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  1. Ugh, Nintendo really wasn't joking when they said the WWHD: Limited Edition was limited (the one with the Ganondorf figure). Looks like the GameStop website and all retail chains are out of stock. I should of jumped on it. Oh well :/
  2. The original Shantae for GBC was unfortunately a very limited run and now a collectors item. Its hard to find a copy of it for less than $100+ If that is a mint game, signed by devs, that is actually a pretty awesome reward for what is basically a "donation" of sorts. You can get it on eShop on 3DS though for anybody interested. Virtual Console for Shantae, and DSiware for Shantae: Risky's Revenge. Great games! Also, if nobody caught it: Jake Kaufman (aka "virt") does the music for the Shantae series. Awesome music!
  3. Not that it particularly matters, but there is a lot of stuff featuring the GamePad that was removed for Rayman Legends on other platforms. Its also the only one that has the "5th player" option. Technically the Wii U edition is the "Original"/"Uncut" version. But it doesn't matter, probably most of the game is the same, and its a great game no matter what platform you choose it on... but this is the Wii U thread.
  4. Certain games you get a little better graphics (some add AA) or smoother framerate if you switch the 3D off, plus it gives a little extra battery life. I like the 3D but you have to sit perfectly still and at a perfect angle or the image goes double, even on the lower 3D settings. It gets annoying Also forget about 3D on anything that uses the gyro, tilting the 3DS at all destroys the 3D effect 3DS is a fantastic platform, that has a ton of awesome games and even more on the way... the 3D effect is actually probably the worst feature of the platform. Still, I'd rather have it than not I guess, which is why the slider is awesome. Emperor Charlemagne: I'd probably suggest the XL just simply because its pretty slick. Feels nice if you have larger hands, love the nice big screen. Looks pretty sleek. Longer battery life over the regular 3DS. Its only real downside (besides being a bit too large for most peoples pants... fits in mine though) is the speakers are quiet compared to the regular 3DS. That and its the most expensive option :/
  5. MMZero series and MM ZX/ZXA were awesome games. Thats what excites me about Inti Creates doing Mighty Number 9 because they've already proven they can make good Megaman games. (They also did MM9/10, so they can do classic as well as new styles)
  6. Oh man, I love the Shantae series! Can't wait to see this one too! Smaller game devs + Kickstarter is really looking great lately
  7. *sigh* Let's pretend this didn't even happen.
  8. While I'm sure she'd do a good job, I really hope they let Inti Creates do some of the music for the game. The music they've done for the GBA/DS series and their Remastered Tracks Rockman Zero albums are amazing. I'd love to hear something that sounds as good as Telos/Physis/Mythos in a real game. Absolutely excited to see how this turns out and where Inafune takes things from here.
  9. Actually that ship has already sailed. Megaman already faded into mediocritcy a while back, Keiji was attempting to bring him back into the limelight (MM9/10, MML3) but now that idea is probably out the window. Also Capcom already makes crappy Megaman games and will probably continue to make crappy Megaman games. (See MM XOver). A key player leaving hardly stops a company from continuing to milk a franchise :/ Anywho, new thread dedicated to Mighty Number 9 now!
  10. Yoshino Ono only really did SFIV, Shigeru actually was involved with Super Mario Bros 2 (or more accurately, Dream Factory: Doki Doki Panic, the game SMB2/USA is disguised as), and some key members behind the Metroid franchise were unfortunately involved with Other M. Though you may have a point at least with Megaman & Keiji, as the games not directly involving Keiji's influence were pretty bad (MMX5 through MMX8 for example, are pretty terrible and Keiji had nothing to do with them). They could of got someone with talent (past and present) to make these games going forward but they apparently had issues finding talent.. or didn't care. Even for MML3, Keiji wanted to create a proper team to finish up but Capcom refused. Capcom mistreated their devs, made poor decisions, and have lost every key player they had in the past (Keiji Inafune, Atsushi Inaba, Shinji Mikami, etc). Not really sure why someone would root for them in this instance The only bad news is if Capcom has been treating MM like crap before, if the fanbase moves over to the Mighty Number 9 series I doubt Capcom will bother with MM anymore (except making more terrible mobile games like the broken/bad "MMX" port and MM XOver). But if MN9 turns out great, that's all that matters I guess. Can't wait to see how things go!
