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  1. Interesting question. I guess many of my favorites have a formula: Parts that are faithful and have the exact same melody as in the source material, with new stuff built around it. I like a mix of conservative&something entirely new. Cases in point: -Passing of the blue crown -Quick and the blue -Jade catacombs etc.
  2. cheers! I'm a little late to the party as usual but lucky for me, someone has kept these around!
  3. Cheers for the stream, very interesting stuff. Always a joy to learn from experienced composers, the stuff you showcased sounded extremely good, which is of course no surprise. Shame that twitch requires signing up to comment, I'm so lazy with that stuff so didn't get to ask something I would've wanted. And now I forgot what it was about..
  4. Woah, I kinda threw it as a joke and indeed I figure you must've updated the song a billion times since - it's a long time in music business as equipment and skillz develop. At least personally I feel my songs age so fast.
  5. So what's the final count, 63? Assuming songs from the last decade haven't ended up lost in byte space, that is. Also, it'd be a fun bit of trivia if you were to disclose the date of the oldest song on the project. From around 2005?
  6. And thus, with all notions of turn-based combat seemingly being discarded, pretty much everything that I originally loved about the series has finally been removed And why, o why with the anime hairdos? The main cast looks like a Japanese boyband.
  7. I highly recommend this classic, archetypal winter remix. http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR01366
  8. I still think the tongue-in-cheek approach, "Run for your life", would be the most fitting title for a sonic anniversary album
  9. I'm a bit worried about the lifespan of this game, it isn't quite the mmo giant it was marketed as. Or at least the mmo element was severely overhyped. I feel like playing a co-op campaign of halo, but with a loot system. A friend of mine has been playing this day and night, and feels that there isn't much to achieve anymore... Sounds bad. Game's been out for about a week. Do more people feel that way?
  10. Thanks for linking, had missed this. Great stuff, well written and thought out as you said. Also, the spoken version on soundcloud, is that a great idea or what Thats like relaxation therapy
  11. I've always liked his take on things and the way he expresses his thoughts in general. I truly think he's one of the most down-to-earth and trustworthy personalities in the industry.
  12. This is what came to my mind too the first time I saw the new announcement. As good idea as the flood is with album releases, putting out a bunch of songs at the same time diminishes the individuality of the pieces and reduces the possible attention paid to each one, or at least so it would seem... It's just more convenient to listen to that one new song a day rather than a whole bunch. Not to mention that artists deserve at least that one day to have their song at the top of the front page.
  13. Hate to break it to you Brandon, but it doesn't really work as well when you write that way...
  14. Oi! Make some more remixes! also, nice birthday! \()/
  15. Still my favorite solo piano mix on this site. It's simply a perfect remix given the source material and its context. The sound you chose couldn't have been more appropriate, the live performance itself is of course nigh flawless and the structure of the arrangement here is spot-on with lots of dynamics, highs and lows. It's moody, eerie, hauntingly beautiful, solitary, sad and distant, but not without a glimmer of hope hidden in somewhere. Such an emotional piece, and it has accompanied me in many lonely situations of my life.. And it just hit me how appropriately this mix is named.
  16. Classics never lose their charm and magic, and this song is one of them. Always a joy to return to this one and drive into the night with this playing in the background.
  17. Been thinking of doing a "drunk off my ass"- anthem for myself, this could be a swell opportunity.
  18. Was truly shocked to hear this.. The irony of life, so many famous, succesful and beloved artists&comedians who make millions laugh are actually depressed in their personal life and resort to suicide, though in this case it's not yet confirmed. Damnit, makes you think of the old sayings about fortune&fame not making you any happier.. Wish things had gone differently for him. I'm grateful for the memories, Mr. Williams, you made me laugh countless times, too.
  19. Congrats and thanks for the awesome trailers, keep up the good work!
  20. :grin: Anyway, I agree with the practical costumes and makeup being pretty fantastic. Great, wild editing with creative visual effects being used all over the place. The music is professional and beautiful as expected. As for the meaning of the video, one could easily assume that the strange and symbolistic visuals are nothing more than a trick to make it seem deeper than it really is(most music videos and movies do this), but I want to believe that there's at least something more than, umm... meets the eye in this video. It would be a bit of a letdown if it was just an allegory for being y
  21. A few more months(years?) is nothing at this point! I do still believe in my old prediction of this coming out by Christmas 2014! I HAVE A DREAM
  22. Late well-wishes from me too, may your hobbyism bear fruit in the form of great music forever more!
  23. Ye I have to admit that you've been quite lenient already and given us plenty time to cook up something for you without the fear of losing a track, it's speaking volumes that even I have been able to turn something in despite being a wretched slowpoke. On the bright side, I might have something for you by the 5th. Possibly. Probably. Maybe even something that won't poison your auditory nerves like the... thing I first sent you way back when. I mean, I still ain't got my accordion (IKR:banghead:) but I can't let that stop me from making any progress whatsoever. There's always hope!
  24. Been a while since ma last visit and front page is old as granny so I'm completely out of the loop, what became of those sixto tracks that were pulled out at some point? Like are they up somewhere or did he repent and re include them in the project? edit: Actually, looks like Brandon has updated the front page fairly recently, I just glanced at it in passing and it looked pretty much the same as always so I got it all wrong. So 1 sixto track seems to be on there but others were taken out for good?
  25. Haha, welcome aboard the "FFVI Last dungeon was too much" train, passenger count 5! It's getting kinda crowded in here for some reason!! Interesting coincidence, so many have quit playing approximately at the same point in the game. Or is it coincidence???!!
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