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  1. Sounds pretty chill, and pretty clean. I think it could use a bit more punch, I guess? But it's off to a good start.
  2. A lovely, ethereal piece! So calm and subtle. American Beauty does work here, though I'd argue more on the side of Road to Perdition. Beautiful rendition. Makes me picture a chill ice field or just sitting in the middle of the ocean.
  3. Gorgeous piece. The beginning just draws me into the enchantment of it, then the layers start to build and it's wonderful. The nice, industrial drums don't take away from the magic of the piece, either. They seem like they should be jarring, but they really aren't. They still maintain warmth, as the entire song does, in spite of it seeming also as crisp as ice. Aptly named. My only complaint is that I wanted it to go on longer, for more of a journey. Great work.
  4. Oh man... This was just a delight. Loved how relaxed it feels. It captures the mood of Zeal so well, in my opinion, and takes me right back to when I first arrived in that land of magical, floating islands and people so very laid back and confident in their hubris. The bit of synth is great, and not so heavy as to throw it back to full 80's, which I really appreciate haha. Nice snappiness to the percussion that doesn't hit too hard. It just feels really delicate, in spite of how well it moves. That make sense? Anyhow, great work!
  5. Thanks for the review, I'm glad you're enjoying my Deus Ex arrangement!

  6. Really, really chill mix. Oddly enough, makes me think of a Mass Effect's music a bit, but simultaneously some Perfect Dark, too. At any rate, I enjoy how this sticks thematically to Deus Ex, and isn't intrusive as electronic work can sometimes be. I can easily just lounge to this. Makes me think of a highrise condo in the heart of the city on a rainy night... Great work.
  7. Beautiful piece, for sure. So different from the direction many mixes have taken with the source material. It's a shame it's so short, but other than that, I've no other complaints about this mix. Great work!
  8. Slick mix, man! It got dirty and gritty after that little bit of funk and I liked it. Definitely something good to get the blood pumping, as only Street Fighter deserves. I was definitely worried a bit at first that it was going to take it's time too much, but you kicked it up pretty quick to lay all of said fears to rest!
  9. Wonderful piece, this. Oddly enough, this piece now sounds like it belongs in the Chrono Trigger soundtrack. You did a great job on telling your story through this song's journey.
  10. Dear Squint, Why are you so great? Love, Greg Seriously, beautiful and touching piece. It just rolls out the emotion, the passion and romance in my mind. I just picture lovers embracing, lovers parting, trains in black and white leaving the station - y'know, that sorta' thing. Great rendition of these themes. You make that piano sing, and your love of the material shines through. Thanks for yet another great piece to add to my already ginormous OC ReMix library!
  11. Totally heading over to download now. I cannot wait to give this a listen! It's a good year to be a Legend of Zelda fan
  12. Wonderfully beautiful mix. It's so haunting, yet bittersweet. The whole time, I felt like the song was crying out for someone, awaiting their return, though deep down knowing they could never come back. Great work on this, a definite download.
  13. Just saw the show in Vancouver last night, and it was an incredible experience. I only wish I could've done the VIP and met the man himself... Still, seeing him perform was fabulous, as was joining in to sing along with 'One Winged Angel'! 'Aerith's Theme' definitely got me tearing up at first, too. I'm a manly man, I swear... haha. I hope everyone gets a chance to see this show. If you're a fan of Uematsu's work, you will have a memory to last a lifetime.
  14. I saw this post when I joined the forums a few weeks ago, and I think it'd be rad to Minecraft with some OC ReMixers! If you're still taking additions to the whitelist, I'd like to apply. While I may not be an established OCR member yet, I have been listening for years and I'm an all around pretty awesome guy, so yeah. Hopefully you'll add me on. My username is Perigryn.
  15. Hey, all! Name's Greg and I just registered myself on the forums today! I've been listening to OCReMixes for years now, possibly about 10? Anyways, the amount of talent that has culminated onto this site has been astounding to me for all those years, and I come here almost daily, looking for new mixes to add to my already massive library that dominates most of my iTunes playlist. Heck, I haven't even put a dent in past remixes, let alone the more recent additions over the past 7 or so years. I myself play the piano well enough, though I'm much better practiced as a tenor (though that practice has been lacking of late... need to reapply myself...) so I would very much be up for some collabs and the like, to get me back into shape. KatetheGreat is one such fabulous rearranger that I've wanted to work with since hearing her The Rose General mix. SO good. My all time fave mix on the site, so far, is halc's First Time on Outset, followed shortly by Dr. Manhattan's Mr. Pink Poncho's Western Rock Band, and the Fallout of Eli by Brynner Agassi and Mazedude. And really, there are so many others that just amaze me, the list would just go on, really. Everyone, just keep on being fantastic, and I hope that I'll have an awesome mix of my own to present back, to say thanks for the many years of great listening!
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