  11. Yeah i'm not sure what tangent your going about here. Keiji Inafune was a key player in the MM franchise, but to say they would be completely clueless on how to make a Megaman game after he left is a bit odd as he wasn't the ONLY guy working on the game. Capcom is just... bad at making games in general these days. Also, I'm sure Capcom was at no fault for Keiji leaving, just like all the other key members of Capcom leaving after Capcom's many terrible decisions and treatment of their developers. Not Capcom's fault at all! Wow. How sad and bizarre. Yes, what a terrible idea to reach out to your fans and have them participate in the creative process of your game. Its not a way to keep in touch with your fans and keep everybody happy, it MUST mean you're out of ideas! (BTW I think most Megaman Robot Masters, starting with MM2 and forward, were based on ideas/drawings sent in by fans during contests they had. Mostly just in Japan, except MM6 which had some boss designs from around the world) Anywho, I am extremely excited to see results of this Kickstarter. I'll be eagerly anticipating the release of Mighty Number 9 and hope that Keiji, Comcept, and Inti Creates make many people happy Inti Creates has already worked on some of the better MM games (MMZero series, MMZX/ZXA, MM9/10) so hopefully they'll keep it up for this one. They are also freakin' awesome at making music, so I hope they get to do some tracks too.
  12. Xehanort related stuff is like in... every KH game Brandon. Including the first ((Fake) Ansem in KH1 was Xehanort's Heartless, Xemnas was his Nobody) Master Xehanort himself is a more prodominantly featured in Birth by Sleep and Dream Drop Distance
  13. Latin Times quoting an interview from Society & Religion who asked questions to some guy from KHInsider. Good sources of news Brandon!
  14. I wonder if the next gen DS iteration will have one big touch screen ala Wii U GamePad / the one secretly hidden inside the 2DS. It looks like they've worked out "backwards compatibility" using a single screen with the 2DS after all. There are designs for foldable screens by various manufacturers too, so they wouldn't even have to sacrifice the clam shell design. Food for thought. Just hope they go for multitouch next round.
  15. Hopefully "X" and Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem will turn out pretty cool. I'd love to see what direction they will take the next Zelda, and even though this Mario isn't exactly the 3D Mario we were expecting, I'm interested to see how far they push this one. Also they need something charming like Giftpia/Earthbound/etc If Square was willing, maybe Bravely Default follow up, but expecting anything from a 3rd party at this point is probably not going to happen Next year better not be just Smash and Mario Kart from Nintendo :/ I'll get those, and I'm sure I'll enjoy those, but I'd like to see a lot more than that.
  16. When asked just recently about a price drop they had said before that a price cut wasn't feasable due to them not making money on the unit as is, but obviously they've gone more aggressive. Bundling with Wind Waker, dropping price, pushing Mario 3D World's date closer, I think Nintendo is more aware than ever the danger they pose on themselves if they don't get the Wii U in the public eye before the doomsday XBO/PS4 drops. These are good steps, but they need to push harder! If I didn't already own a Wii U, the Wii U WW HD bundle would definitely have made me jump the fence, along with all the other games available this holiday (and Pikmin 3). I am definately going to pick up a PS4 next year, but most of the top games coming out near XBO/PS4's launch you can get elsewhere (including Wii U if I for some reason wanted to). I can't get the games on Wii U coming out this holiday anywhere but on Wii U, and that is a pretty important distinction. Nintendo needs to drive this fact home if they hope to push more units. Wii U will not conquer the world, or have anywhere near the sales of Wii, but as long as they keep a close 3rd or at the very least, sell more then GCN, they'll be fine. The surplus they made with GBC/GBA/DS/Wii they could survive multiple generations of "bad" decisions before they'd need to worry about money really. They've turned the 3DS around (which is a wonderful platform BTW) and they will be making plenty there to make up losses from Wii U if it doesn't do super well, but I'm sure it will hold its own. I dont understand this. Wii U a leap beyond Wii in terms of power, and Wii was leaps above N64. Who on earth thought Wii was as weak as the N64?
  17. Has this been mentioned anywhere? $59 (MSRP is $54.99 so might even be cheaper) and you get physical version of the game AND a limited edition Ganondorf statue? ...might pick up WW:HD after all! Still my opinion that the $50 for just the digital version is a total rip.
