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  1. Appreciate the offer, really do. But I believe in getting my own instrument back in the next few weeks. A day may come when the faith of men fails, but it is not this day!

  2. Dam, you haven't forgotten about me yet? Well, should've known that just quietly slithering away was never an option... Remember when I said my accordion was in maintenance about like 5 years ago? Yea... It's still in there. It's a long story. Very long. So haven't been able to find too much inspiration because of that. But never despair, my friend. This is one song I'm not gonna let go.

  3. About the Djp writeups, does he tend to quote the artist from the submission email or artist notes written for the album website? It can get a bit confusing when you write stuff about your song to at least two different places.
  4. Yea this is great news. I remember contacting rozo a couple years ago and shouting encouragement. This is one big beast with a LOT of history, the artists deserve to have their music finally released. I can imagine a lot of folks on the album being surprised to see their old songs they didn't even remember existed on the front page
  5. I was plowing through the comments to see if there's anyone I can quote, and voila, there I go. Isn't it kinda sad in retrospect to remember taking the steps in the last dungeon but for some reason not walk all the way up to kefka... Ff6 is the best gaming experience of my life, too. I think I'll never find peace until I complete the game... Then I've lived a full life. Someday.. Also, the infamous Castlevania 2 was the bane of my childhood. How was I supposed to beat that game as a kid in a country where we didn't have nintendo power?? Lol, that was about 4 years wasted with that impossible
  6. Ye I know, Was just wondering about ilpo specifically, the dude's pretty much been under the radar for the past year or so... Hope he makes a comeback. Anyway goodluck with everything, hope to see that great preview grow into a trailer someday.
  7. Ey whats up with dis I loved the preview, how come there ain't no traffic around here. Luberz mcgoo and kuolema, have you been able to contact all the peeps who made some music for that preview? Like ilpo and terra mater? Man I hope they're around and finish their songs...
  8. niiiiiiiiiiiiice caaaaaaaaaaaaake
  9. My sincerest well-wishes go to him; I regularly watch his content and think he's a great and honest personality on Youtube& gaming scene in general. All the best.
  10. I think Liontamer's analysis is pretty much spot-on, meaning that most music around here is actually cover-ish in nature rather than literal remixes. Overclocked covermix just doesn't sound as good...
  11. It's just calm before the storm... What I've come to realize is that projects nearing completion are the ones that seem the dead-est:)!! That's what I'd like to believe anyhow... But the pessimist in me says there's no chance for this album until next Christmas at the earliest. actually, I think that's the optimist in me
  12. Back in Blue was a pretty energetic&tight package IMO, with a little bit of everything. It's not too big either with 2 discs.
  13. At least it looks and sounds like real Godzilla this time unlike the -98 abomination, don't know what the hell that was. Seems to be an obligatory watch for me as a monster movie fan.
  14. So there will be no remix albums/EPs/whatnot for sale on OverClocked Records? Did I get that right?
  15. Merry&happy&peaceful&blessed Christmas for y'all Except miley
  16. Eino Keskitalo - Katumus First of all, the groove&beat is pretty catchy... I really like the drum&synth programming. The bulk of the song is solid. Drums seem to be pretty much on autopilot though. Granted, there are some fills here and there and a section after the 2 minute mark in which the beat slows down, I liked that. Save for a few dissonant parts, such as at 1:14 and 1:30, the leads sit pretty well together. Arrangement-wise I think it's a very interesting and creative take on the themes, you took especially Lulu's theme in an unexpected direction. I would've liked to he
  17. 60 push ups/minute has been a long-time goal for me, now I'm determined to achieve it - I'm already pretty close. Also I want to get posted, you peeps better start releasing them damn projects.
  18. I think I finally figured it out. 2017 marks not only the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy V but also the 30th anniversary of the whole franchise! And there are 4 upcoming volumes of Fabled Warriors... That means: 2014 - Water 2015 - Fire 2016 - Earth 2017 - Dawn, the conclusion, in celebration of the double anniversary! So don't worry folks, I bet DarkeSword had it all planned out from the start.
  19. Happy birthday, thanks for awesome music.
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