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  1. PS3: 79 Million units 360: 78 Million units 3DS: 35 Million units ~160 million possible buyers vs 35 Million possible buyers GTA5: ~20 Million units sold and climbing It is an uphill battle to match GTA5 numbers, but Pokemon has a gigantic pull that reaches a larger audience, so anything is possible. We'll see once the sales figures start pouring in I guess
  2. GMixer: Not sure why you take issue with me talking about the Wii U in the Wii U thread. zircon: Wii Party U looks pretty promising for a Party style game. Guess we'll see when it comes out (I had some high hopes for Wario Ware and that didn't turn out hot after all)
  3. **Super Mario 3D World <- Probably a Wii U "must have", but doesn't come out until 11/22 Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate - If you like MH at least. Online with other Wii U users, and local play with 3DS users. New Super Mario Bros U - If you dont mind NSMB style, this one is pretty decent. Pass if you didn't like NSMBWii Wind Waker HD - If you didn't get the WW bundle, and don't mind spending a lot for an HD remake Thats about it if your going for ZombiU/101/Pikmin 3/Rayman Legends those are some of the Wii U's best offerings. Slim pickings unless you delve into 3rd party ports you can get elswhere
  4. Picked up our copy of X & Y today! So far everything is really cool.. but this is another game that kinda is better in 2D than 3D. Most parts aren't even 3D enabled, and when I leave the 3D turned on for the parts that are the frame rate like drops well below 20 fps and things start looking like a slideshow. Doesn't seem very optimized for it, which is shocking considering this is... Nintendo :/ So I'm just leaving the 3D off (as usual) for a smoother framerate. Ah well, fun game so far either way, tons of crap to do and I just barely started. Also surprised about all the connectivity options added to the game, internet and all. Game seems PACKED with content, and room for more!
  5. You can use the Gyro in the controller to aim the bow and maybe other things in first person (like OoT 3DS), but you can toggle it off i think. I believe that is it as far as "Motion Controls" so no worries! The game is still just WW, no waggle fest. Three Wii U Bundles announced for the folks in UK: * 32GB Black Wii U Deluxe with Super Mario Bros U + Super Luigi U * 32GB Black Wii U Deluxe with Lego City Undercover * 8 GB White Wii U + Wii Remote + Wii Party U + Nintendo Land * 8 GB White Wii U + Wii Remote + Just Dance 2014 + Nintendo Land All bundles are £250. (Standard price of Wii U in UK right now)
  6. From what I read he gave it back "voluntarily" There isn't anything they could do to him personally (nothing illegal about buying a game early on the customer side of things), but looks like they were definitely upset at the location that he got the game from.
  7. That would work as a comparison, if it weren't for the amazing level designs (from a game play standpoint) that go into the Mario series that make them you know.. platformers. Not quite copy/paste like your standard AAA yearly FPS followups. Also Console vs Handheld, new features like co-op, a leap in graphics, etc. While something completely different would of been great too, I can definitely deal with an idea as awesome as 3D Land taken to the limit instead what we got cramped into a handheld form. Co-Op added too is amazing bonus Heck, Galaxy 2 was literally more levels/ideas that were left over from Galaxy 1 and a lot of new stuff added, but same engine/graphics/everything, and that was still an amazing game. We're getting a LOT more between 3D Land and 3D World
  8. There was a crap ton new stuff shown off in the trailer of new items, power ups, situations, etc. And all the levels look more sprawling and stuff going on than 3D Land did, and 3D Land itself was pretty awesome. Plus, a co-op Mario in 3D is a new feature to the entire series itself, along with the classic use of the 4 SMB2 characters/gameplay styles (which can be used in single or multi) I dunno, hard to say this one doesn't have anything new when every trailer they show off shows amazing new things. Also, while the 3D was cool in 3D Land, I usually turned it off so not having 3D isn't a big deal... though since they called it 3D, they could of enabled 3D in the game at least (3D HDTVs and all, even if they aren't popular). Pretty cool, but not super "innovative" IMO Stuff in the trailer: Clear Pipes (last trailer showed you can freely move in these pipes, a new feature to Mario) Fire Flower Tanooki Suit Boomerang Suit Cat Suit Coin Block Propeller Block Bullet Bill Block Baseballl Pirhana Plant Pot Goomba Hat? Kuribo's (?) Skate New Style Map System (Cross between classic Map and free moving) <- As much as I loved 3D Land, the "Single Line" linear map was a ridiculous step backwards. Story: Not any details but it isn't "Save Peach Again" this time at least... saving some sort of fairy instead!
