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  1. Yeah I don't consider Gaikai "backwards compatibility" per se... in fact, I'm really doubting it will even provide playable games (there is no way it can't be full of lag). Slower paced games may work okay but no way a fast pace game is going to be playable. I guess we'll see whenever it becomes available, but I'll probably stick with just using a PS3. As far as the UPC idea... UPCs aren't really a unique number and can be obtained anywhere on the internet so I'm not guessing they'll go with that idea :/ That is the cost for a consumer to buy a complete videocard product retail. Videocards have a lot of extra components in them (heatsinks, RAM, fans, PCB, casing, etc) that can drive up the price, plus are sold at a large margin for profit as they have no way to make money off them otherwise. Consoles are generally sold at below cost and make profit off games licensing/controllers/services/etc. The actual GPU inside of a videocard is probably relatively inexpensive, and the GPU for XBO/PS4 are integrated parts of the CPU probably making them altogether less expensive. Plus I'm sure they've contracted the purchase of all these APUs at a large volume, which drives down the cost.
  2. I beleive both XBO and PS4 use customized/more advanced versions of AMD "APUs" (Combined CPU/GPU), but PS4's is slightly more powerful (and GDDR5 is better for graphics Vs the DDR3 in XBO which is better for general tasks) APUs aren't very great for PCs, but for a console where you can squeeze out power from every corner of a chip they are a pretty good low cost solution, and lead both console manufacturers on a good upgrade path (Backwards Compatibility will probably come back next gen) Most people have compared the raw GPU power of PS4 to the Radeon HD 7850 and the XBO to the Radeon HD 7770. Keep in mind, PS3 was equivalent of a 7800GTX and the 360 is around Radeon X1900 and they've been powering most of today's games with these ancient GPUs (and 512MB/256MB of RAM) so while none of this sounds impressive to a PC user, these units are gigantic leaps in power for a console and since console games are (generally) fully optimized for the hardware, should run circles around a PC of the same spec. 7850 and even 7770 are no slouch in the first place There will probably not be a gigantic difference between XBO/PS4 honestly, especially for 3rd party titles. PS4/XBO are crazy similar to each other.
  3. I thought that at first by looking at trailers. The problem is most of the trailers seem to show the stupid new intro level (Scrooge's Bank) which has some ugly background art. Most of the other levels have pretty nice art in the background (some even 2D parallax), especially the outside parts of Transylvania. All the 2D sprites are amazing. I would of preferred the entire game being 2D but it still looks nice It is a really nice game, the only complaints I'd have with it is Scrooge's constant comments are too often, really repetitive, and constantly lower the music's volume :/ Other than that I found it to be a highly enjoyable game and a very nice remake of one of my favorite classics. Every level feeling like an episode of the show and the amazing touches they put on the boss fights are pretty nice. EDIT: Well, I take it back, I have some complaints on the technical side which hopefully will be patched up: on PC: Sprites seem to randomly stop displaying / flicker in and out. Sometimes the game hiccups for a few moments in menus for some reason on Console: Looking at complaints on the Miiverse, the Wii U version of the game will sometimes crash while saving, especially if you try to pull up Miiverse beforehand. Might be issues on other console versions of the game too Hopefully will be fixed in patches. A shame the game was released like this though
  4. Yeah it is very disappointing that after Mario Vs DK (GBA) semi revived the original Donkey Kong (non-Country) "series" it quickly then became something completely different :/ Here is hoping we can get another DK '94 style game sometime in the future. '94 ... 2004 .... maybe 2014? Probably not
  5. No idea why Nintendo always insists on using the NES version of DK that is missing an entire level. Why they don't ever have the original arcade DK for VC is beyond me. The NES port was good back in the day but it is clearly inferior to the original But yes.. DK '94 / DK GB... amazing amazing game. Had this and a Super GB back in the day, fun times Wish the 3DS VC version of DK '94 / DK GB had the Super GameBoy features
  6. Hopefully its true that it is running on "Source 2" or whatever the next engine that Valve is making for Ricochet 2 and/or HL3 is going to be called. I'll pass if it is yet another regular Source game. Big Valve fan but enough is enough, I'd love to see one of their games running on a modern engine
