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  1. I'm pretty excited about the Wii U, especially if Nintendo make good with the hardcore gamers and offer up something to really get your teeth into. I mean I'm all for a new Super Mario Galaxy/Universe/Multiverse/Space Time Continuum, but a port of Arkham City would send me into complete rapture ;oD
  2. It's an amazingly fun source. I'm about halfway finished with mine!
  3. Sir_NutS, the man who gave us 'Welcome to the Metropolis' (plus others of course) having "pretty limited talent"?! I disagree most strongly!
  4. I think it's because it doesn't have a distinctive tune. The Parasite Eve tune had a very obvious hook to it, this one doesn't
  5. I'm sad to say that I'm in the same situation as HoboKa. I've tried several different styles but nothing seems to sound right I'm going to keep trying but I can't guarentee I'll be able to make an entry.
  6. Holy hell I LOVED Gunstar Heroes! I am so in on this one!
  7. This is possibly the most cheerful piece of music I have ever heard, massive kudos!
  8. Thanks for the 1st place vote and the awesome feedback on the last PRC, really appreciate it!

  9. Got the feedback, thanks a lot I really appreciate it! =oD

  10. Wow 4th place! I am totally shocked at being voted 1st place twice, I honestly thought my entry was the weakest of all of them. Massive thanks for all the feedback; I'll try and put it to good use for the next entry
  11. Well I've got a taste for it now, so I'll be entering as often as possible
  12. Wow, by happy coincidence I've just purchased the TunedIn app for Android! OCR goodness on the move here I come!
  13. Wow, listening to everyone elses entries makes me a little embarrassed about my own. Still, at least I got an entry in
  14. Made my entry! As poor as it is, I'm still pleased to make my first submission to a PRC
  15. Aww, Sonic Spinball never gets any love...
  16. I like the Police Cell tune, might actually manage to submit something for this one
  17. Thanks for the feedback guys! I'll see what I can with it
  18. This is something I made when I first got Mixcraft using samples that come with the program. I wouldn't consider it finished by any means and there's no mixing on it at all but any thoughts or feedback would be nice as I've kinda lost my thread with this piece
  19. Thanks dude, that's a lot of info there and I appreciate you taking the time to relay it to me. I use Mixcraft for all my projects and for this song I mostly used the VST Alchemy. I get what you mean about the leads, when I'd finished it I wasnt too happy with the sound but didn't really know what I could replace it with. I might revisit this song at some point and put your feedback to good use Thanks again.
  20. This is my first post so I hope I get this right I'm assuming it's OK to a mix of songs like this (i.e not 16-bit style songs) as it is from a computer game. This is my second remix but possibly the only one worth sharing Original: Remix: Be brutal, I like feedback
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