  9. Oh man, seems like some of the same conversations are bubbling up again. 3D Land being Easy: Really? Hmm. Can't agree there. How far exactly were you into the game? I've played to 100% (all 5 profile stars... no sparkles though) It isn't easy! Mario games tend to start off with easier levels, then ramp up to "throw your controller while screaming" levels later, maybe you didn't stick around enough. Also the invincibility leaf showing up SHOULD make you mad... and embarrassed. I know it made ME mad when it showed up, because it meant I was getting my butt kicked again :/ BTW: You obviously don't USE that if your looking for challenge (i never did) you only use it if you are too unskilled to beat the level... and it doesn't show up unless you die a lot.. and they stop showing up completely later on ... so what were you talking about easy again? 3D World: If people have seen that new trailer for 3D World that released on Monday and still aren't interested, I dunno what to say. I could see not being impressed by the old trailer, but that new one is simply amazing. To each their own I guess! It looks amazing visually and has tons of new power ups and situations, easily resembling Galaxy level of awesomeness. And its co-op to boot! Wii U Price: $300 (Wii U) vs $400 (PS4) vs $500 (XBO), while this definitely puts Nintendo at a small advantage, I'd say they would of probably been better at the $250 sweet spot ($300 is still a lot of money for something that isn't as powerful as PS4/XBO). However I'm glad they dropped down to $300 at least because $350 (XBO) vs $400 (PS4) would of been way too close for comfort. Throwing Zelda bundles in the mix was a smart move too, hopefully they have more bundles like that for the holiday Age old "Nintendo needs more violent/bloody games": Nope. These don't even sell well when they bother putting them on a Nintendo platform ( 3rd party or Nintendo themselves publishing). Why do people insist this? The ability to have games that appeal to people of any age is what Nintendo has always been about, and the magic that separates them from the rest of the pack. These are what draw people to Nintendo and tend keep them there. Keep in mind: The Wii U has plenty of violent/bloody titles by 3rd party. Still not selling! Nintendo releasing awesome titles like Pikmin 3, Mario 3D World, Mario Kart 8, Smash 4, Zelda WWHD, the next Zelda, etc are what will drive the console.
  10. The preferred choice of Megaman fans.
  11. Lots of cool stuff in the 10/1/13 Nintendo Direct: New Trailer for Super Mario 3D World (which looks even more amazing!) Sonic confirmed for the next Smash Mario & Luigi themed Wii Remote Plus Oct 25th for Wii Party U, some of the mini games look rather cool First round of Pikmin 3 DLC!! One free additional Mission Mode stage, and additional Mission Mode stage available for just $1.99 Bad news: DKR:TF is being pushed till Feb.. thugh thats better for my wallet anyways 3rd Party Games coming up: Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Game (Exclusive) Nov 15th Sonic Lost World (Exclusive) Oct 29th For those that don't have a PS3/360/PC: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (Oct. 22) Batman: Arkham Origins (Oct. 25), Assassin’s Creed IV Black Flag (Oct. 29).
  12. 4.0 Update (4.0 U) Lots of new features, Wii games on the GamePad!