  7. Pikmin 3 is out today. FINALLY! I'm playing it right now!
  8. GamePad doesn't have 3D screen period (glasses or glasses-free), it would have to use the yee old Blue/Red anaglyph style. I think this option is was rumored to be in AssCreed 3 and CODBLOPS2 for the Wii U (not sure if it made it into the product) but..anybody really want to use it? Now, possible if you had a 3D TV, Wii U could support it, but I am unaware of any games that do. I don't think anybody is hurting from this being "missing" though
  9. Antonio Pizza: Yes they have been fixed. Brush: I'm not sure where you got the "they didn't fix it" and they "can't be bothered". Metroid Prime has a couple different versions, all of them fix the save glitch issue, which is well past fixed on the Trilogy version (which has fixes for all 3 games). You cant "patch" a GCN game so no idea how they were supposed to "patch" it. They probably would of offered to replace the disc with one of the new versions should you contact customer service with proof of purchase and sent in the old one. Nintendo is good about that kind of thing. They even offered to fix peoples save file when a similar glitch creeped up in Other M. The Wii also did not have a very good system set up for patching. Heck, each game loaded different versions of its "OS" so there wasn't even a real central OS running on the thing. The 3DS I do not think at the time had a good system set up to patch games, I think that has been fixed now (lots of games now have new content and DLC) but I could be wrong. I know Luigi's Mansion needs some fixes for its online mode. The Wii U for sure has this down pat now so expect glitches from Nintendo to be pretty minimal (like usual) and quickly ironed out (instead of disc/cart rereleases) Either way these were very out of the way glitches you had to just be very unfortunate to save at a certain time and go to a specific area to trigger. Not something during a normal gameplay. Not saying Nintendo is perfect (most of their online outings have been glitchy in the past) but they do offer a level of polish and testing most people don't bother with
  10. I wouldn't say that, they have tons of high quality titles on the way that are worth $60 (Pikmin 3 next week!), but this particular item is just an HD rerelease. A new coat of paint isn't $60 material. Most of the HD releases on PS3 are $30 for example, and often contain 2+ games, or even cheaper as single downloads. Hopefully this is a placeholder price but we'll find out in October I guess
  11. Because the people who paid for the game and/or actually want to play it, didn't "just watch it on YouTube." It is a way different experience to play a game (and get those scenes) than just watching it. Again this would be like saying why put a story in a game at all if people can "watch it on Youtube." Makes little sense. In the end I think they just didn't want to spend the money. Though again they could of just used realtime scenes instead of FMV, its much cheaper. Oh well, its Smash so it really really doesn't matter anyway, its just the concept that someone would not do something because "oh no someone might see it on YouTube!". Putting CG FMV in adverts (for "general consumption") that won't be anywhere in the game and/or the game obviously wont look like them is a little bit of false advertising, which Devs/Publishers seem to do all the time now, which is incredibly annoying. I wish people would stop using FMV in general honestly, especially in trailers. News: So Amazon is listing WW HD for $50 on Pre Order now.. here is hoping that is a placeholder price tag (like their $99) and the game doesn't release for $50-60. That is way too much for an HD rerelease. Especially a single game. GameStop is also listing it at $59.99 though. I'll be skipping this one sadly if that is the real price tag Wind Waker is great, but I can still play it on my Wii (with the Tingle Tuner) or on Emu in HD already. HD, Miiverse, Bloom, and faster Boat isn't worth $60 IMO :/ Was looking forward to it too
  12. N64 controller just had 3 positions, you don't need 3 hands. Games only picked one position to use. Maybe you never learned how to hold it? The N64 analog stick was very precise, but it was obviously made for precision rather than durability... especially after Mario Party got ahold of it. :/ Minus ones that were used excessively for Party style games though, I've had N64 controllers hold up fine for regular games. It was just the ones that had too many party style sessions that started to wear down. You could get 3rd party controllers with steel bars for the analog stick, but they didn't feel precise (and felt stiff and akward) and their button placements were often really weird. I'd still prefer Nintendo's over 3rd party stuff. Just make sure you keep one controller for Party games and one for Single player games
  13. Yeah I'm sure there are. But if they never plan on playing it I wouldn't really call them gamers. Gamers buy games to play them. You'd be missing out on actually playing Last of Us which is a completely different experience than just watching the cutscenes. Heck, even games like Heavy Rain (which is almost entirely cutscenes) have some interactivity to them If you don't want to play a game you probably aren't going to buy it therefore watching it on Youtube isn't a loss. Conversely, if you watch a game on youtube, you may become interested in it and convert to a sale. Anyway, Smash isn't a series you play for cutscenes in the first place, so really its kinda a wash. But blaming it on Youtube is absurd.
