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  1. Yay, my song got yes'd! So we're standing at 9 project songs that have passed the panel. Aight.
  2. Wow, that's an interesting piece of information, and also explains a lot. I'm still sick of losing more lp points from a defeat than what I get from a victory, though... I'm in silver 3, dammit... cut me some slack. Talking about Sejuani, my friend started using her after rework and I freaking loved her ganks when solo laning. The rework made her very much equal with other initiator tanks. ... And now they're nerfing her hard. "Northern winds Bonus maximum Health ratio reduced to 10% from 16%." Kind of a BIG hit along with the duration of her CC reducing. Is it really called for? What do
  3. Exactly. My enemies themselves have sometimes said at the end of the game things like "gold 1 at last" when I'm struggling to get to silver 2. It's bullshit
  4. Is anyone else fed up with solo que matchmaking system? Frankly, I think it should be reworked in some fashion. The description says "you'll be competing against all opponents of your skill level in the League of Legends community". So yeea... In other words, you'll randomly be fighting against platinum players while your team consists of silver players. I actually have decent stats in ranked and perform consistently well, but it's a damn lottery about what kind of team I get, and most of the time it doesn't matter at all how well I'm playing. On top of that, I lose more league points from
  5. Holy hot damn. This thing is gun be the epicest thing ever. So much variety, so much quality. There's gotta be something for everybody on this giant behemoth of an album. But by the sound of it, especially for me!! I LOVE DEM SONGS!!
  6. wow, this is like... old. But it's great and cheesy I like this probably more than I should. Vintage remixes 4 life!
  7. Witty retort #4. Seriously, there is some tie-breaker value to you comment!
  8. I'll give you that imagination plays a big part with old games. I like to picture the events in my head as they happen on-screen. But of course, we can only speculate how these games would look and feel if made with modern technology. But most of all my point is that even if technical issues, such as the ones you mentioned (how the characters sound and look), would drag the game down, the storyline itself would still, even by today's standards, be epic as hell and loved by many. It's really interesting to think and explore why many like old rpgs more than new ones. I'm one of those people...
  9. Those videos are GOLD. "Seriously... Square Enix did not give a SH*T!"
  10. In response to the first post: Truthfully, FF4 was sorta cheesy, and so was FF5. By today's standards they do fall short... However, if FF6 was made today, I'd probably hail it as the best RPG ever. I don't think it's nearly as cheesy or as flawed as its predecessors. The plot? Still haven't seen an RPG plot that is as captivating and thought-out.
  11. norg, thanks for the answer. Separating it into 4 movements was certainly a good choice. I agree 100%. Actually, the only reason I make music is because I enjoy and listen to it myself. Even if no one else listened to it.
  12. Woah, that's one ambitious piece of music. I'm one of those skeptics who has to hear it to believe that such a colossal song can be enjoyable. As a fellow musician, I'm interested to hear the reasoning behind that. Why make one behemoth of a song instead of a bunch of regular ones? Aren't you worried that it's too much asked from people to listen to the whole thing?
  13. hehe, don't worry. Did 'em samples you heard a while back sound live?;) Whatever the case, trust me: Production quality won't be an issue. I just want your feedback on the arrangement, which is why the first wip will most likely be a live jam. It's just a personal musician thing, you know... I wanna keep up the traditions, haha...

  14. Beware the minimods of this thread, they're gonna shoot your mean comments down. "Speaking about Anita is offtopic, so knock it off and try to come up with better arguments." (that was the case some time ago in this thread.)
  15. A distant&sad, yet warm song that has actually put me to tears called "Anthem of Exile" by JJT is the one I recommend. It has some magic to it, I think... It's a remix of one of my favorite VGM tunes, and even though the organ solo does stray from the sad feel of the rest of the song, the beginning and the end are the parts that still make me emotionally invested. Another one that you may want to try out is "Stockholm" by Avaris. If I ever feel like taking a lone walk in the evening, I put it on. It's eerie, sad, distant... You know, everything you'd want in that mindset.
  16. I second everything you said. Maybe there's not enough fans of the game and its soundtrack among ocr artists? But I don't think Darke would let me try this even if I could, so lol.
  17. Overall I find it odd that not many people have expressed interest in this. Is it because everyone already has a crap ton of projects under works or folks just haven't seen this thread? If I wasn't on it already, I'd be thrilled to try auditioning for the next Fabled Warriors! Don't people care that much anymore or what is it? :/
  18. I, too, am looking forwards to this one. And what I mean by that is I have a great arrangement ready but haven't had time to record it. You'll get something on May 1st, even if it would just be me humming the damn thing.

  19. lol, memory didn't serve one bit. How didn't I recognize that myself...
  20. Peaceful easter for everyone.
  21. lol, in the upper-left corner it look like donatello with badass gauntlets... and epic wristblades. NOW THAT WOULD BE AWESOME
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