  13. Taking votes on the design for Call, though I kinda feel like F is the one they were going to go for anyways. I'd go for F or B
  14. Back in stock! I grabbed mine
  15. I have tried unfortunately, but laptops don't tend to have high precision sensors either. Nor are they circular and placed in my thumbs in a concave shape. Nor do they have any haptic feedback. Or even made for gaming in mind. I would probably expect these trackpads to function much better. We'll see when they come out I guess Either way, even with a crappy standard laptop trackpad, games are still far far far more playable than Kinect (which isn't even remotely playable). You can't even navigate menus without issues with Kinect for goodness sake! Also keep in mind all these parts go together but aren't required to be together: You can put Steam OS on anything you want (use any combination of inputs you want) You can get a Steam Controller and use it on anything that runs Steam. Or you can get a Steam Machine for the complete package [Machine, OS, Controller] (and still mix and match whatever you want.. even install another OS) I personally can't wait to get one of those Steam controllers in hand to see how it works
  16. The controller has been made to play games that traditionally do not play well on a standard controller: RTS, point & click, casual touch games. The controller has been made to do really well for first person games, which more than just Valve makes. (and they make more than TF2 btw). I dont see why it would work for 3rd person 3D games either Oddly enough the only games that may be akward are the 2D sidescrolling/2d fighter types, but you don't have to use this controller, I'm sure you can use any controller on SteamOS/Steam Machine. Also you know... regular KB&M (something most consoles do not support at all) if you aren't into controllers at all Not sure I understand this... the trackpads should function like analog sticks only even more precise. How is that like Kinect, which could barely understand gestures while flailing your entire body about? Odd comparison To encourage development on an open platform, while simultaneously reaching the living room, a place where PCs generally "do not belong". Also provides a console-like experience for those who like that Because it doesn't need to be online (at least for any draconian DRM scheme) and is completely open source and free to run on whatever hardware you choose? Xbox One's original goal was to lock your entire system down to MS's new mega DRM and require daily check ins to even operate, along with being complely controlled by MS's pricing policies, etc. There is a vast ocean of difference between MS/Original XBO (consumer detrimental, completely closed hardware & os, required for next gen "Xbox" games) and Valve/SteamOS/Machine (consumer friendly, completely open hardware & software, completely optional for PC games). Basicly: MS seeks to control how you do things, Valve is seeking to open up your options.
  17. I too was hoping one of them would of been at least a Source 2 game but it looks like it was all "Steam Box" related news. Ah well. Can't wait to see this stuff in action though. I'll be throwing the Steam OS on my extra/TV PC ASAP just for the heck of it
  18. Suprised there wasn't a thread about this already So Steam made three big announcements this week but all boil down to basically the same thing: "Steam Box" or now officially called: Steam Machines. There are three components to this announcement, each can be used completely seperately but all relate to each other. SteamOS A customized build of Linux OS tailored to run Steam Big Picture mode and heavily optimized for gaming purposes. On top of being able to play any Steam OS / Linux optimzed game from Steam, it can also stream games from a PC/Mac that is located on your network. The OS is free and open source Price: Free! Release: "Soon" More Info: http://store.steampowered.com/livingroom/SteamOS/ Steam Machine A set of hardware specifications that are being sent to multiple manufactureres to build various "Steam Machines" that come with Steam OS preinstalled. The hardware is open in design as well Price: Variable, TBA Release: TBA 2014 More Info: http://store.steampowered.com/livingroom/SteamMachines/ Steam Controller Two concave trackpads specifically designed to deliver greater precision than a traditional controller and provide context sensitive feedback rather than traditional rumble Touchscreen with an API for developers to create wide range of types of input that you would normally not get with a standard controller. This is designed to assist the player not divide attention, there is an option for anything on the screen to overlay your game when in use as well. Touchscreen also has a click when pushed in 16 buttons all placed in easy to reach and "ergonomic" locations (A, B, X, Y, 3 menu buttons, 4 top triggers (2 analog?), 2 back triggers, both trackpads and the touch screen when pushed in) Controller will come with Steam Machine, but will also work just fine on a computer that has Steam installed. It will work on games old and new, including ones that don't have controller support (it will act like KB&M, and you can set your own bindings.) It is also "Open" as well, allowing those who wish to design and modify their own Steam Controllers Price: TBA Release: TBA 2014 More Info: http://store.steampowered.com/livingroom/SteamController/