  14. Plus if people did want to use cutscenes as a reward.. they obviously wouldn't go on Youtube to watch them. Spoilers are frowned upon for a reason. The only people who would watch it on Youtube: Don't care, already watched them, or simply curious. I don't think a single soul said "I would of bought Brawl but i could watch the movies FREE on youtube so HA!" They don't even do this for heavy cutscene games because there is still usually some level of interaction in between scenes. Smash is not a game you get for cutscenes. By the logic used here, you might as well not make videogames anymore because someone will stream some part of it on the internet. Dumb. I just hope at the very least we get some sort of in depth Adventure mode to make up for the lack of "cutscenes." That and the online mode better rock
  15. The developers specifically listed in that article aren't interested. That doesn't mean ALL developers aren't interested I'm not sure if going this route is the most effective way to get Good games per se on the system, but we'll see I guess if anybody bites and a couple good ones get on. If we don't oh well, it was worth a shot I guess? Even if their game winds up not doing like SUPER spectacular on the Ouya, they can also move on to other platforms (including super easy port to Android) just as easy later. At the very least their Kickstarter got doubled! There is some work to be had on the Ouya, the controller wasn't perfect, the system is a little buggy (which is odd since its just sitting on top of Android). But you can get a PS3 controller to work with it and theres always room for improvements. It certainly is laying an interesting framework for the future going forward (including hardware increments which will improve things, so maybe next model will have far less issues. Hopefully a better controller in the works in the future too) Overall its nice to see they've gotten this far, even if there has been some stumbling blocks. I think people are expecting too much for a $99 little box meant for indies (especially in its first year!)
  16. Any sort of monetary compensation at all would be "worth their time" for a smaller indie. Smaller indies make games on almost no budget, and spreading it to any platform is generally "worth the time". Especially since a port to/from Android on Ouya takes almost no effort. Doesn't have to be "exclusive" per se. You guys act as if Indies would turn down a platform to spread on. Though, Ouya is doing a good job of trying to lure at least timed exclusive games to Ouya: Currently they will double your kickstarter campaign (up to $250,000) if you kickstart a game and make it Ouya timed exclusive (6 mo minimum I believe), if you have at least reached a $50,000 in funding (and you reach goal) So currently anybody interested in DOUBLING their kickstarter fund might be interested. Sounds interesting at least!
