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  1. Oh man!!!!!! It's so awesome!!!!!! I posted this on the comment on the song itself but it's really like your character was in Erana's Garden and then dove into the water and found a space ocean under it - it is SO appropriate to its title, this is very magical and I'm soooo happy!!!!
  2. Dracaemelos

    OCR03616 - Quest for Glory IV "Space Garden"

    Soooooo cool!!!!!! It's as if you dove into the water in Erana's Garden and found a space ocean under it. XD That's what it made me picture anyway... Ahhhhhh yaaaaaaay. I'm going to listen to it a bunch more times now. Thank you!!!!!
  3. Oh man!!!!! You should do Erana's Garden!!!!! (IV) In my biased opinion. I listened to it a bunch in my teens and wrote it down as letter names of notes so I could practice/play it on the piano for a while (sadly can't do it anymore haha, would need to spend some time on it again) but yeah, that one is quite beautiful. I thought there was a MIDI of just it, floating around Quest Studios (er Midi Music Adventures) website, but at least here would be the .ogg if you didn't get the bandcamp version that Aubrey Hodges posted above. And likewise for Erana's Pool (Pool of Peace - III) they have the individual .ogg over at Midi Music Adventures too... Sorry if this was totally not helpful or anything but I got so excited haha ^_^; EDIT: Whoops I was so excited I didn't link Erana's Peace which of course.. now THAT one I still CAN play on the piano haha... so peaceful... how appropriate...
  4. Wow, I'm just so happy now. I just. Read. And I'm just so happy @aubreyhodges I spent so much time listening to the MIDI QFGIV soundtrack... so fantastic. Thank you SO much !!! And likewise @midiman369 I really love your site and how it has so many just fun anecdotes (in addition of course to like... 5 versions of the music ) Ahh, I'm just so happy Er. I do actually know words besides "so" but I guess I'm blanking on them presently! Please feel free to substitute in positive superlatives of your choice!
  5. I still just appreciate the opportunity to have called it out! Thank you. Oh, but, actually, since the link names/comments were added by LT (thanks for that since I had just pasted the messy links!) I had to point out - Katrina's Retreat that I had picked from QFGV actually DOES play during the game only in one location if you make a very particular choice during one section of the game and then also follow up on the result. Er, I don't know if there are spoiler tags here because I'm such an infrequent poster. T_T So I don't want to say. But, obviously, it has to do with Katrina. I just wanted to be sure to pick one of the little songs from QFGV that didn't make it into the official soundtrack. I like a bunch of them.
  6. Hello everyone I love listening to rainwave and have done that for quite some time. I have also been lurking a slight bit lately. Let's see, I have been exposed to music and its practice since memory serves, and have always appreciated its presence and usage in games as well. I have fun playing the old boat music from EverQuest on the piano while whistling the top flute line... I love OCR and am super happy that Patreon exists... I work full time as a (non-game) software QA analyst and also try to keep my kitchen clean. Between those and playing Trails in the Sky obsessively, it'll probably still be a while before I get any WIP or remix submissions for anything racked up here. Anyway, I just wanted to say hi
  7. It's going to take me a while to catch up on the Ask A Judge thread which is really fun to read.  Seeing as I'm reading it now and it was started in 2008... well, I got to page 17.  ^_^