  19. My biggest beef with games and violence these days is that all the happy colorful family friendly games of yesteryear seem to have slowly faded away to be replaced with and ocean of mostly violent bloodbaths. Its just kinda boring seeing every single AAA title being something A) realistic/gritty bland colors C) violent/bloody D) Not suitable for family There are some games that buck the norm, but they are usually containing these elements these days. I can and do sometimes play games with excessive violence, just tired of that being basically the norm
  20. So announcments: Wii Sports Club Based on the original events on Wii Sports except: Better graphics. WiiMotion Plus Support. MiiVerse Support Online Multiplayer Creation of State & Region Clubs Planned Events: Tennis Boxing Golf Bowling Baseball Each event can be purchased on separately. Each has a 24 hour trial, a $1.99 day pass afterwards, and a full unlimited version purchase for $9.99 Tennis & Bowling will be available Nov 7th on the eShop, the other 3 events TBA Wii Fit U Game includes all your favorite activities from Wii Fit / Plus, plus 19 new activities (77 Total). The game also makes use of a new accessory for keeping fit: The Fit Meter! Instead of using a simple single axis like a pedometer, it has 3 axis and a pressure meter. The Fit Meter is said to not only count steps, but also record intensity and elevation. For people who previously purchased a Wii Fit Board, you will be able to play the game basically for free! From Nov 1st until December 30th, the game will be available on the eShop. Once you download the game, it will be in a free full game 30-day trail. If you like the game and would like to keep it permanently you can purchase a Wii Fit Meter ($19.99), once synced your game is unlocked to the full version The Fit Meter is said to not only count steps, but also record intensity and elevation. The game will be available in different bundles at retail (Game+Meter and Game+Meter+Board) on December 13th. No prices set, but I imagine $59 for Game+Meter and $99 for the Board+Meter+Game. A regular non-free eShop purchase will be available Feb 1st next year. Wii Fit U Direct: http://www.nintendo.com/nintendo-direct/archive/09-18-2013/
  21. So, Free the Games got adjusted a little: Instead of minimum $50,000, it has been lowered to $10,000 Instead of no minimum backers (which is where the scam artists came in), you need a minimum of 100 backers Instead of requiring a OUYA exclusivity for minimum 6 months, you can launch simultaneously on OUYA & PC. There is no longer a Prize for earning the most funds for your game during this campaign. (Originally in addition to doubling your Kickstarter, there was going to be a $100,000 prize) This should fix a lot that was broken with the campaign
  22. Yes, more sharing of happy times with OUYA and less doom and gloom please
  23. This (official) image... is amazing haha Inti Creates of Megaman (Zero 1-4, ZX/A, 9/10) and upcoming Mighthy No 9 fame has been unveiled as the co-developer of Shantae: Half Genie Hero Two of some of my personal favorites combined. Awesome Also for those who didn't already see, Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse was announced for the 3DS eShop a little while back (also co-developed by Inti Creates) Shantae: Half Genie Hero is very close to the kickstarter goal (16 days left). Sadly doesn't look like its going to rocket past it like Mighty No 9 but timing the two close together was probably not the best
  24. They ARE selling though. Just because 4,000 isn't enough for you doesn't mean it isn't enough for OUYA. We don't know what they need to sustain themselves. And all your statements again are mostly geared towards large projects that would be exclusive to OUYA.. which there aren't any. as far as I know most of the larger projects are multiplatform so OUYA doesn't need to be its main income anyways, its just extra cash. The hobbyists and smaller indie devs don't have "risk." That is the entire point. If you are spending boatloads of money to make a game (exclusively) on OUYA... you're doing it wrong. It really is probably not the best idea given that even major console manufacturers can have issues with low installed base numbers at launch. You can doom and gloom all you want, but I still think its amazing how far OUYA has come, period. I just hope they start making better decisions about things because they have an uphill battle in the first place, making bad decisions will not help their cause. Only time will tell.
  25. I find his crazy sigs quite entertaining
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