  17. Yeah, at this rate they better get that online down pact. Between having Namco/Bandai working with them (who have plenty of online fighters) and cutting out the story mode they will have little excuse to have the online mode be as shoddy as Brawl On a side note, there is a Smash U/4 Thread already opened so probably more discussion on this should head on over there anyways. So speaking of Wii U There is a promotion to get a "free" $5 or $10 credit on eShop going on until Sunday ... The catch is you have to add up between $50-99 to get $5 credit and $100+ to get a "Free" $10 credit. So not exactly a great promo, but if you were already planning on buying the digital version of any of the upcoming big releases might want to take advantage of this promotion for what it is worth Details: http://club2.nintendo.com/rebate
  18. So am I really, that is why I'm not buying used unless its actually worth buying. $55 for a used game is way too steep! It looks really bad sitting next to a $60 for new price tag. I guess it just depends on what angle your looking at, but if $5 is going to somehow break your wallet you probably shouldn't be buying games this expensive in the first place. Better off buying some cheaper used games elsewhere, especially since if you sell that used game back to GameStop you aren't going to get anywhere near the price they are selling it at (again, ripoff)
  19. Do people really buy the used games at $55 instead of $60? I would never do this, it seems completely silly to get a used product for only $5 cheaper than the new one. Why would you get something used if you are only saving $5? A complete rippoff and a waste. Get the new one The only time I generally get a used product at GameStop or elsewhere is when it isn't available new anymore and the price is decent (like less than $20) or if there is some gigantic discount (like $20-30 vs $50) which never ever happens at GameStop
  20. System is brand new, but there were a lots of units sold at the Kickstarter, the launch, and they will continue to sell units over time to so installed base will obviously increase. People "have" the machine, it just isn't a gigantic figure. (Nor was it ever expected to be, it was always an uphill climb) Also, at least 27% of the people bought games on it, so that is higher than %0. Not sure where your "nobody buys games" figure came from. That is a pretty high figure considering it is heavily advertised as "Free 2 Play" machine and everybody said people would "Only buy it for an emu/media box" . So yeah, nobody expected it to be a gigantic success over night. Not sure why the negativity still, seems the system is doing rather well for itself for such an ambitious project. Can't wait to see what its future has in store! "Who wants to make games for the Ouya?" You say? Anybody big or especially small that wants to. That is kinda the systems whole point
  21. Everything Nintendo has been doing with their stance against Youtube remains idiotic. There is no way that having their cutscenes on Youtube somehow ruined the game for people who played it. If anything, having cutscenes and gameplay on youtube may have inspired people TO play/buy it. This is a game, not a movie. Even a movie can inspire someone to buy it once they watch it if they liked it enough. But most people play games to play games, not watch them. Especially something like Smash. Nintendo's entire stance of trying to control or shut down everything on Youtube unfortunately is one of those incredibly frustrating parts of Nintendo that sticks out when they "Don't get it." That being said, the CG scenes were a little bit of a waste. FMVs are no longer impressive and haven't been since PS1 so why companies tend to use them constantly is beyond me. Wii maybe wasn't a good place for real time cutscenes but Wii U certainly would be. They could easily replicate a story experience in real time if they wanted to, so i'm not sure if by "cutscenes" they mean FMV or cutscenes in general. It would be cheaper so there wouldn't be an excuse of expensive really. If they are going to cut out any sort of mode beyond Melee's Adventure Mode well that will be unfortunate. But it is a fighting game so expecting anything story related is kinda bonus material and not the main course
  22. No such thing as a "Wii U specific" Wii (or Motion+) Remote or nunchuck. I'm guessing it is 3rd party and some companies just label it Wii U so people know it will work on Wii U just in case people don't realize Wii stuff works on Wii U. Nothing has changed as far as functionality or compatibility between Wii and Wii U on the Remotes and Nunchucks The nunchuck attaches to the Wii Remote anyways
