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  1. Sweet, yeah. 15 tracks. That makes it a lot easier and also can narrow it down to some of the best.
  2. Getting into music is hard. But I'm motivated as crap and I'm definitely making some progress. Songwriting is one of the only ways people in the music industry make a healthy living nowadays, though. It's kinda always been that way but even more so now. Songwriting and live performances, usually. I'm trying to get into video game music composing as well as quite a few other things but it's all super tricky to get into. Getting into show biz can be really freaking hard. But that's all the more reason I'm going full force into it. I like a challenge. I believe that if you try hard enough and really have motivation, you're most likely to succeed. I'm not sure that's not always the case, but the more motivation, the better. Always.
  3. dang. haven't found that secret yet. 10/10 best game
  4. So I just made a video called "How to Make Five Nights at Freddy's Not Scary"... yay http://youtu.be/20musPh8lXI
  5. that's them saying "sorry there won't be another F-Zero ever but here's something to make up for it"
  6. Hahaha Kruai always gets in trouble for being too loud Sweet track! Not a huge EDM or Dubstep fan but you always do a really freaking sweet job. And uh, what timaeus said. lol
  7. no. nothing's cooler than double dash
  8. Never been a DLC fan as I like it all there when I get the game, but I think they successfully made this seem more of "add-ons" rather than "the rest of the game". Seems pretty awesome. lol
  9. Yeah I gotcha. I'm definitely not gonna believe any of this until the Japan release either, though.
  10. Hahaha dang, so many people here who aren't actually planning to go full on into music. I expected that some wouldn't, but I didn't expect this many. Haha I am straight up getting into music. If not music, it'd be film/animation. I tried acting but I've found that it's just not fun to me as much anymore. But I've always been one for the arts.
  11. vid or it didn't happen Still got my fingers crossed. I'd genuinely be impressed if someone went through that much work to do that, but hey, it's been done before. I just feel like if I leaked something on YouTube, I may as well actually title it something more clear like "Smash Bros 3DS/Wii U Leak! - Vid 01". "Leak1" seems a little... sketch.
  12. Dang! It sounds really good! I thought maybe it was fake... but it sounds really really good. Definitely fooled me!
  13. Elder Kirby was right, ever so slightly reminded me of SA2. Everyone else has basically said everything I would (and you've nicely improved on most of their critiques), but being obsessed with mixing drums correctly, I'd say maybe a slight bit more punch to the kick. Something just to bring it out just a tad. Nothing too much. This isn't a type of track that requires a crapton of kick. Also, I'd love to hear some more stereo room reverb on the snare mainly. Other than that, the drums were programmed well and sound great dude. P.S., love that slap bass. Did you play that?
  14. hahahaha yay Bible belt dwellers. And TN is what they call the "buckle" of the Bible belt. Pretty sure they counted about 750 churches just in Nashville... ya know, as a Christian, honestly that's just too many churches. You don't need that many churches. Hahaha! Also I live about 45 minutes south of Nashville, it's just that basically all of Tennessee is Nashville to people who don't live in Tennessee. So I just say Nashville. Kinda like when you say New York, most people immediately assume New York City. At least I do, even though the capital is actually Albany.
  15. That's what I'm thinking. Boy, that sound is really shrilly hahahaha. Just remember if you recreate that sound, try to keep it from being so shrilly. You don't wanna annoy people. It's totally avoidable, though. EQ and turning the nobs on the synth correctly will keep that problem from happening. Just don't let there be too much high, high-mid, and maybe mid frequency piercing through the track. That's where it mainly needs to be kept under control.
  16. I'm definitely aiming to do game music composing professionally, as well as songwriting and synth/beat programming. If I could make some money as a solo artist, that'd be cool, but that's unlikely unless I basically get famous Funny enough, I've also been doing YouTubing for a while, though I don't think I'll ever do it as a job. My style is kinda a mix of JonTron, BalloonShop, and ever so slightly Philly D with our RTTTA show (the Philly D influence was a small one that, for the most part, has faded away hahaha). We do our usual skits as well, though we do less of them because they take a bit longer to do generally. http://youtube.com/user/gcwaves
  17. Sakurai: "Hey guys, before you buy the game, we'll first let you know about the entire game." Pretty cool, though, I will say.
  18. It's funny how many live in Arizona. Like, I would expect more in California, Tennessee, and I guess New York or something. Hahahaha
  19. When I switched from recording in 16 to 24, it definitely sounded different. However, it can be pretty tricky hearing any differences between 16 and 24 generally, so I donno what your problem is. I don't think it's that dramatic of a difference. I always record in 24 and later on once I finish the master, I export it as 16. It's 24, 44.1 the entire time until the master is completely finished.
  20. Joshua Morse lives right around where I am but I've never actually met him and I don't think I've ever seen a guy with an OCR shirt or anything related to it. I also never get out to any conventions or anything so it's only natural I won't see many if any fellow OCR guys in person.
  21. oh gawd. I'm curious and terrified.
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