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  1. Thanks guys! Also Unknown Alias, I'm the one who did that opening intro jingle for Smash Academy.
  2. http://youtu.be/BEDz-106RLU Bam. Smash 4 rap (called "Settle It In Smash"). Enjoy. Yungtown and I did this together and I did music/composition/mixing/mastering/singing/cowriting choruses and Yungtown did writing/cowriting choruses/rapping. It's also on places like iTunes and Google Play and stuff. I'll be uploading a live music video version hopefully tomorrow but not sure. Getting delayed. Also, just realized this is technically a double post. Sorry bout that.
  3. http://youtu.be/BEDz-106RLU Hey guys! Knowing how this is obviously both a video game and music-loving community, I decided I'd share this video with you that Yungtown and I did. Personally I think this may be one of my favorite tracks I've ever done, and I wanted all of you to check it out. And here's the live music video version of the song! Thanks guys! Share it around if you like it! We wanna make this thing huge!
  4. Dude you were in the parade? What the heck were you doing in the parade?
  5. I don't remember SF64 being that bad. They were cheesy, but not like that. I never played the 3DS version so I don't know how different that is.
  6. there is no way those are the original voices "landmaster" did not sound that stupid when Fox said that or anything else for that matter in SF64
  7. Fox sounds way different and not for the better I don't think
  8. dude those are like the 11 year olds who think they're so cool playing Call of Duty which is one of the most overrated series out there Nintendo's fine, the 11 year olds need to shut up and go do their math homework
  9. haven't seen one so far but I also have only played a maximum of 3 hours with my friend. I don't actually have the game yet. I pre-ordered it but then lost my Wii U and then once my pre-order time expired, I suddenly found the Wii U. and so now I have a Wii U with no Smash.
  10. there is Smash 4 and Mario Kart 8 what are you doing not getting a Wii U
  11. please explain to me how they're not they aren't Galaxy or 64 but they are really fantastic games. maybe not really new and innovative (I'd like something beyond a better 3D Land for the Wii U) but they are technically really great games. you aren't suggesting that recent Sonic games are better than Mario games, are you
  12. I like how Sonic was in 1994 everybody Sonic needs to be exactly like he was in 1994 stupid people thinking that Sonic can play good on 3d
  13. Lucina is best, personally. She plays more like the Marth from Melee than Marth himself does. I don't thinks she's a "cheap, easier version" of Marth, but I could agree with the fact she still is basically a clone with a different appearance and altered mechanics. Robin's kinda cool. Shulk is really neat too. I like Shulk And holy crap, Diddy Kong just went from being a lame character in Brawl to kicking some serious butt in this game. Diddy Kong is freaking amazing in this game.
  14. remember, red is good, because red means loud thanks guuuuyyyyyyzzzzzz
  15. oh dangit I hadn't realized she already posted that lol
  16. Just played it with a friend. Killer graphics, great stages, but the amount of items and the way they're used is pretty chaotic. Definitely gonna play the same way as PM and Melee and just turn off the items. Also played as some new characters like Pac-Man, Palutena, and Little Mac. Little Mac is exactly as I expected. Overpowered on the ground but if the opponent can get him in the air, he's screwed. Pac-Man was neat as well. Palutena actually surprised me. She's better than I thought she would be. The game still feels a little floaty and slow but I didn't expect it to be as fast as Melee. Sakurai's just going to have to bring back that fast-paced gameplay that Melee had in order for me to like any other Smash game as much as that one, and I don't know if he'll ever do that. Marth always feels really good to play in Melee and PM and in this game it just felt really weak. Oh well.
  17. Just made the sequel to How to Make FNAF Not Scary for FNAF 2... cuz ya know: http://youtu.be/AfVfi7i0gfw
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