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  1. Timberwolf asked me a while back if I had any old IMC stuff backed up and I couldn't find any but I'll check again. I know I remember burning some of the old comps to a CD so I should have it somewhere, the problem is that I've moved twice since then so I'll have to find it.
  2. I may be interested, once I have net access back at home again we'll see (that should be really soon). I've told you I wanted to work with you before (at least I think I told you) so, yeah... I'll probably do something. May I suggest spreading this out to the entire Chrono series? Or maybe even just all the games Mitsuda's composed? Xenogears has amazing music too. EDIT: I sing too so whatever song I end up arranging I'll definitely sing with you too.
  3. http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-8l-49-en-70-i9c-40-extended.htmlIt's considerably cheaper than you may expect.
  4. I assume you expected to hear this but there probably aren't too many remixes because the game never came out in America (until recently that is). Hopefully the DS version will spark interest, until then I highly recommend seeking out a copy of the Arrange Album. Great stuff.
  5. Exactly. I left out people like, let's say The Sinistrals because I've never played Lufia or heard the soundtrack. I'm sure some of you would be leaving out Rugal while I placed him up pretty high because I love KoF. That's why you need to vote!
  6. If you aren't voting because you don't know all of the bosses on the list you can just do what I did and only list the ones you know followed by a disclaimer saying "I don't know the rest of the bosses/songs so I place all of them equally behind the ones I listed," or something to that effect. At least, I wasn't told to do my vote over so I assume that was okay.
  7. Funny, I came to this thread for the sole purpose of bringing this up. I was actually going to request that Birth of a God be remixed instead because A: it's probably easier, and B: there are like 9 official versions of One Winged Angel already. If someone can do another good version of OWA I'm all for it, but I don't think I've ever heard Birth of a God remixed at all while we've already heard OWA in rock, orchestral, and techno. It's no big deal really, I guess I'm just requesting that the remixer that takes Sephiroth put a little BoaG in there. If not I'm sure it'll be remixed in the FFVII project anyway, so it's all good.In other news, I voted. And you should too.
  8. Wow. I was happy when I saw an Eternal Champions mix finally made it to OCR, and when I saw the write up page didn't have the name of the source song, I was praying it was going to be "Song of the Eternals" and it is! I love the EC soundtrack, and this is easily my favorite song on it. I used to request it all the time, never getting an answer. I never thought I'd hear someone do the original justice like this. Certainly deserving of a direct post, as well as a permanent spot on my playlist. Awesome.
  9. Oh Arek *shakes head* so, so petty. If you're going to launch attacks at me, you could at least do it in threads that involve both me and her. Or, you know... in PMs, where it's just me and you.
  10. I noticed the list on page one is missing Kuja. I'd like to nominate his theme "Dark Messenger" for the project. Actually I'll try to list a few other good ones: Vaati (Zelda Minish Cap) Zeromus (FFIV) Mr. X (Streets of Rage 2) M. Bison (Street Fighter 2) Rugal (King of Fighters series) Sigma (Megaman X) I'd better stop there or I'm going to start suggesting some really obscure stuff that no one will want to remix.
  11. Don't forget the 2 OCR boy bands, The 8-Bit Boys and N'Spade. I'm still a member of the 8-Bit Boys!And if you're wondering, no nothing came out of either of those.
  12. They were once... it was in the first Marvel Vs. Capcom. It angered me.And I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for Mouser, Birdo, or Wart.
  13. Wow, that was really good. Wario looked hilariously accurate. Zero Suit Samus looked great too. I just might have to try to make her in Smackdown now.
  14. But all of Mr. Game and Watch's games were awesome!My point is that the fact that you don't like some newer Sonic games isn't going to factor into Nintendo's final decision of whether or not to put him in. Afterall I don't like Pokemon, but I don't complain or make dumb generalizations when people use Pikachu against me.
  15. Wasn't Sonic an American production? So... never heard of Sonic Team, eh? The name Yugi Naka ring any bells?And CE, I never noticed that symbol and Agahnim's chest before... wonder if it's noticable at all in game.
  16. Being the only remixer who has his own playlist on my computer (of mostly originals even) all I can say is, it's about damn time they opened the door to you around here! Hell, I just assumed you already had a song or two on the site. I loved this song the first time I heard it in PRC, and I'm glad that people who don't follow PRC are getting to hear it now too. I guess this shows how different people's musical tastes can be. DJP said the intro turned him off instantly while the first time I heard the intro my jaw dropped and I was hooked. Go figure.
  17. Since the more relevant thread was locked due to overmodding I'll answer you here, LAOS... The site does say in the FAQ that they use vinyl stickers so we wouldn't have to worry about the quality. The more I think about it they'd have to mail them instead of having you print them or else their FAQ would have a whole section on the best methods for printing. Now the only question is do I design a PRC skin, or an Umihara Kawase skin?
  18. Good stuff! May 29th was my birthday and this is the coolest present I got.
  19. Just wanted to point out that Geoffrey Taucer posted the chords for Hale-Bopp's Star Ocean - Summertime OcReMix and Hale-Bopp himself made a little change and confirmed they were correct here.
  20. Aww man, The Wingless was good. I just did a parody of him for FunnyHaHa too... a sure fire sign of respect... no matter how bad my impression was. Good luck in future endevours, Wingy.
  21. I missed one: She's from Phantasy Star Online, and according to this site her name is Sue. I've never played any of the PS:O games though so I definitely can't write a bio for her.
  22. I don't know if anyone has named these for you yet or not, but they're not named in the .txt file in the first post so here you go (note: I'm just identifying them for now, might get around to writing bios though): Washizuka - The Last Blade 1 & 2 (NeoGeo) Kyo Kusanagi - King of Fighters Series (not sure which version this particular mascot pic was taken from though) Kaede - The Last Blade 1 & 2 (He has dark hair in the first game and it turns blonde in his ending. He keeps his blonde look for the sequel... no one else plays NeoGeo games I take it?) So that just leaves 86 and 101... both of them look familiar but I can't place them...
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