminded me of Night Trap. Except this time it's actually freaking scary.
  15. This is great. Love that old Genesis lead. There's one chord that sounds like a major when it should be I think a minor at 0:35 and 0:45. Maybe beyond that as it seems like it's repeating.
  16. I think it happened to most everyone. I couldn't sleep the first night, second night got easier, and tonight I'm hoping I'll actually get to sleep quickly. And I only watched the game. There is no way I'm playing this game. Maybe some don't find this as scary, but this game basically just fueled my already-existing fear of the animatronic Chuck E. Cheese. Thanks, video game, I don't ever wanna go back to Chuck E. Cheese because of you.
  17. New game that's kinda going viral in the same way Slender did, though maybe I'm wrong. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=270684111 Freaking terrifying. Markiplier did a gameplay of it and it nearly made me crap my pants. Maybe it's because Slender's old and I'm not scared of that concept anymore, but Slender's got nothing on this game. I don't even think Amnesia or Outlast scares me nearly as much as this does.
  18. Lots of the panning is leaning to the left. Try to balance that out a little more. Also, I'd say add a bit more compression to real add that punch, especially on that kick. However, I'm definitely feeling that "mmph" in the bass and kick for sure. I'd say bring up that lead synth quite a bit, maybe EQ specific frequencies to bring it out more. And put it more in the center, as it's also kinda leaning to the left. Sounds pretty neat.
  19. I feel like the chord progression is really cool for lots of parts but I'm not quite sure it works perfectly for the main melody over it, if ya know what I'm sayin'.
  20. Haha! Just make sure you know how to do it without hurting your voice.
  21. buddy I am in love with Super Mario Bros. but I will plainly admit right now that the furthest I've ever gotten in the game is beating world 1-2 no I'm not kidding. The game has some serious challenge to it. you are really pushing it when you say "Oh you can't beat Super Mario Bros.? You're not a gamer." I bet I'm not the only one here who hasn't beaten that game. for some it's an easy game and for others, not so much. I grew up playing Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine. I'm of the younger bunch. I am a huge retro gamer and love side-scrollers but I assume that since I grew up playing both 2D and 3D but probably more dominantly 3D that that's partially why I'm not as good at 2D games. I'm pretty good at old Sonic games, though. Hahahaha but that's beside the point.
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