  18. Zircon: 3DS is only like $40 more than the 2DS ($130 vs $170). Might be a big difference for a younger person, but in the end that is not a giant price drop. If you're interested in a 3DS just get the regular one. I see bundles/sales for it all the time (in fact the original aqua blue color right now is $150 at BestBuy, thats only $20 more than the 2DS) Also, just turn the 3D slider to off if you don't like the 3D. Thats what we all do anyways (conserves battery power, makes the games look slightly better sometimes). 3DS has so many games right now and more on the way, its a really nice system over all.
  19. Don't remind me of the SH HD ports... *shudder* You'd have to work pretty hard to make an HD rerelease that bad. That was a perfect storm of horrible. I think its more than safe to say WW:HD would turn out much better than that
  20. ocre: Most HD collections are $30, and come with multiple games. Digital versions of those HD ports are often only around $10-15 for a single game. $50 for an HD port of a single game is wayyy too pricey in comparison. $50 is the price of a NEW game created from scratch where actual work was needed to be done. No real work goes into an HD port. Calling it "full featured remastered & retooled" is a complete stretch. Its slightly touched more than an average HD port but not a gigantic amount. I was happy Nintendo was putting slightly more effort into it than most HD ports, but I didn't know it was coming at a premium price tag. Expected at MOST the usual $30 Now I'll have to skip it or wait for a price drop. :/
  21. Kinda mixed. I don't blame them for making a cheaper alternative and nixing the stereoscopic 3D, as its probably the worst feature of the 3Ds. This was a great idea. But nixing the portability a bit is an odd one. Also, still no 2nd joystick but I guess that just isn't happening (wouldn't make it cheaper anyways) Feels very very weird this is a real thing
  22. Well, they've put themselves out of an immediate danger zone by distancing themselves from PS4's price but I still think $300 is a little pricey ($250 would be the "sweet spot" for most). But bundling WW with a price drop was probably a great move on their part. Also moving up 3D World from December to November is a pretty interesting move. Sad news is $49.99 price tag confirmed for even the digital version of WW:HD.. *sigh* I'll pass :/
  23. Generally, most console manufacturers release games for their console. Just sayin! The PS+ required for online multiplayer will certainly help, plus the digital offerings for games, movies, music, etc all tie in to income flow. And as usual, accessories (PS4 Eye, controllers, etc) always tie in towards making profit (downside for consumers they have to buy new controllers this round though, ah well). Nice of them not to force Plus on those who want to use the PS4 for other things besides what Plus offers and multiplayer (unlike MS who requires Gold to do ANYTHING on 360/XBO). That said, Plus has so many benefits now it would be silly not to get it. Free games across multiple consoles (PS3, Vita, PS4), discounts off digital purchases, beta access to things, and online for PS4. Pretty good deal
  24. Possibly if you factor in a bunch of other stuff in like the controllers, distribution, R&D, etc the profit margin looks smaller but just from the cost of the hardware itself, the Wii was said to be around $158.00 worth of components http://www.engadget.com/2006/12/15/wii-manufacturing-costs-ring-up-to-just-158/ Some articles mention Nintendo only made around $6-12 profit off each machine after all said and done. Considering the recycled hardware, I think those numbers are probably too low honestly as I'm sure Nintendo was making more profit than that Now in this same article it mentions PS3... $805.85 to produce sold at $599.. and that's before you figure in stuff like R&D, distribution, controllers, pack ins etc. so the "being sold at a loss" increases from there. Articles I've found say the 360 was selling for around $130 loss and PS3 was selling around $300 loss. I beleive both of these consoles are now breaking even due to hardware revisions According to Nintendo, Wii U is being sold at a "minimal" loss that is made up by a sell of a single game. I'm sure the XBO/PS4 are probably being sold at "minimal" losses as well as I don't think anybody wants to repeat a generation of selling consoles at massive losses (especially Sony who had to play catch up for a long time). But either way nobody will be selling the next generation consoles at profit right now, business as usual Videocards are a completely different type of market
  25. Nintendo generally an exception, they sell things at profit off the back. The Wii was basically a recycled/overclocked GCN, so it made MASSIVE profits. (I could be wrong, but I think it was ~$100 to produce, and sold at $250) Wii U however is being sold at a loss, not because of the hardware per se, but the GamePad is quite pricey to produce with its screen. (Est over $100+ just for the GamePad). MS/Sony sold their consoles at a loss for PS2/PS3/Xbox/Xbox 360. Though as mentioned earlier, I do not think that loss is as significant this round than the last 2 generations for PS4/XBO.
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