  23. Their consoles are only seen as a child's console for people who have the immature mindstate that games that aren't rated M are for children. Obviously they aren't Nintendo's target audience, they are probably busy playing Halo/CoD and fist bumping anyways. (Either that, or by actual children who think M games are "cool", often enough) Their target audience are: People who already love Nintendo products, "Everybody" (young or old who just love fun), and yes, younger audiences. Conversely PS4/XBO are mostly targeted at audiences that eat up M-rated stuff. Finding a lot of good content that is suitable for "Everybody" is getting harder on these platforms. In this same thread I asked for happy colorful games outside of Nintendo, i got a boatload full of M rated bloody/gore titles instead of something suitable for the entire family. Now, with a large install base and a varied audience, you can still sell an E or T game on 360/PS3/PS4/XBO, but selling an M rated game on a Nintendo console is an uphill battle simply because it wont reach its main target audience. Who buys a Nintendo console primarily for M rated games? Nobody (well, nobody who knows anything about Nintendo at least) That being said, Nintendo still funds/publishes 2nd and 3rd party games that are M. It isn't like they aren't trying. But why anybody would expect a company who traditionally doesn't make M rated games to suddenly start doing so internally is beyond me. Why not let a company make games that they are good at making and that people enjoy? I don't understand this notion of "STOP WHAT YOURE GOOD AT AND DO SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT, BE LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE" Again the major problem with the Wii U isn't even the M rated games. It has a crap ton of them by 3rd parties and even more on the way... but they are games you can get anywhere. There is no real benefit to getting them on the Wii U, so who cares? What it is missing is Nintendo magic Nintendo themselves have not made any noteworthy games on it. That is the problem. For 7+ months they have only released: Nintendo Land (Fun, but party game / tech demo) New Super Mario Bros U (Fun, but NSMB. You either love it or hate it, it isn't Nintendo's best series) Game & Wario (Party game / literally tech demos, not even a true WarioWare game and not even particularly good) Published by Nintendo: Sing Party (FreeStyleGames... but why was this game even made? Ugh) That's.. it. Fixing itself here in the next few months and hopefully keeping up the pace! Speaking of here is a list of upcoming major games on Wii U: Pikmin 3 - 8/4 (Nintendo) Rayman Legends - 9/3 (Ubisoft) Wonderful 101 - 9/15 (Nintendo/Platinum) Sonic: Lost World - 10/22 (Nintendo/Sega) Zelda: WW: HD - October (Nintendo) Donkey Kong Country Returns: Tropical Freeze - November (Nintendo (Retro Studios)) Super Mario 3D World - December (Nintendo) If you are so inclined: Wii Party U - October (Nintendo) Wii Fit U - December (Nintendo) And if for some reason you don't have a 360/PS3/PS4/XBO/PC/etc or you just really want something on your Wii U Splinter Cell: Black List 8/20 (Ubisoft) Batman: Arkham Origins 10/25 (WB) Assassins Creed IV - 10/29 (Ubisoft) CoD: Ghosts - 11/13 (Activision) Watch Dogs - 11/19 (Ubisoft)
  24. It'll probably keep happening until games come out for the Wii U (which is happening soon!) then we can all shut up and play some games on it instead of ranting about random near idiotic things Probably not though lol
  25. None of that has to do with an M rating. War and morality can easily be shown in a T game, and has plenty of time in many RPGs. Again, misconception that "Mature" actually means mature. It doesn't. Also, maybe you'd play a terrible broken game just because it contained those said elements, but I doubt many would. The underlying game needs to be good for a game to be enjoyable, no if ands or buts. If the foundation of a good game isn't there, adding all that extra stuff on top isn't really going to help it. The foundation needs to be good And feel free to call me "ignorant" but I have never once seen an advertisement for a game and said "Oh boy , I'm an adult, I am relating this game on an adult level and must obtain it because I am an adult" When I see a game its usually "Wow this game looks fun to play" or "That story looks interesting" Whether its M, T, or E is irrelevant. I have never once thought about how "adult" the content was. (well, except maybe when I was actually a child) If you really insist on dragging Nintendo into the conversation: Anybody who buys a Wii U or Nintendo product expecting lots of M-rated games again hasn't followed history or even knows much about Nintendo. They just don't do this kind of thing on a first party level. They never have. They never will. M rated games generally have come from their 2nd and 3rd parties, but even those are few and far between. The Wii U just isn't going to be a good place for them, and if you have some sort of obsession with these games... get a 360/PS3/PS4/XBO/etc. Heck, even if you don't, buy a second console anyway. General rule of thumb you can't get everything you want on a single console. Nintendo doesn't need M rated games per se to help the Wii U... they just need games PERIOD. That is the main failure for the Wii U right now. And Nintendo IS working on that.
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