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  1. Once again I'm here in case anyone has a spare Genesect code for my poor latin american soul...
  2. Not sure. I love the source but time's been lacking (and I'm on vacation now!).
  3. I fear I won't be able to do much for this project. No promotions for me but several new projects have started in my life so my remixing time is barely nonexistent...
  4. Love the rhytm going on here. It's hard to follow at first but when things kick in at 0:48 it becomes really damn good. Also really like the chippy instrumentation.
  5. I've been working on mine. Didn't send anything because I was on holiday last week. I'll try to send something soon.
  6. I'm not big on technomanga but everyone in a while there comes an electronic remix that I can't help but love. I love the armonies and chords used in this one. So energetic too! Bass samples are awesome.
  7. I love these competitions and Shovel Knight + Mega Man is damn good but, "sadly", I'll be on vacation for most of the duration of competition. Oh well, hope it turns out great though!
  8. Wow this is great. I love when chiptunes are mixed with traditional instruments. Also love the mood, perfectly kept from the original source. Awesome!
  9. Instruments! I already asked someone for acoustic guitars and bass but I may ask for even more depending on how the arrangement progresses.
  10. I'm working on my Overworld remix and it's turning out interesting, to say the least. I think I'll need a few collaborators for it haha.
  11. Listening to the album now. Nice arrangements and playing in all the tracks, definitely a nice tribute! My favourites on first listen: - Time's Seal. Cool rendition of the original. - Dream of Green. Forest theme lends itself well to jazz with the cool chord progressions and ambient mood. I love the strong accentuated chords in the "chorus". My favourite of the album. Also really like the bass and synth lead. - Fight or Flight. Love the change at 1:10. Like that this one is more upbeat. And it has a drum solo! - Driftwood. Another source very suited for jazz! Really nice! All tracks were cool but the 4 above were my favourite.
  12. Ok. I'll do my best. Forgot to comment earlier, but it's a shame how things ended with Brandon. Oh well, as zyko said, I'm here for da muzak.
  13. I was kinda doubtful on my participation thanks to last week's drama but I'll continue as long as the project is alive. However, I'm not sure I can make the deadline lol.
  14. No restrictions. You can do an arrangement that covers several sources as long as it's cohesive and doesn't feel like a medley. My only posted mix that I arranged is of that type!
  15. I strongly doubt it'll gather much data but I don't mind having ads on remixes I wrote... which is only 1 right now haha.
  16. I think there are more important points of discussion here than random conspiracy theories.
  17. Awesome album! My favourite song is Hylian Lemon's Paper Mario remix. Lovely use of chiptunes there! I wanted to be part of this album but I never managed to find time to do a track and I actually had an idea for one... Oh well, I can make it in the future I hope!
  18. It's indeed pretty confusing. I'd advise you to look at existing presets and play with them a bit to see how they really work. On my experience it seems there's a lot of trial and error involved in the synthesis process... Like when figuring out how much feedback to send from one source to another, you just have to experiment! You can also watch some YouTube tutorials that make patches. They can help you get ideas for your FM synthesis. I found this one where they make a pad for example:
  19. OCR is giving every remixer a platform to share their remixes with VGM fans and for that it needs money. As far as I know all the money that OCR gets is invested back into OCR so no one is "winning" money here. There are no profits to be shared here. Also, it'd be even more dangerous, legally speaking, if money goes to the remixers I feel, since OCR (the organization) can justify the earnings by being a non-profit organization and bla bla bla. In the end, a relevant question is: why do you submit your remixes to OCReMix? I personally do it because I want to share my remixes and OCR lets me do that. OCR lets you build an audience that you'd probably not build without OCR. Then, if you earn your audience, you can try to earn money, preferably with original content that doesn't involve the legal issues that remixes do.
  20. This is the point I was trying to make with my posts. You explained it clearly here! I think it's necessary to explain it on the submissions website, especially for new users that may feel bothered by their remixes "making" money directly.
  21. I don't appreciate your tone. Either way, I'm pointing out that the site and YouTube are very different. In YouTube you can directly point revenue to users, in ocr.org you can't. This can (and is) bother people so you shouldn't brush it off just because you feel it's illogical. If people stop supporting OCR because of this you can't just say "perception != reality" and expect everyone to come back. I should still clarify, because there are people talking about making money, that I've never intended to make money of my few submitted remixes. I, however, think it's an interesting discussion to have. OCR as a site needs money to survive but it also needs a community that generates content. You can't anger one just to get the other.
  22. It is true that the appeal of the site are the remixes, denying so would be absurd. However, there are still key differences from how the YouTube approach works to how the website one does, both in perception and in how money is generated. First is that the website links everything as a community. The website isn't just the remixes and even each remix's page has much more than just the music. Each remix has a great write-up by djp, comments made by users in the thread forum, a direct link to the artists' OCR page (which in turn links to the artists' Twitter, YouTube or whatever info that appears), links to OCR's site for the game where the sources come from (which in turn link to the composers of the source material), OCR's site for the source (which links to other remixes of the same source) and maybe more that I'm missing. The YouTube video for each remix has the video which is music plus the same video for every remix and the video's description which is pretty much the same for every remix, indicating the artist, sources and many links to OCR social media. Second is that YouTube videos have views. Hence, there's a completely direct link between what each individual artist does and the money it generates. This distinction very clearly does not exist on the OCReMix website. When someone goes to www.ocremix.org you have no easy way of telling what the purpose of that person was. Unless you have access to Google Analytics you have no idea which remixes (or remixers) generate more traffic. And, even then, each remix's page has enough information and content that it's more than just the remix. Perception is clearly a big part of why some people feel uncomfortable with this but you can't simply say Perception != Reality because they are not the same, regardless of how much you try to reduce it. EDIT: Also, just in case, this isn't about me being bothered by OCR making money instead of me or anything like that. I don't make remixes for money and like supporting the site. I'm just trying to point out why this model could generate issues for users.
  23. I think what makes website ads different from YouTube ads is that the YouTube ones are directly linked to the artist and not much else. The only relevant part of OCReMix's YouTube uploads is the remix, which links the money directly to the artists. When the ad is on the website, it's harder to link the money to the artists and instead it feels like the money goes directly to the website. I don't have a defined opinion about this (and only have 1 posted remix haha) but I can see why it would bother some people since this way it feels like your work is directly generating money while it didn't feel that way before. Regarding the ads themselves, I recently listened to some of the newest remixes and didn't notice the ads. I probably had ad block though... Either way, if there are going to be ads in the videos, I feel they should be the ads that just show a message instead of those video ads that play before a video. The latter ones are obnoxious as hell.
  24. This is pretty good. I'm surprised you managed to make a 5 minute arrangement of a source that seems to be just one melody that changes key. Love the samples used and how dynamic the arrangement is.
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