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  1. Indeed. I celebrate with you people across the pond in spirit! Time to grab a frosty beer.
  2. Duuuude so sad to hear that. I remember sending you my very first private message, asking about this project. I've been keeping an eye on this ever since... You had an interesting album concept&roster, I was excited to hear the stuff. It's just too bad that there's so much stuff going on and so little time, I would've loved to be a part of this also someday. Actually right now. This is so wrong... Do I have to step up.. What are you going to do now, Kuolema? Surely you're not gonna disappear or anything? :/
  3. What are those weird symbols surely not notes, this is vgm we're talking about!
  4. I think you made sense now. Really should have checked this out sooner, what a marvelous competition. Gotta sign up next time. edit: silly me.
  5. So am I getting this right, we're voting on darkness bracket wips atm? Rounds equal wip phases or something like that?
  6. Already commented on this in my album review, but it really does have a relaxing atmosphere and orchestration to go with the sad melody. Vocals could have benefited from a little more reverb&delay. Especially the female aah's sound a tad dry but it's no biggie; It's a nice song worth checking out.
  7. LOL I got the wrong deadline in my calendar, I had it at 24th Sorry, Brandon! Just looked at the thread's name and was like OMG
  8. same here, I'll vote for sure. This maybe needs a little brake now that the FF compo is running hot. I know I'd like to join this someday as a star when my project songs get posted and I'm less busy.
  9. Posted in February... First called it! But it's surely not gonna come out in time for Christmas, you say? I meant Christmas 2014!
  10. I wonder why that's the case with both genders, though. Obviously that's the case with women but where does the desirable beauty in men originate from? It'd be interesting to hear what japanese people think about it themselves. Anyway, enough about pretty men and offtopic for my part.
  11. I've never understood why they like to make men look as feminine as possible, it's real silly to me... Tidus and Yuna look like twins in that photo It's like the exact opposite of western style in which the contrast&differences between men and women are highlighted and almost exaggerated.
  12. It's true that there isn't too much accordion used around here, at least I haven't heard a single remix with a live one, like, ever. But I'm gonna bust out the whole arsenal for my song.
  13. Thanks for a straight answer - I'm sure our album will be awesome nonetheless. While on the subject I might as well inform you that my accordion has been in maintenance for weeks now and it's unlikely that I get it back before deadline so for this WIP I have to use a sample accordion. So you shouldn't expect anything magnificent-sounding yet
  14. Well ain't that a bummer. But he's got his reasons, hope it's nothing serious though.
  15. wow, what the hell happened with Sixto? Are we allowed to know at any point? I know I was hyped for his songs already.
  16. This is exactly what I've often thought about. But I guess this idea has a similar problem as the remixer showcase videos: the production. People would have to pick up a camcorder and shoot the video themselves etc.
  17. I think this is a great idea. Make it happen, please. I bet remixers and listeners alike would find interest in the series. EDIT: DarkeSword already commented on this.
  18. Hell yes. Megaman 2, 4 and 6 Coming to think of it, listening to and comparing the songs in these Megaman games with my older brother is actually one of my earliest clear memories. I remember letting the stage select music from Megaman 4 loop over and over, hanging out in Wily stage 1, dancing to the Flash Man theme etc. I must have been 4-5 years old at the time, way before I even knew anything about commercial music and pop songs on the radio and whatnot. So VGM is officially the first kind of music that really made me listen.
  19. I've seen those MALE GAMERS ONLY ads with poor drawings all over the internet lately, pretty much on every site I've been to, so I don't think site managers are aware of them. They sure have been funny, though. Who in their right mind would actually fall for that?
  20. Manga boobs.... Did you see 'em? hell yes im gona buy xbox 1.
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